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As the year ends, we'd like to add a few footnotes about major projects that are in our editorial pipeline:

* Soft*letter online: We haven't talked much about our efforts to create electronic versions of Soft*letter, but we're making good progress. Most importantly, since September Soft.letter has been part of the Gartner Group's new @vantage service, using AT&T's proprietary Interchange electronic publishing platform. So far only Gartner clients get to see this edition, so it's not an alternative for readers of our current hard-copy publication. (That's a separate problem we expect to solve soon.) What Gartner's @vantage environment lets us do, however, is develop a knowledgebase of articles and research reports that we can deliver a la carte for as little as $5-$10 per item. We've heard repeatedly from subscribers that retrieval of older content--much of which is still timely--is important, so getting the Soft*letter knowledgebase online is currently our top priority. (As we go to press, incidentally, AT&T has just announced that Interchange will be phased out in favor of an Internet-based platform, so our knowledgebase may end up on the Web even sooner than we planned.)

* The 1996 Soft*letter 100: This issue includes a blank survey questionnaire for our annual Soft*letter 100 ranking of the top independent personal computer software companies. We also mail out questionnaires to more than 3,000 chief executives, but inevitably we miss a few important up-and-comers. If you'd like to provide data about your own company (or a company you represent), fill out and return this form no later than March 1. We also have a few free copies of last year's Soft*letter 100 issue still on hand; if you need a copy, call Allison Shapiro at 617/924-3944, ext. 13.

* Instant fame? Lately, we've been looking for good leads for interview subjects, especially management turnaround stories. We're also planning a special issue called "Online Marketing Tips From the Experts." If you'd like to share a few insights with an illustrious group of industry insiders, give us a call or send an e-mail note to (Please, no product pitches.)
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Title Annotation:News Briefs; major editorial projects include Softletter online, survey questionnaire, and a search for good story leads
Date:Dec 31, 1995
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