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Work site health centers accredited.

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- All of the more than 50 primary care work site health centers that are managed by Take Care Employer Solutions Group, a division of Walgreens dedicated to providing workplace health solutions, have received medical home accreditation.

This completed the process that was first announced in December 2012, when half of the company's employer-based primary care centers received accreditation.

The recognition from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) means that each work site health center meets the association's requirements to be considered a patient-centered medical home, embodying best practices and operating in compliance with nationally recognized standards of care.

"Working with our employer clients to provide on-site health care, we're providing comprehensive personal care to each individual in partnership with the health care provider, while reducing costs and improving health outcomes for employers across the country," Trent Riley, divisional vice president at Take Care Employer Solutions, said over the winter. "We're changing the culture in health care by driving a new model for care delivery and creating a better overall patient experience, and the medical home accreditation from AAAHC further validates the impactful work we're doing."

As part of the yearlong accreditation process, AAAHC representatives visited work site health centers at a number of Take Care client sites, including those at BP, Hewlett-Packard Co., and the University of Notre Dame. At each location, on-site surveys were conducted in order to evaluate whether the health center successfully meets AAAHC criteria as a medical home.

The accreditation brings further recognition to Take Care's core structure for demonstrated compliance with clinical, quality and organizational standards that AAAHC established with regard to the management and operation of its work site health centers.

AAAHC has established specific standards for the medical homes that require them to be patient-centered, physician-directed, comprehensive and accessible, and to coordinate care with all of the patient's primary care and specialty care provider teams.

"The work site health model offers a valuable alternative to traditional points of care, and we are proud to be recognizing them as a patient-centered medical home," said AAAHC chief executive officer John Burke.

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Date:Apr 28, 2014
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