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Woodworking technology improves quality, production rates: highlights from the recent Xylexpo and Technodomus fairs.

Woodworkers looking for new ideas and technology to improve their productivity and profitability in these tough times flocked to Italy recently for the biennial Xylexpo and the second edition of Technodomus (see sidebar page 32).

The five-day Xylexpo drew 51,480 visitors, a clear sign that woodworking companies are moving ahead in manufacturing improvements. The event was held May 4-8 at the FieraMilan-Rho exhibition center in Milan, Italy, with the next show scheduled to take place May 8-12, 2012.


According to snow management, 652 exhibitors participated in the event. "It was a good exhibition," said Xylexpo General Manger Paolo Zanibon of the 2010 show. "We knew we had to face a difficult period, with global woodworking technology trade down by 37.5 percent. However, Xylexpo is holding on, proving it still deserves the role it has been playing for 42 years in the global industry exhibition scenario."

"These are not just words," said Ambrogio Delachi, president of Acimall, the Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tools Manufacturers Assn., which organizes the show through Cepra SpA. "Many exhibitors have told me about their satisfaction and the quality of visitors coming to Milan, who were actually interested in the acquisition of solutions and technology within the next few months. These businessmen did not just walk around the stands; they had a real need to update their production equipment. There were orders signed during the exhibition, something we had not seen for a long time."

Improved Panel Processing

Many exhibitors at Xylexpo debuted new machinery geared toward improving production efficiency in both large and small manufacturing environments, including the Homag Group. One of many new machines on display by Homag (Stiles Machinery), the BMG 511 Optimat is a flexible 5-axis machining center for window, door, furniture and staircase production. The machine features an automatic positioning console table as well as a matrix table for nesting of small parts. (616) 698-7500,

At the Giben booth, highlights included a first look at the panel saw company's new lines of CNC routers and edgebanders. The CNC router is a joint offering by Giben and Anderson and features an 8-position tool carousel for rapid tool changing and a special tool calibration device, which automatically records the value in the tool, offset file. (770) 448-9140,


From Anthon (European Woodworking Machinery Co.), the new LNE panel saw features a rip cutting and cross cutting maximum cutting height of 320mm and the height of the saw blade projection is 350mm. (919) 494-5197,

Schelling showed off its technology for cutting thin boards to size. The company has developed a special board infeed that uses two vacuum infeed carriages and a nip roller. Due to the alternating vacuum carriages, cycle times of more than 25 cycles per minute can be achieved, Schelling says. (919) 544-0430,


Part of the Homag Group, Holzma presented its Domino System with automatic labeling, parts buffer and mobile destacking carriages for industrial panel sizing machines. (704) 861-8239,

Holz-Her's Cut 6120 pressure beam saw features a bidirectional sawing unit capable of grooving depths up to 35mm. The optional postforming unit includes a pre-scorer, which can be used for tear-free cutting of the postformed edges and finished edges on panels up to 50mm thick. (704) 587-3400,

Striebig (Colonial Saw) showed two new models, the vertical panel cutting center Control and the Evolution. Both feature the "touch & saw" operating system that works via a touchscreen panel. With enhanced capabilities, the Control can combine the functions of a horizontal saw--at the footprint of a vertical--including automatic lower and upper trimming cuts. (781) 585-4364,

New developments by Putsch-Meniconi (Atlantic Machinery) include the SVP 980 A/T vertical panel saw with a color touchscreen displaying system messages, alarms, etc. It also features a proportional regulator valve for grooving operations. (860) 354-7200,

Solid Wood Draws Interest

On the show floor, new technology for solid wood machining competed alongside panel processing equipment for attendee interest. With Balestrini's (Solid Wood Systems) new Power, they get the best of both worlds. With its large bridge structure for bigger capacities, the CNC machine features independent twin-tables for multiple machining operations plus a 4-aggregate tool head and twin tool changer. It can machine stair parts, chair backs, doors and composite panels in one setup. (336) 884-0700,

Balestrini also debuted the Omnia four-in-one machine that incorporates CNC tenoning, mortising and cut-off sawing/drilling in a single, compact frame. (336) 884-0700,

On display at the Friulmac booth (Biesse America), the Contourmat Plus double end-cut profiling machine has a redesigned base frame and feed system for maximum precision when processing components. In addition to cutting and profiling, the machine can perform: front and top boring, haunching, CNC routing, glue injection and dowel insertion. (704) 357-3131,

Also on display, Hoffmann's new PP2FR NC machine can route dovetails in the wood from any side, top or bottom in one step, plus it can drill for dowels. The NC unit will store programs for thousands of keys and dowel positions. (866) 248-0100,

Displayed at the Paul booth, the Rapid Series CNC crosscut systems feature two saw blades working independently for faster production and more reliable waste disposal. Paul says a new stop (patent-applied) provides for smooth and accurate transfer to the buffer system for the continuous feeding of the saw. (678) 444-5000,

From Martin, the T75 Prex sliding table saw features a 204mm cutting height and a 92-degree cutting angle. The machine can be used to cut solid wood, panel products or glued stock using square or angular cuts. (704) 525-3963,

Griggio (Atlantic Machinery) also showed a new table saw, its Unica 500. Available in four versions: standard, digital, programmable and electric, the saw features a tilting blade and mobile carriage with a double sliding roller on the outer side. (860) 354-7200,

Among the new machines at the Weinig stand, the Ultra TT is a high-performance, mid-range fingerjointer with an automatic turntable and the newly developed FlankenJet glue application system. A fast processor, the Ultra TT is designed to perform both horizontal and vertical fingerjointing.

(704) 799-0100,

Also from Weinig, the new Powermat 100 moulder can accommodate large working widths and uses a double-sided pattern plate spiral milling head and a dual tool with a length of 350mm. It uses PowerLock tool holders on all spindles and can run at speeds up to 7,200 rpm. (704) 799-0100,

New at Leadermac was the Compact Series of moulders, including this 623 model. The unjointed moulders are available with four to nine heads, full cardan shaft drive with feed speeds up to 82 fpm and feature easy head adjustment by mechanical digital readouts, with dual digital readout available for radial settings. (866) 522-6835,

Also for solid wood machining, the new Omga T522 OPT is capable of performing both optimizing and defecting of boards in different grades. The reading of the board is by a laser beam, and the operator can easily inspect all four sides of the board. The graphic display enables constant viewing of the cutting list as well as the status of the cutting operation. (800) 233-6642,

For thin cutting, Wintersteiger's new DSG Notum frame saw features a controlled feed system and centrical saw tensioning plus a 266mm cutting height, an enhanced air jet system and an electrically adjustable down pressure system. (801) 924-5702,

Textured & Glossy

Surface and edge finishing technologies also took center stage. In addition to demonstrations of Giben's new KG and KE single-sided edgebanders, part of its Edge Division, a host of other companies also showed their new offerings to the market. (770) 448-9140,

IMA's booth featured the 500V series of machining centers, available with edge-banding and finishing units. Shapes can now be edgebanded and finished with drilling, grooving, edge drilling and insertion, for a finished product in one process. IMA also had information on its Laser Edging Process, which debuted in Germany last year. The process requires neither glue nor release/cleaning agents, making it eco-friendly. (919) 246-0350,

Fravol (Thermwood) demonstrated its new RX700-120 CNC throughfeed edge-bander, which has a 4-in. height capability and can run up to speeds of 25m/min. (800) 533-6901,

Shown at the Tagliabue booth (European Woodworking Machinery Co.), the TAG SP+R is a brush-sanding machine that can create textures/distressing on solid wood and composite panels. (919) 494-5197,

Holz-Her debuted its Sprint 1327, a mid-level production machine with premilling and corner rounding capabilities. It also has a unique glue system capable of applying multiple colors of adhesives, with no heat-up time, the company says. (704) 587-3400,

At the Heesemann booth (Stiles Machinery), the MFA Impression sander features up to four longitudinal cross and calibration units, with the capability of installing additional brushes, and offers increased distance between the lower drive drums for a tolerance compensation of 2mm. It has a patent-pending belt tensioning system for optimum use of the sanding belt. (616) 698-7500,

QuickWood's Model PRO rotary machine offers fine finish and sealer sanding for all types of shaped surfaces and profiles. It features electrical height control using a digital instrument. (866) 888-5858,

Costa's new K sanders include special, electronically controlled "carving" units that can be used to create an irregularly carved/distressed surface using a standard sanding belt. The T-CAR unit can be combined with the company's special T1 Special pad, which provides a wide contact surface for even sanding of the wood. (800) 735-0517,

On display at Hans Weber's booth, KSV automatic sanding machines are available in five working widths ranging from 43 in. to 88 in. They feature precision belt scanning with pulsed air cleaning, a calibrating contact roll drive up to 75 hp and a modular construction for variable arrangements of the sanding stations. (913) 254-1611,

At Makor's booth, on display was the Gemini edge coating machine for coating and sanding edges of panels. In addition to having the capability of applying a UV sealer or water-base sealer on MDF, the machine is capable of applying UV putty on chipboard panel edges for a smooth surface. (770) 368-0047,

New at Italpresse, the Mark/C laminating line has a scanner system for detecting the position and dimension of the panel and will self-adjust to maximize material usage. It is especially geared for companies in a lean manufacturing environment. (888) 743-8505,

From the Homag Group (Stiles Machinery), the Friz FKP laminating machine is capable of applying a high gloss surface on both the edge and profile of the panel. It is designed to for medium-size production lines and can be used with both rolls and sheets. (616) 698-7500,

At the Barberan (Production Finishing Technologies) booth, the Speed Press 1000 performs laminating and postforming of high gloss or matte decorative foils. The machine uses PUR hotmelt glue and the speed can be adjusted from 5-25 mpm. (336) 886-7161,

A "Bit" of Tooling

Tooling companies also had new innovations on display. Among the new products at Leuco's booth was the P-System, a combination beveled and continuous cutting edge, for use on stationary and throughfeed machines. The tool features a very high shear angle for cutting across the grain, against the feed, in soft and hard woods without chipping. (800) 631-0096,

New from Leitz, the PowerKnife System PKS are hard metal blank knives with a backing plate, which are compatible to all back-serrated profile cutterheads. Leitz says the PKS are ideal for high production profiling of mouldings, whether made from solid wood, MDF or plastics. (800) 253-6070,


Vollmer's new QXD 300 is for the reprocessing of PCD-tipped tools. The machine has six simultaneously controlled CNC axes for complete machining accuracy in only one clamping. (412) 278-0655,


Held April 20-24, show management claims the 2010 Technodomus Expo drew close to 31,000 visitors to the Rimini fair grounds. The show boasted 300 exhibitors, including Biesse, SCM and Delmac. The next fair is scheduled for April 2012.

On display at Technodomus, Biesse's new Rover G gantry machine is for the high-production processing of large panels. The working table allows for boring, milling and saw blade cutting operations, enabling users to obtain different shapes and sizes for a single panel. The Sweeper Arm ensures cleaning of the spoilboard. (704) 357-3131,

Shown by SCM, the DOGMA is for CNC machining of door and window frames. It offers automatic tenoning processing, boring and routing and can process up to 30 windows of 12 elements per workshift. (800) 292-1850,

Also from the SCM Group, the new Stefani Laser Line edgebander uses edges designed with an active internal layer, which melts when coming into contact with the laser beam, forming a perfect and permanent bond. The company says Laser Line can process edges with different heights and thicknesses. (800) 292-1850,

The new Busellato Star (Delmac Machinery) 4-ft x 8-ft nested-based CNC router comes standard with a panel evacuation device for offline unloading, multi-spindle boring head with 12 vertical drills, 4 horizontals and a grooving saw, eight-position linear tool changer. (336) 854-1211,

OMAL (Delmac) displayed the HBD 1300 with laser part detection and automatic program recall. The laser will measure the part and populate the program list for the part width and the parametric program will calculate all the dowel locations for the part. (336) 854-1211,
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