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Work with the pyramid; be a smart snacker.

Dear Teacher:

Have you ever wondered how to help teens eat smart or how snacks fit into a healthful diet?

If so, you can find the answers by introducing your students to the new USDA Food Guide Pyramid. The Pyramid features colorful graphics that make the basics of good nutrition--variety, moderation, and balance--easy to understand, remember, and apply. And, its flexible guidelines enable teens to enjoy the foods they like most, without sacrificing good nutrition.

To help teach your students about the Pyramid, Nabisco Biscuit Company has teamed up with Scholastic, Inc. to develop the "Be a Smart Snacker: Work With the Pyramid" program. It includes "Pyramid Facts," a backgrounder that provides nutrition information and explains how the Pyramid works.

Reproducible activity sheets give teens a hands-on opportunity to fit favorite foods--including crackers and cheese, pizza, and tacos--into their personal "food pyramids." And, they can evaluate how well their current food choices match Pyramid advice. Also included are easy recipe ideas that can put great taste and good nutrition into teenage snack patterns.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Food Guide Pyramid with your students as you "climb your way" to wise food choices. The important nutrition messages conveyed by the Pyramid can help teens stay energized and on the road to good health.
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Title Annotation:U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Guide Pyramid
Author:Duyff, Roberta
Publication:Science World
Date:Oct 8, 1993
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