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Wood coalition opposes lacey act changes.

WASHINGTON--Speaking out against proposed changes to the Lacey Act, and calling the current rule "good for American business," a coalition of wood industry and environmental representatives voiced their continued support for the environmental legislation in a teleconference. Targeted specifically in comments was H.R. 3210, the Retailers and Entertainers Lacey Implementation and Enforcement Fairness (RELIEF) Act which conference participants said undermines efforts to reduce illegal logging while giving a "free pass" to imported items made from pulp, paper, composites and other non-solid wood products. "Anything that makes the playing field unlevel, we're against," Don Finkell, president of Anderson Floors said during the conference call. (Posted 11-16-11)

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Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Article Type:Conference notes
Date:Dec 1, 2011
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