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Wood collection, conversion & drying.


Dixie Air Engineering offers a variety of dust collection systems including the SPB cyclone filter system. A recent SPB installation featured: single piece, matchmarked frame, one-piece fan, motor and drive, ductwork in flanged lengths for bolt-up assembly and 12,750 cfm at a system static of 9.25 in. Circle #651

To remove airborne grit, dirt, sand and dust, a complete range of industrial vacuum systems is available from PBR Industries. Featuring low noise levels, high efficiency suction power and sizes to meet many requirements, the Turbo-Vac Systems provide durability, the company says. Circle #652

Resource Conservation Group specializes in dust control systems for internal OSHA compliance, external EPA compliance and improved productivity. RCG says its systems meet OSHA regulations for its equipment ventilation and hand sanding operations. The company also offers filtered air make-up systems for elimination of surface dust rework. Circle #653

MAC Equipment offers a dust control filter with a wedge-shaped cartridge element. Each element contains 480 sq ft of filtering area. The filter also features a high-rise inlet which provides a true "down flow" of air, thereby minimizing re-entry of dust particles, the company says. Circle #654

The dust collection system from EAC Engineering incorporates a Moldow Baghouse/storage bin with unloader and rotary valve, a clean air valve which returns the clean filtered air back to the production area through summer/winter gate and muffler. A Moldow Plenum serves as a header with JKF rapid lock piping connecting the machines to the plenum and baghouse. Circle #655

Delta Int'l. Machinery Corp. offers the Two Stage Dust Collector. The two-stage process cleans workshop air by trapping waste at the source, then separates particles from dust during the collection stage. It is available in four sizes: 3/4, 1, 2, and 3 hp. Circle #656

Haajem North America has developed the Stone and Wood Separator which comes in two models. The first, the 32'x6'-6", 25,000 lbs, is used to separate concrete/aggregate and wood to produce a clean aggregate product free of any organic material. The second, the 33,000lbs, 32'x8'-6", is used to separate dirt, stone and metals from wood chips/ bark and thereby create a clean end product which can either be further processed, or used as a high BTU value fuel in power plants. Circle #657

The new high-efficiency dust hood from Timesavers Inc. can reduce the concentration of airborne dust by approximately 70%, reduce airflow by nearly 50%, reduce static pressure and lower power consumption by approximately 65%, the company says. Circle #658

Crouch Machinery Inc.'s patented Swing-Away Safety Dust Hood with Air-Jet Belt Cleaning Device has a curved design for a smooth flow of air for dust collection. The Swing-Away feature makes it easy to change the belt and allows work pieces longer than the platen to be sanded with the dust hood still in position. The Air-Jet Belt Cleaning Device is positioned inside the hood, directing small jets of air at the curved portion and pushing the dust to the outside port. Circle #659

The DusTop 3500 from Cemco Quality Machines is currently being offered with an optional UHMW work surface in place of the original Masonite type work surface. UHMW is an extremely durable plastic, machined to the same specifications as the original surface to ensure airflow is at the maximum amount of 3,500 cfm. Filters are reusable and have proven to last a minimum of 12 months. Circle #660

The hand sanding/blow-off booth Model CSI-HSP from Classic Systems pneumatically conveys dust horizontally to a pickup plenum. The dust is accelerated through narrow slots into the exhaust chamber mounted on a water pan. The chamber has a sawtooth leading edge plus various angled baffles. This configuration coupled with water in the pan creates a scrubbing action which removes dust from the air stream, the company says. Circle #661

Coral Cartridge Filters from Atlantic Machinery Corp. are anti-static, polyester filters with easy cleaning systems, the company says. Inside filtering capacity ranges from 72 sq ft to 105 sq ft. According to the manufacturer, Coral S.p.A., the filters exceed OSHA wood dust limits. The filters are retrofittable to most Coral portable dust collectors. Circle #662

The KTM portable dust collector S 1X is a 1-hp unit providing 810 cfm at 1-in. S.P. This unit, available from Kraemer Tool & Mfg. Co. has twice the filter area of the S 1 type and can handle mixed dust and light loads of fine dust. The S 1X has a 6-in. inlet and four casters with 4-in. diameters for easy movement. Circle #663

Air Sentry Inc. offers dust collection systems which meet or exceed current OSHA standards for wood dust control. The installation of an efficient system results in: less time devoted to clean up, cleaner woodworking machinery, less downtime, more productive employees, better quality product manufactured due to less interference with excess dust, and lower fire insurance rates. Circle #664

Air Handling Systems offers dust collection components including spiral pipe, fittings and flex hoses. Circle #665

The Flexaust Company has introduced a cost-effective general service ducting for the efficient removal of dust and fumes from the industrial environment -- the FSP Flexible Duct. Available as FSP-1 (one ply) and FSP-II (two ply), these ducts feature: and OSHA orange wearstrip fro safety and resistance to external abrasion, the chemical resistance of PVC, rated flame retardance and temperature range of -30F to 150F (200F intermittent). FSP is suitable for both positive and negative pressure applications. Circle #666

Dust collectors designed by Murphy-Rodgers Inc. are effective in removing dust and other waste materials produced by saws, sanders, surfacers, routers, etc., and meet the latest OSHA guidelines. The self-contained units are designed for either inside or outside installation and are available in a wide range of capacities operating from one to 200 hp. Circle #667

Vortec Corp. says its Hand-E-Vac industrial cleaning gun can pick up wood dust, powders, glass and spills quickly. The tool uses no electricity, has no moving parts and consumes less compressed air than a standard blowgun. A complete line of accessories for cleaning versatility are available. Circle #668

Nordfab offers filter systems for woodworking plants designed for air volume capacity from 200 to 200,000 cfm. Features include a clean air plenum for maintenance access and bag change, continuous reverse air bag cleaning module and add-on sections for expansion and separate dust inlet modules to minimize bag wear. Circle #669

The Dustmaster workstation, created by Royal Sheet Metal has nine standard table sizes, operates on 110 volts, it is completely portable, recirculates existing shop air, has re-usable filters, and exceeds OSHA clean air standards of 5 milligrams per cubic meter for approximately 50%. Options include: surface height adjustment, light fixture and bracket and surface shroud (3 sides) with "drop-down" sides. Circle #670

The Samco line of DS1, DS2, DS3 and DS4 collectors, available from Quick-Wood, reportedly offers efficient, convenient portable dust collection with up to four sleeves for individual shop machines. The collectors are mounted on four-wheel bases with braces to hold the sleeves, motor and outlet connectors. Bag diameters are 22 7/8-in. with 4 3/4-in. bag outlets. The outlet collector offers up to five exits depending on the size of the system, the company says. Circle #671

Air Purification Methods' (APM's) new line of Blastmaster explosion panels are available from General Resource Corp. Explosion panels or vents are designed to blow-out in order to minimize damage from explosions, or sudden pressure build-up. Applications for explosion vents include: bag houses, bins of all types, silos, dust collectors, grain elevators or any installation that's a risk to dust explosions, or sudden combustion (deflagration). The Blastmaster is available in 18 different sizes. Circle #672

Clarke's International says the PyroGuard System is the only spark detection system with "Factory Mutual Research Approval" manufactured in the United States and the only system that meets current National Fire Protection Assn. Standards (NFPA 72.) PyroGuard products include control consoles, sensors and suppression units. Circle #673

The Model L 600 from Wagner Electric Products Inc. is reported to be small in size and features solid state circuitry, a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery and automatic shutoff. To make a measurement, the user needs only to lay the back against the material. No pins are used, the company says. Circle #674


Available from Tryco Mfg. Co. Inc., the Untha Model RS-50 grinder/shredder is a four shaft grinder available with two motors up to 30 hp. Processing capacities of 8,000 to 10,0000 lbs an hour are possible and cutter widths are available up to 56 in., the company says. Circle #675

The Weima wood scrap grinder from Woodtech Machinery Inc. is reported to be a low rpm, low hp cutting rotor with indexable knives and a load-compensated hydraulic ram. Twelve models with hopper style feeding are available with capacities from 500 lbs to 4,000 lbs per hour of wood fiber. Circle #676

Hoppers from Gulf State Iron and Metal are available for front or rear load. According to the company, attachment of these hoppers to forklifts can cut labor and save time in collecting and discharging of wood waste and other scrap items. Features include a 3/16-in. steel base and corrugated sides with 1/4-in. angle edges for strength; the hoppers have 6,000 lb capacity. Circle #677

Spanex says the S 50 RD-GS briquetting press is its most versatile machine. It features infinitely variable feeding of the material by means of the discharge work. It requires little maintenance, the company says, and is safe to operate because of its separated oil and dust areas. Circle #678

Mid-Oregon Industries says the Mini-Hog can hog edgings and trim ends right at their source, eliminating the need for elaborate conveying systems or the expense of dumping boxes. The capacity with the gravity feed chute is 2 in. by 4 in. by 6 in. maximum size or 12 in. maximum length. Circle #679

American Pulverizer hogs are available in 10 different models with capacities from 3/4 to 40 hp, the company says. Wood scraps, veneer, chips, bark and shavings can be turned into boiler fuel or raw material for particleboard. Circle #680

Operating with minimum noise, the Cresswood Wood Grinder from Cresswood Industrial Furnaces is reported to quickly grind up large volumes of any type of wood scrap, green or dry. Using low horsepower, the grinder features heavy-duty construction and advanced logic controls for easier operation. Circle #681

The Zeno Low Noise Grinder, designed by Eurohansa Inc., reduces any type of wood scrap into chips, sized to fit the customer's needs. It is capable of grinding a large variety of scrap, such as: normal off-falls, off-cuts, hardwoods, softwoods, trim cuts, pallets, particleboard, MDF, hardboard, plywood, veneers, cardboard, paper, bark and other similar bulky materials. The ZTLL features solid and heavy-duty German design. Circle #682

The SS-24 shaving mill from Newman Machine Co. Inc. has a production capacity of one to three tons of shavings per hour and can produce shavings from slabs, logs, truss mill scrap, end mill blocks and other materials. Circle #683

The Model C-32 "no-knife" hog from Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Co. is ruggedly built with no knives to sharpen, the company says. Alloy steel hammers and massive breaker plates fight wear. The welded steel frame has replaceable liners. Circle #684

Pallman Pulverizer Co. Inc. offers the Series PZKR of knife ring flakers, which flakes chips, coarse material and pre-chipped veneer waste into flat flakes with predetermined thickness. A special feeding system ensures equal feeding and eliminates fine and foreign matter, the company says, thus reducing wear inside the machine and power consumption. Circle #685

From Schutte Pulverizer, the Model 5635 Hogerizer grinder handles standard 48-in. wide pallets which are placed on a steel bed into the mouth of the unit. There, four rows of steel hammers "hogerize" them. The particles are sucked into a sheet-metal tunnel by a 40- to 50-hp fan. In a hump in the tunnel, Eriez Superbrute magnets attract the nails and other metal objects from the flow. The ground wood continues through the fan blades and into a trailer. Circle #686

The HX series hammer hogs from Lamb-Grays Harbor Co. is reported to process from 1/2 to 150 tons of waste material an hour. The company also adds that types of wood waste accepted include all species and size of veneer and solid wood. Circle #687

The Logmaker Model 150 from A. Costa America Ltd. creates a saleable product out of wood waste. It compresses sawdust and chips at 45,000 pounds per inch to a denser consistency than normal wood. It also burns hotter and cleaner and exceeds EPA standards, the company says. After compression, it goes through a cooling duct and then is cut to the desired length. Circle #688


Wood-fired boilers from Wood Energy Systems are reportedly a simple and cost-effective way of producing hot water or steam for kilns, pre-dryers, plant heating or cogeneration. Units are available to utilize all types of wood waste, from green bark to dry sander dust, with systems available to convert or retrofit existing boilers. Circle #689

Decton Iron Works Inc.'s Model 32 hot air furnace now includes an automatic stoker, the company says. Producing 250,000/Btu/hr, the system can heat up to 5,000 sq ft. The furnace is shipped complete with furnace, circulation blower, feed augurs, rotary air lock, 100 cubic ft of fuel storage and control panel. Circle #690

Sukup Mfg. Co. now offers a BioMaster Heat Exchanger Furnace totally automatic system. The heat exchanger can burn chunks of wood up to 2 in. by 4 in. by 12 in. The system, designed for individual operations, provides the high temperature combustion air and mixing action critical for clean, complete combustion, the company says. Circle #691

G & S Mill Inc. offers the Vermont Mobile Unloader which it says will open new markets for wood waste by making wood energy more profitable. Mounted in a box trailer, the Unloader combines the functions of a fuel carrier, storage bin and metering system at half the cost, the company says. Circle #692

The Elkom Composite Heating System from Elkom-North America, a division of Sumatec Machinery contributes to a cleaner environment by burning wood waste more efficiently all year, the company says. Wood waste is burned more efficiently because the thermal fluid medium portion of the platen takes hot water or steam when it is in operation, thus reducing the amount to be taken to a dumping site, the company says. Circle #693

Flying Dutchman Inc. Industrial Bin Unloaders have been designed for automatic storage silo unloading. The F.D. features a patented interior Flo control, operating manually from outside and adjusting to any kind of material. This gives a more uniform flow of material being discharged, helps prevent plug-ups and loose material is held back while cutters continue cutting and shredding. Models include #2003, #3003, and #3004. Circle #694

The BP + C Series, CX Series and the C Series are steam turbine cogeneration systems offered by Ewing Power Systems for use with wood-fired boilers. These systems enable furniture manufacturers and sawmills to dispose of wood waste and cogenerate electricity to reduce electrical costs. Installations can be incorporated into new or existing boiler plants. Both single stage and multi-stage turbines are available. Circle #695


The Nyle Corp. says it is the nation's largest manufacturer of dehumidification dry kilns and can supply its customers with the same type equipment used by many of the major firms. Circle #696

Brunner-Hildebrand offers the Turbo Drying Process BTT, which it says shortens drying schedules, increases drying quality and reduces energy consumption. It allows the air flow to be directed and focused to special portions of the lumber stack. The direction of air flow is changed by automatic adjustment of turbo baffles. Circle #697

Lignomat's Mini-Ligno moisture meter is suited for professional woodworkers and cabinetmakers or for any quick check of lumber in any industrial application. The Lignomaster G1000 incorporates sophisticated measuring circuitry to assure reliability and accuracy. The Lignomaster is equipped with memory functions and can save, recall and print readings. Circle #698

Koetter Dry Kiln says it uses innovative simplicity instead of high-tech methods to make drying lumber better and easier than ever. The conventional kiln uses an oil-filled thermometer to get accurate wet-dry build depression readings. Forklift pockets are added for handling ease. Available lengths are 18 in. and 36 in. Circle #699

Veneers look natural after being dried in the new radio frequency dryer developed by Production Machinery Inc. The lower temperatures used in the process allow veneers to retain their natural color and flexibility. Radio frequency energy is attracted to the water in the wood cells, so wet spots are eliminated, and veneers are consistently dry throughout. The dryer uses less floor space than a conventional dryer and reduces air emissions. Circle #700

Delmhorst Instrument Co. offers the Model RDM 1S microprocessor-based moisture meter that can store up to 1,500 readings, calculate averages, standard deviation and coefficient of variation and compensate for temperature and species. Reports are generated though a PC or printer. Circle #701

The Abort Gate RBS-4 from GreCon Electronics Inc. features a powered gate reset, a removable gate which enables quick and easy gate replacement, automatic vacuum relief in order to prevent pipe collapse, improved gate seals with adjustable seal pressure to protect against high temperature corrosion and abrasion damage and electromagnetic release which closes the gate in less than 500 milli-seconds. Circle #702

Central Machinery dust collectors, available from Harbor Freight Tools, feature 1-hp motors and vacuum at 610 cfm. Flexible hoses are made of PVC and sized to pick up sawdust, small scraps and large chips from jointers, saws, sanders, shapers and planers. The Model #7443-OSCX single bag dust collector measures 15 1/4-in. wide by 15 in. deep by 15 in. high. The Model #07444-OSCX double bag dust collector measures 15 3/4 in. wide by 30 3/4 in. deep by 32 1/2 in. high. The design of this collector eliminates the need for suction hoses. Circle #703

Modufil Inc. offers the Mat Maker 4000, a ceiling-mounted recirculator that advances the filter as dust accumulates. The unit eliminates additional bag cleaning that takes up floor space and can lower heating/cooling costs, the company says. In a sanding environment, total dust concentrations can be reduced by more than 50%, the company adds. Circle #704

The Torit Division of The Donaldson Co. has developed the Environmental Control Booth dust collector for hand sanding of wood. The company says the system filters dust out of the airstream using high-efficiency air filters and recirculates the air. No hoods are required and lighting and soundproofing are included. Circle #705

A new 2.3-ft by 3-ft downdraft bench, Dustvent Model 2.3x3F1, has dual capabilities. It serves as a powerful downdraft bench and as a dust collector. An internal diverter instantly changes the bench from a downdraft that captures the dust created when finishing wood to a central collector that source captures dust generated at remote woodworking machines. It will simultaneously serve five machines. The unit is 34-in. high with a direct drive 3-hp blower and moves 1,500 cfm of air, yet produces only 71 dB(A) of noise. Circle #706

Dust-Hog Integral Cyclone Separators from United Air Specialists offer a full range of air flow capacities, from 600 to 13,000 cfm. The cyclones remove large to moderate size particles from the air stream. The material handling fans are self-cleaning and deliver peak air flow with low horsepower, thus conserving energy. Dust storage capacities vary from 7.5 to 420 cubic feet. Special hopper configurations are available to meet customer requirements. Circle #707

The XLT hammerhill from Jacobson Co. features: large, one-piece access doors; positive locking latches; ample; resilient door seals for clean operation; a rotor that is removable from either side; large ports for easier access to hammer pins; removable and replaceable wear liners; stronger base with machine-planed surfaces to assure proper alignment of motor and rotor; and improved screen carriage with positive locking arrangement. The XLT is available in 10 models from 15- to 500-hp. Circle #708

Montgomery Industries offers its LRW Series wood waste grinders. These machines are slow speed, low noise level and require a maximum of 50-hp. All three models -- 20, 40 and 60 -- are electronically controlled and fully automated. These units grind blocks, trim ends, edgings, particleboard, pallets and pallet scrap and corrugated boxes. Circle #709


Coral SpA has developed a new "easy cleaning" system dust cartridge filter that allows the unit to be cleaned without removing it from the dust collector. The cartridges are constructed of antistatic polyester material and are available in the U.S. from Atlantic Machinery Corp. Circle #710
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