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Woodfield Park grab success in Trophy.

Byline: ROGER WOOD Table Tennis Correspondent

WOODFIELD Park A have won the Royds Hall Printing Trophy, beating Marsh Con A 397-378.

The overall team handicaps were identical, therefore the same adjustment would be added to each team at the end of the match.

Players play each other in a set of four games, first to 11 points in each.

In the Woodfield Park team were Keith Skarz (Handicap 7), Darren Lindley (0) and Frazer Krischke (13), with Marsh Con represented by Ian Tweedale (4), David Wood (8) and Tony Stead (8).

Set one between Tweedale and Skarz saw a number of forced errors by both players, but advantage went to Marsh as Tweedale's attacking forehand shots finally got the better of his opponent.

He was leading 9-5 in the final game then Skarz drew level at 10-10 before Tweedale won the deciding point.

In set two Wood did well to keep the score down in the first game as Lindley's fast serves and follow-up smashes have caused problems for players in the league all season.

Lindley gained a nine-point second game win over Wood to give Woodfield Park the advantage.

Wood levelled at 5-5 in the third game but Lindley's attacking play prevailed as he built up a lead of 10 points for his team.

In the first game of the third set, Stead raced into a 6-0 lead with Krischke making a number of unforced errors.

Krischke rallied to trail 8-6 before losing the game 11-6. Krischke made amends in the second game with excellent positional shots and retrieving to win comfortably 11-4. Stead took the third game 11-7 including a remarkable recovery shot from a net cord. Krischke won the final game to add a further one point to his team's lead.

Set four between Wood and Skarz provided some fine attacking and defending play as Wood gained a nine points advantage from the first three games.

This was reduced to three points as Skarz took the final game thanks to an edge at game point.

Tweedale won three of the games by 11-10 in set five against Krischke, but the latter took the third game 11-4 to gain an additional four points for his team.

Lindley added a further 18 points to the Woodfield Park margin after beating Stead in set six.

Stead played really well to control the Closed Champion's serves and at one stage was leading 8-6 in the first game, but lost each game by three, four, four and seven points respectively.

After the sixth set Woodfield Park had established a lead of 30 points.

Marsh fought back in the next two sets with some excellent play by Wood and Stead to reduce the deficit to four points.

In set seven, Wood's returns were forcing Krischke into errors. At one stage Wood made three excellent long returns from the back court in spectacular style.

Set eight saw an abundance of attacking shots coming from Stead and Skarz.

In the third game Skarz was trailing 7-2 when Stead had an 'unbelievable Jeff' moment to make an amazing recovery shot, slip but still win the point!

The fall appeared to unsettle Stead as Skarz won the next five points, only for Stead to recover his composure and win the game 11-7. Lindley went into the final set against Tweedale with an advantage of four points.

It is fair to say most players in the league would struggle to make up the difference and although Tweedale played really well, he could not get the better of Lindley's serves and overall superb table tennis.

Skarz and Krischke combined well to support Lindley on the night and thoroughly deserved their victory in an entertaining match played in good spirit.

Marsh Con A 378 Woodfield Park A 397: Ian Tweedale beat Keith Skarz 11-6 11-10 11-6 11-10; David Wood lost to Darren Lindley 8-11 2-11 7-11 5-11; Tony Stead lost to Frazer Krischke 11-6 4-11 11-7 8-11; David Wood beat Keith Skarz 11-7 11-9 11-8 5-11; Ian Tweedale lost to Frazer Krischke 11-10 11-10 4-11 11-10; Tony Stead lost to Darren Lindley 8-11 7-11 7-11 4-11; David Wood beat Frazer Krischke 11-5 11-9 11-8 11-8; Tony Stead beat Keith Skarz 11-9 11-10 11-7 11-6; Ian Tweedale lost to Darren Lindley 8-11 10-11 5-11 6-11.

|Table Tennis Direct Cup final report - will appear in next week's column.
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 3, 2017
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