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Word on the web; Wales' most expensive and least expensive streets in 2015.

I'D much rather live in the Valleys - where they take great pride in their homes - I still remember my gran polishing her brass knocker and putting red cardinal on the front step - dead snobby we were!

SadieQuinlan I WOULD rather live in a nicer and bigger house in Tenby for 300k less than a prefab house in grotty Porthcawl. Don't get me wrong, the houses in that street look decent, but living in the town it really has gone to the dogs and is more like a rundown Valleys town that just happens to be on the coast.

EDWARDPJHOLLETT I SAW the first photo of Sanderling Way in Porthcawl and winced...I assumed it was the cheapest street in Wales it looked so awful. Like the very worst kind of old social housing - turns out it was the priciest street in Porthcawl. Have I missed something? Greg Stevenson Follow us on Twitter @WalesOnline

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 23, 2016
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