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Wood waste management.

Dry Kilns & Moisture Meters

The SolarDry Model SD3000 by Wood-Mixer is a 3,000-bd-ft solar dryer which is designed to be constructed by the user. Solar energy enters through the clear plastic 45 [degrees]-sloped roof and is converted to heat. Dry air is circulated through the wood and picks up moisture from the lumber pile.

Delmhorst offers the J-series pin-type moisture meters for wood. The J-2000 measures moisture Content over the range of 6% to 40%. The J-Lite's LED readout displays moisture content from 6% to 30%, as does the J-4, which uses an analog readout display. Each of the J-series meters has integral electrodes that can penetrate a maximum 3/8 in. Each instrument has a temperature stable circuit and built-in calibration check.

Lignomat USA Ltd. offers five pocket-size Mini-Ligno moisture meters. Each comes in two versions - with or without a connection for external electrodes or probes. The latest edition, the DX-model, has correction factors for 20 wood species, a bright LED readout and a wide measuring range from less than 6% up to 65%.

Wagner Electronics manufactures two pin-free moisture meters - the L606 Proline Inspector Moisture Meter and the L607 Dual Depth Moisture Meter. The L606 can measure wood moisture content from 6% to 30% to a depth of 3/4 in. The L607 is for the professional concerned about moisture measurements of finished wood products as well as about managing the application of waterborne finishes to hardwood flooring and other wood products.

Dust Collection Systems & Filters

Nordfab offers Clean-Sweep dust control NFP filters and cyclones which the company can design for specific industrial applications and both interior and exterior installation. The product line is designed for fine to heavy dust particle collection with air capacities of 1,500 to 9,000 cfm and 5-hp through 20-hp motors. Options include sealed outdoor units, semi-automatic filter cleaning and 35-gal barrels.

Kraemer Tool & Mfg. Ltd. has introduced the Pulse 4000 downdraft table, a self-cleaning table with four filter cartridges. A push-button activated compressed air blast cleans the cartridges. According to Kraemer, the down draft table can solve dust problems from sanding operations, polishing, grinding and non-explosive fumes and vapors.

Torit Products' ShopPro dust collector from Donaldson Co. Inc. is designed to allow small wood shops to control dust at its source. The ShopPro is available in 1-hp, 3-hp and 5-hp sizes and can handle a wide range of chips, shavings and fine dust from multiple dust sources, Torit says. The collectors have air flow ratings ranging from 500 cfm to 1,500 cfm.

United Air Specialists Inc. says the Dust-Hog Supra-Crossflow has more collection capacity and versatility than any other booth-type system. It is suited for applications involving large workpieces or where source capture hoods are impractical. It allows workers complete freedom of movement and pulls dust particles away from the breathing zone.

The MRSE dust collector can be installed either outdoors or inside and offers quiet, high-performance dust collection, according to Murphy-Rodgers Inc. It provides a primary separation and secondary multi-bag type filtration with a choice of a manual or electronically driven shaking mechanism. Other options include a silencer and a rotary air lock for continuous waste unloading.

Denray Machine offers downdraft tables with manual or push-button filter cleaning and lift tables ranging from 9 in. to 42 in. high.

Dust Technology Inc.'s DT series dust collection systems feature rugged 11-gauge steel construction. The upper cloth filter bags are manufactured using a patented concept in filter fabric: "Beane Fabric." Options include rotary air locks for processes that require the handling of large volumes of chips and shavings and polyester spunboard media filters.

Champion Laboratories Inc. has added spun-bonded cartridges to its line of Eurofilter USA dust collector cartridges. Champion says they absorb only 3 to 5 lbs of the original product, compared to about 25 lbs absorbed by paper cartridges. The cartridges are suited for difficult operating conditions, such as removing an abrasive contaminant from the air stream.

The Series 5015 centrifugal filter by DiXie Air Systems has a 5,000 cfm external vacuum, which can work with up to an 8-in. water column. The filter is preassembled and comes with a 1.1 cu yd tilt truck that clamps to the filter. DiXie says the filter is quiet and that filtration meets OSHA standards.

The two-part Zipper Duct System from W.C. Wiedenmann & Son Inc. has smooth, all-steel construction, which increases airflow to extraction hoods. It is customized to each machine, so there are no size, travel or airflow limitations. The company says the result is enhanced machine performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Chemco Manufacturing Co. has introduced the Perma-Clean filter cartridges constructed of a Gore-Tex membrane. Chemco says that use of Perma-Clean cartridges results in greater powder efficiency, increased booth productivity and fewer filter changeouts. The company adds that the filter lasts up to four times longer than paper filters and is unaffected by high-moisture conditions.

Grinding & Compacting

Ladig Industrial Systems says a wide variety of materials can be stored in its systems, including sawdust, hogged bark, wood chips, bulk chemicals, compost, grain meals, corn cobs, shredded paper and plastic flakes. The company provides Ladig Unloaders with steel-bolted or concrete silos specifically designed and constructed for the user's application.

Caroma Industries LLC's series of low-speed/low-noise high-torque wood waste grinders. The grinders range from 20-in. to 70-in. wide and feature solid steel-milled rotors. The rotors are milled to accept radiused (four times indexable) cutters. It has batch feeding capability, and Caroma says it can reduce any kind of wood scrap.

Indian Country Inc. has developed the Band Ade, a processing machine used to dispose of the scrap metal banding and hardened steel wire found on many lumber products. The Band Ade chops the scrap banding into 4-in. and 5-in. lengths and deposits it into a 55-gal drum for storage and resale to recyclers.

The RG42 rotary grinder from ReTech Industries Inc. turns wood waste into valuable wood fiber, the company says. With a hopper opening of 42 in., a volume of 2 cu yds and a throughput range of 200 to 5,000 lbs/hr, the RG42 features an advanced cutting rotor, optimized controls, integrated hydraulics with oil cooling and a hydraulic clutch.

"No-Nife" hogs from Williams Patent Crusher and Pulveriser are available in top or horizontal feed designs. Knife sharpening has been eliminated because there are no knives in a Williams "No-Nife" hog.

Auburn Machinery's Yield Pro II recovery machine converts edging strips, mismatched products, random trim ends and other waste into moulding and flooring blanks, component parts, uniform fingerjointing blanks and more. Auburn says the Yield Pro II can make these products with a minimum of staff, machinery and floor area.

Specifically designed for industrial wood waste generators, this all-in-one recycling system utilizes West Salem Machinery's High Torque Shredder and is available in three sizes - 36 in., 52 in. and 62 in. - for processing from 500 to 4,000 lbs/hr. Each unit features an oversized hopper to allow dump-and-go operation. The machine will accept pallet and metal and has an optional magnetic separation unit.

Eurohansa offers ZENO recycling equipment, from one-step operation machines to two-step machines for handling more difficult or contaminated materials. The basic system uses low-speed, high-torque grinders. The capacities for recycling are from 300 lbs/hr to 30 tons per hour.


DeTek International Inc.'s FSK 220 spark detection/extinguishment system provides protection from fire and explosions in the dust filter caused by sparks or embers. The sensors are able to see the smallest sparks or embers traveling in air streams and extinguish them quickly with water mist. DeTek says the system is designed and priced for the protection of single-duct dust collection systems.

Trigen Ewing Power System's BP-50 series cogeneration system makes low-cost electricity available to small consumers of steam, according to the company. The customer can use the same stream twice: first, to satisfy the thermal load, and second, to produce electricity. The systems are available in 50 kW, 100 kW and 150 kW units.

The Dust Switch from Sternvent Co. Inc. mounts next to the circuit breaker panel in a woodworking shop. It turns on the dust collector when a machine is activated by sensing the flow of current from the breaker. When no machines are on, the dust collector automatically shuts off. Sternvent says it is ideal for small production shops, maintenance facilities and high school wood shops.
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