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Wood specs.


Eucalyptus grandis of the Family Myrtaceae


Eucalyptus grandis, Red Grandis, flooded gum, rose gum


Red Grandis, also known as Eucalyptus grandis, has an average height of 160 feet at maturity but can grow as high as 250 feet tall. It has an average weight of 575 cubic kilograms with a specific gravity of 0.55. Janka hardness rating of 720 psi.


Red Grandis wood has moderate hardness. It is easily worked with hand tools and machines and turns well.

The material glues satisfactorily and finishes well with paint, stain and polish.

The heartwood is durable and resistant to insects.

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Author:Kaiser, Jo-Ann
Publication:Wood Products
Date:Sep 1, 2013
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