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Work proposed for Brant-Waterloo Road.

Brant is leery about a plan by North Dumfries to improve a 3.5 km section of Brant-Waterloo Road between Reidsville Road and Hillside Park, north of the Pinehurst Conservation Area.

In 2014 North Dumfries township wants to pave the road. Pulverizing the existing asphalt and grading would cost about $15,000. Paving would require a thicker depth because of the proximity to a nearby gravel pit and would cost about $220,000.

Plans also include installing guard rails or cable in some areas, and in other locations straightening the road and adding ditches. Concrete curbs need to be in place for drainage and to prevent erosion. Repairs would cost about $60,000.

North Dumfries would like Brant to pay half the cost of improving the road which is shared between the two municipalities and is a joint responsibility.

The county would like to see parts of the road realigned before paving begins. Mike Tout, Director of Roads, reported at a Jan. 14 Public Works Committee meeting that paving the road in its current condition may result in increased speeds and without geometric improvements, could expose Brant to liability. He noted that the thicker pavement would benefiting the aggregate operation which has not contributed to the project, counter to county policy. Brant normally requires aggregate producers to contribute to road reconstruction costs to meet the county's standard.

Brant has not set aside money for the project in this year's budget because the work plan arrived too late in the year, Tout said in an interview. Normally the county looks at proposed road projects in mid-summer to prepare for the next year's budget.

Road improvement plans for Brant-Waterloo Road have been in the works since at least 2002. In 2008 a group of landowners commissioned a peer review of a North Dumfries study of the road asked for reconstruction to meet current standards. The landowners also suggested that some of them would be willing to donate land for road widening.

Improvements were supposed to begin in 2009 but Brant failed to allocate the $50,000 required. Over the last three years, the county has contributed about $60,000 for work on that section of Brant-Waterloo Road.

In 2013 North Dumfries widened the road west and east of the gravel pit entrance and lowered the bank on the north side. The bank was shaved east of 642 Brant-Waterloo Rd. and the fill placed and leveled on that property. Recycled asphalt was applied east and west of the middle hill, and more rock was placed in the south ditch east of the middle hill to prevent wash-outs. Tree trimming and stumping was undertaken before construction and gravel and fill added to the road for widening.

At its Jan. 28 meeting, council voted to receive the proposed workplan from the Township of North Dumfries as information and to let the township know that the county has no funds for the project in 2014, and that the aggregate company should be approached to contribute financially to the project.
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Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Jan 31, 2014
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