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Submarine Craters: Gravitational anomalies shed light on buried craters. Jun 1, 2018 1275
Engimatic Lava Tubes: Challenging to spot, some lunar rilles might someday shelter astronauts from harm. Mar 18, 2018 1247
Changes real and (mostly) imagined: even renowned lunar observers have sometimes been fooled by tricks of lighting and resolution. Aug 1, 2017 1047
Ewen A. Whitaker, 1922-2016. Obituary Feb 1, 2017 106
How are crater rims made? The circular rim crests that surround big lunar impacts tell interesting stories. Feb 1, 2017 982
Mystery Ray in Serenitatis: lunar geologists still can't identify the Bessel ray's source crater. Dec 1, 2016 1051
Personal observing lists: track down a group of lunar features that have special meaning for you. Oct 1, 2016 1104
Twin basins with a twist: track down two big basins--one obvious and the other nearly invisible. Aug 1, 2016 971
The ABCs of lunar craters: the alphabet plays a key role in identifying features on the moon. Jun 1, 2016 1046
A topographic excursion: curious features surround the Moon's iconic Straight Wall. Apr 1, 2016 999
A new angle on Crisium: how did the distinct oval on the Moon's eastern limb come to exist? Feb 1, 2016 796
A corner of Imbrium: in just one telescopic view, you can retrace more than 4 billion years of lunar history. Column Oct 1, 2015 900
Three holes in a row: but one is a lava-filled lunar basin that we didn't realize was there. Aug 1, 2015 896
More lunar landing sites: recent space missions have left their mark on the Moon--by landing intact or crashing. Jun 1, 2015 881
Faulting the Lunar Crust: subtle cracks and creases betray shifts in the lunar landscape. Apr 1, 2015 1070
Strange little IMPs: these lunar mystery features will challenge backyard observers. Feb 1, 2015 956
Hunting for lost basins: can you find hints of these buried features? Dec 1, 2014 818
Rocking and rolling: set your sights on the ever-changing lunar limb. Oct 1, 2014 953
Lunar highs and lows: an online tool lets you measure a crater's depth. Aug 1, 2014 901
Lunar time travel: observe 4.5 billion years of lunar history. Jun 1, 2014 1042
Tilting inward: track down craters that were influenced by their surrounding terrain. Statistical table Feb 1, 2014 870
Looking back on a TLP: a controversial observation continues to spur interest 50 years later. Dec 1, 2013 990
Hunting secondary craters: track down thousands of these tiny trains. Aug 1, 2013 639
Hunting lunar red spots: find these elusive silica-rich lavas. Jun 1, 2013 882
Hints of vents: track down the volcanic sources of the lunar maria. Apr 1, 2013 831
A brighter Moon: solar rays aren't the only things that make the lunar surface bright. Feb 1, 2013 725
Observing history: challenge yourself to see as well as the best 19th-century lunar cartographers. Dec 1, 2012 686
Uneven targets: visual clues help observers determine the order of crater formation. Oct 1, 2012 686
A tool for lunar observers: measuring the lunar surface adds science to your observations. Website overview Aug 1, 2012 815
The art of seeing: spending time observing familiar territory can help you see new things. Jun 1, 2012 814
Over the edge: Lunar librations allow you to observe the farside of the Moon. Apr 1, 2012 775
A lunar volcanic crater: few large volcanic craters are visible on the Moon... except this one. Feb 1, 2012 776
Giant lunar shield volcanos? They were strangely missing--until now. Spacecraft altimetry suggests that the Moon has low, broad structures similar to the Hawaiian Islands. Dec 1, 2011 802
Lunar dominance: no other object in the night sky offers so much to observe. Oct 1, 2011 676
Large-scale lunar structures: trace the largest impact basins visible from Earth. Aug 1, 2011 848
The best lunar map so far: NASA's LRO mosaic shouldn't spell the end to lunar observing. Jun 1, 2011 754
Coming in at an angle: low-angle impacts create some of the more interesting lunar craters. Apr 1, 2011 793
The moon on earth: volcanism: a virtual hike on the Moon is within the reach of amateur astronomers. Feb 1, 2011 830
The moon on earth: craters: where can you play golf on a central peak? Dec 1, 2010 939
Unmasking mare ridges: digital terrain maps shed new light on these enigmatic features. Oct 1, 2010 705
Crumbling walls: geologic circumstances can make craters less circular. Aug 1, 2010 677
Touring soviet landing sites: LRO reminds us of the great Soviet accomplishments on the Moon. Jul 1, 2010 1046
Not only angels have halos: hunt for elusive dark halo craters. Jun 1, 2010 742
Lunar missions & amateurs: new lunar data reveals the Moon as never seen before. May 1, 2010 810
Lessons in basinology: the youngest lunar impact basin can teach us much about older impacts. Apr 1, 2010 870
Lunar transient phenomena: Japan's Kaguya orbiter sheds new light on some old LTPs. Mar 1, 2010 761
The lunar graveyard: a surprising number of dead spacecraft rest forever on the Moon. Feb 1, 2010 788
Craters upon craters: layered impact features offer visual clues to the Moon's history. Jan 1, 2010 569
Discover the moon: acquaint yourself with the best telescopic target in the sky. Dec 1, 2009 759
The great alpine valley; take afresh look at one of the Moon's most enigmatic features. Nov 1, 2009 835
The big gamble: will we see NASA's LCROSS probe's blaze of glory? Oct 1, 2009 826
Breaking ground: focus on crater Cauchy's different linear neighbors. Sep 1, 2009 754
Shallow surprises: Observe subtle features visible only briefly each month. Aug 1, 2009 720
The ends of the Moon: the lunar poles are loaded with interesting features. Jun 1, 2009 704
Naming names: the rules for lunar nomenclature go back centuries. Apr 1, 2009 725
Filling up Copernicus: craters that formed in a similar fashion now look markedly different. Mar 1, 2009 721
The ghosts of Mare Nubium: this southern lunar sea has well-worn shores. Feb 1, 2009 740
Revelations in a shallow sea: unlike other lunar lava lakes, Mare Nectaris didn't completely fill up. Jan 1, 2009 747
What the astronauts saw: view the lunar sights that awed the crew of Apollo 8. Dec 1, 2008 941
The big picture: gazing at the full Moon, you can tell a lot about its origins. Nov 1, 2008 926
A swim in Mare Humorum: this small lunar "sea" is packed with telescopic treats. Oct 1, 2008 777
A colorful Moon? Lunar landscapes do show hints of hue--you just need to know where to look. Sep 1, 2008 862
Unseen seas: look closely, and you can spot signs of volcanic plains that lie buried under dusty lunar debris. Aug 1, 2008 893
Counting craters: a simple census can reveal the age of the lunar landscape. Table Jul 1, 2008 909
Second orbit of the moon. Book review Jun 1, 2008 302
The crater main sequence: lunar craters are all made the same way--so why do they look different? Table Jun 1, 2008 770
The unseen moon. Book review May 1, 2008 339
Hide-and-seek basin: when the geometry's right, you can glimpse an amazing lunar feature. May 1, 2008 815
The big (basin) picture: two simple yet powerful processes shaped much of the lunar landscape. Apr 1, 2008 875
Imbrium's impact: the Moon's surface was scarred far and wide by one of the most important events in lunar history. Mar 1, 2008 806
Lunar Rilles of mystery: strange scars on the Moon's surface defy easy explanation. Feb 1, 2008 761
The rings of Imbrium: some of the Moon's biggest features lie hidden in plain view. Table Jan 1, 2008 823
Decoding Mare Imbrium: a vast sea of frozen lava yields its secrets one crater at a time. Dec 1, 2007 900
Reading the moon: lunar history can be understood with a telescope and a little stratigraphy. Nov 1, 2007 973
A trio of lunar mysteries: the Moon still has many unexplained features. Oct 1, 2007 1043
Tempting tranquility: a pair of two-ring features challenge our understanding of lunar volcanism. Sep 1, 2007 864
Secrets of Descartes and Ina: what can two odd formations tell us about lunar volcanism? Table Aug 1, 2007 703
Oblique impacts: a bizarre crater and an odd set of rays may be evidence for some strange lunar happenings. Jul 1, 2007 923
Serene mysteries: a dark mare border and a strange crater ray invite investigation. Table Jun 1, 2007 805
Pits of contention: tiny craters had a huge impact on our understanding of the Moon. May 1, 2007 889
Mystery maria: a few of the moon's biggest features are also its most puzzling. Apr 1, 2007 799
Odd lunar domes: volcanism created some of the Moon's strangest features. Table Mar 1, 2007 901
Hidden maria and dusty debris: impact cratering and volcanism often combine to produce some of the Moon's most interesting features. Feb 1, 2007 838
The moon's far side: nearly a new world. Jan 1, 2007 2608
Concentric fractures and craters: volcanism may have helped shape two of the moon's most intriguing features. Jan 1, 2007 766
Lunar tectonics: wrinkle ridges and arcuate rilles provide intriguing clues about the history of impact basins. Dec 1, 2006 779
Imbrium Mayhem: an enormous impact transformed the surface of the Moon far and wide. Nov 1, 2006 864
Weird lunar domes: the Moon has volcanoes--and some of them aren't very pretty. Oct 1, 2006 696
The moon's mystery rilles: some lunar features don't play by the rules. Sep 1, 2006 790
Lunar half craters: not every impact feature on the Moon comes in the familiar, classic round form. Aug 1, 2006 773
False volcanoes on the moon: until very recently, scientists were dead wrong about the origin of lunar craters. Jul 1, 2006 743
Human history on the moon: in the future tourists may buy postcards and take snapshots of important lunar landmarks. Jun 1, 2006 612
Extreme basinology: some of the Moon's most interesting features lurk near the limb, nearly out of reach of backyard telescopes. May 1, 2006 745
Little lunar volcanoes: almost all Moon craters are impact features, but there are a few fascinating exceptions. Apr 1, 2006 727
Looking between craters: every inch of the Moon's battered surface has a tale to tell. Mar 1, 2006 735
Weird crater rays: even on the ancient lunar surface, nothing lasts forever. Feb 1, 2006 731
Why are crater rays bright? The Moon's surface is adorned with features that are as fascinating as they are conspicuous. Jan 1, 2006 803
Ancient lunar faults: these relics of the Moon's distant past hint at a more active world than the one we see today. Dec 1, 2005 1038
The straight story on linear rilles: graben on the moon challenge backyard observers and geologists. Oct 1, 2005 769
A basin too big to believe: does the largest feature on the Moon even exist? Sep 1, 2005 826

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