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Wood production employees earn less $.

In 1990, the average annual salary of a production worker in the woodworking industry was 22 percent less than the average manufacturing production worker's, according to the 1990 Annual Survey of Manufacturers by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.

In 1990, the most recent figures available, the average woodworking production worker manufacturing millwork, kitchen cabinets, residential furniture, office furniture, partitions and fixtures, earned $17,509, while the average production worker in all manufacturing industries earned $22,432.

According to the statistics, in 1990, woodworkers who made wood partitions and store fixtures were the highest paid workers in the woodworking industry earning an average of $20,111. Wood residential furniture production workers were the lowest paid of the five major industry categories, earning $14,028 in 1990.

The average production woodworker earned less than the workers who build the machinery. According to the statistics, workers who manufacture woodworking machinery earned an average of $22,074. They were also out earned by commercial printers ($21,496), chemical workers ($29,558), adhesives and sealant manufacturing workers ($23,764) and auto workers ($33,591).
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Title Annotation:Trends and News; woodworking industry's production workers
Author:Adams, Larry
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Sep 1, 1992
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