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Worcester Academy honor roll.

WORCESTER -- Worcester Academy has announced its Honor Roll and Headmaster's List for the second trimester of the school year. The honor represents the achievements that each student has earned through academic excellence, challenge, and personal growth.

The area students are:

Grade 7:

Fiona Price of Northboro, Headmaster's List; Tanay Srivastava of Southboro, Headmaster's List; Neha Panigrahi of Southboro, Honor Roll; Grace Turner of Northboro, Honor Roll.

Grade 8:

Snigdha Allaparthi of Westboro, Headmaster's List; Courtney Haley of Southboro, Headmaster's List.; Riya Shankar of Southboro, Headmaster's List; Andrew Deng of Northboro, Honor Roll; John Pietro of Southboro, Honor Roll; Trevor Schifferdecker of Southboro, Honor Roll; Julia Blum of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll.

Grade 9:

Xinyi Ding of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Kaz Grala of Westboro, Headmaster's List; Sophia Iaccarino of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Matthew Jordan of Southboro, Honor Roll; Anna Kessler of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Lauren Kuchnir of Southboro, Honor Roll; Kelly Martella of Northboro, Honor Roll; Megha Panigrahi of Southboro, Honor Roll; Hunter Platzman of Northboro, Honor Roll.

Grade 10:

James Bechta of Northboro, Honor Roll; Peter Del Po of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Matthew Donovan of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Kevin Haley of Southboro, Honor Roll; William Jordan of Southboro, Honor Roll; Andrew Lavine of Westboro, Honor Roll; Michael Morhardt of Southboro, Honor Roll; Sean Pierson of Southboro, Honor Roll; Lena Polito of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Kishan Singh of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Benjamin Ushman of Northboro, Honor Roll; Justin Wang of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll.

Grade 11:

D. Thomas Aramony of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Sepeedeh Azizi of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Mackenzie Baker of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Riley Doherty of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Caroline Eberhard of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Maeve Foley of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Katherine Johnson of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Nicole Mills of Southboro, Honor Roll; Sumedha Mitra of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Viraj Moholkar of Northboro, Honor Roll; Andrew Nichols of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Margaret O'Brien of Northboro, Honor Roll; Nicholas Pasquale of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Philip Peterson of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Gianna Polito of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Rowen Price of Northboro, Headmaster's List; Sidharth Sadhujan of Northboro, Honor Roll; Achint Singh of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Yifan Song of Westboro, Headmaster's List; Clare Stevens of Southboro, Honor Roll; Matthew Turner of Northboro, Honor Roll; Bradley Waddell of Southboro, Headmaster's List; Victoria Xu of Northboro, Honor Roll.

Grade 12:

Mary Abu of Southboro, Honor Roll; John Bowers of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Maria Cabrera of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Alev Cansever of Southboro, Headmaster's List; John Friday of Southboro, Headmaster's List; Christopher Hunter of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Margaret Iaccarino of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Sudeep Jandyam of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Hannah Lambert of Northboro, Headmaster's List; Lauren Lavine of Westboro, Headmaster's List; John Marculitis of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll; Kerstin Peterleitner of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Adam Richer of Southboro, Honor Roll; Peter Tonelli of Shrewsbury, Headmaster's List; Kaushik Viswanathan of Westboro, Headmaster's List; Nicole Wilson of Shrewsbury, Honor Roll.
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