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Woollard, Elli and Barrow, David: Troll Stroll.

Woollard, Elli and Barrow, David

Troll Stroll

Nosy Crow, 2017, pp32, 6.99 [pounds sterling]

978 085763 972 1

Troll Stroll draws on a classic creature for its premise. But with a slight nod to the fairy tale The Three Billy Goats Gruff, this troll lives in a cave and goes about exploring the local town, seemingly bored of eating goats. Soon he comes across a boy and is about to gobble him up when the boy points out a car full of children! When the troll gets to the car, they show him a bus full of children. When the troll gets to the bus he then discovers a digger full of children. It seems that the troll just can't help but follow his gluttonous yearnings for a large meal. But the children have a nasty suprise for the troll that might just put him off eating youngsters for the rest of his life!

This book is an absolute pleasure to read aloud or listen to. Full of catchy rhymes, with regular alliteration and repetitive phrases; the text is full of life and humour. There are emboldened words which helps the reader/performer to know exactly which words need emphasising. The illustrations are soft and use watercolours, giving a blotchy and slightly dreamy feel to the story. The large double-page landscape images of the town, before and after the story, are simply gorgeous. They also depict the change in time of day through the different palette of colours used for both; greens and yellows transform to purple and blues with striking bright yellow light for windows. Well executed and very funny, this picture book is definitely worth buying.

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Author:Warren, Claire
Publication:School Librarian
Date:Dec 22, 2017
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