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See if you can correct the errors: to pound on the podium, remember, the pounder must be prone, that is, lying on one's belly. It is difficult to appear resolute and firm while throwing a tantrum. Sep 1, 2005 561
Words every word lover should know--and more. Jul 1, 2005 686
The archaeopteryx flaps back into your life. May 1, 2005 720
You got a problem with center around? How about skuttle? Mar 1, 2005 667
Rob and steal vie for ideal identities while enormousness head-butts enormity. Jan 1, 2005 698
Beware spritely and hobgoblinic consistency; turn now to bosenmate, and cow testicles. Nov 1, 2004 725
'Don't judge a book by it's cover' said the ad copy; do you dig fiber media ... feuilleton? Jul 1, 2004 696
Reins rules over reigns; Dylan and TSE in jam about bang/whimper v. do not go gentle; thus prevails. May 1, 2004 684
Check these retro danglers; can you make them see-worthy? And we need a Krakatoic word for feisty. Mar 1, 2004 648
Is Branta canadensis the foulest of the fowl? Is dove a bird or a verb or both? Audubon voyage.... Jan 1, 2004 682
You know your militate v. mitigate, but are you jiggy with dead-cat bounce and chin music? Oct 1, 2003 630
Ya Gotta proofread...ya gotta listen; don't launch your mortar at the foe. (Wood on Words). Jun 1, 2003 715
Business English is a useful art, not a fine art; its purpose is to gain profit. (Wood on Words). Apr 1, 2003 700
Recall the stigma of stigmatism, and that those pincers is...or sometimes are. (Wood on Words). Feb 1, 2003 737
Kneecapped in Boston; torturous's tortuous course; Bush's solar what? (Wood on Words). Dec 1, 2002 727
A cow is a female bovine; a bull is a male cow; is that like a bum steer? (Wood On Words). Oct 1, 2002 711
Could you care less whether or not you could not care less? (Wood on Words). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 686
Nucor's iconic leader remembered for his 'principals' in lame encomium. (Wood on Words). Jun 1, 2002 697
Much, Mathews share depthier roll while PR Week sips sacrificial wine. (Wood on Words). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 713
Wee witch was 'very precautious'; We have no problem with that. (Wood on Words). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 759
Meet Son of Encarta, Sr., then relax and enjoy our yummy arboreal rice. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 730
Are you up for Dewy Decimals meets Diagnosis: Buzzworditis. Aug 1, 2001 706
Check out political hammer and it Cliff's Notes? Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 655
If you spell de rigueur de rigeur you've got yourself an Oy Canada. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 694
It was a dark and stormy night when Eloise decided to wing it to Logan... Feb 1, 2001 952
Sandie shapes chicer sheik site; Y2K's AHD4 a Gold-Anvil winner. (Wood On Words). Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 838
Captain radio meets malingerer as smithing gold grows business in miami. (WOOD ON WORDS). Oct 1, 2000 799
HR's Herd-thinner Has Your Pop Quiz Ready, but Maybe He's Only Fad Surfing. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 842
Osborne Seeks Word on Lede; Whitworth Proves it Pays to Peruse the Pearl. Jun 1, 2000 900
McGillivray Balances, Aligns Wheels; Braun and Bogren Mend Zazu's Petals. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 886
Of Wrongway Wheels, Windows [sic] Shopping, and a Heavily Cool Comeback to 'What's up?'. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 886
Meet Encarta[R], the Lexical IPO of the 1990s, plus WNW's 4th College Ed. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 863
Random House Not Only Pushes the Envelope, but Marks It Express Mail. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 862
'If your not using HP toner, you're not getting HP printing.'. Column Dec 1, 1998 863
If you're going to use youse, be sure yez spell it correctly. Column Oct 1, 1998 846
You can lead your hound to Heska, but will he rinse? Column Aug 1, 1998 847
Lawyerly phrase of 'counsel' finds itself hitched to a hip new communi-cause. Column Dec 1, 1997 763
Separated by a common tongue? Column Oct 1, 1997 893
The 'curly blond-haired boy' now has a 'thick head of gray hair.' (proper word usage) Jun 1, 1997 842
Did you hear the one about the male cow? Is that an oxymoron? Column Apr 1, 1997 840
'Why is the word 'etal' on my statement?' Ask the tax man. Column Mar 1, 1997 888
Ole Tex braggs "Ain't this a fine hoss-pistol? Yes, sir, I grew it from a colt!" (grammatical errors) (Wood on Words) (Column) Column Mar 1, 1995 861
Quick! Get the number of that iceberg ... and the stupid duck, too! Column Jan 1, 1995 846
Monogamy for the nineties: you can enjoy it serially or with Wheaties! Column Sep 1, 1994 845
The writes of spring bring vialest of the viles. Column Aug 1, 1994 850
Knit-pickers who don't tow the line will soon have the devil to pay. Column Apr 1, 1994 933
Valek challenges role of health prevention; peers mull jibe v. jive. Column Mar 1, 1994 852
Up-skilling meets re-skilling. But can either one do the job? Column Apr 1, 1993 828
Anyone for ... sock options? Column Jan 1, 1993 726

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