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Wondrous revelations in the Year of the Earth Dog.

Today, Friday, at 5:05 a.m., the Lunar New Year of the Earth Dog starts. It is a time when idealism takes over from cynicism, loyalty from deceit and indiscretion, and true leadership from just plain cockiness exemplified by the relationship between North Korea's Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump.

The Lunar New Year is one of the three new years we celebrate in Iamism (a course in happiness and life management).

The other two are Jan 1, the most celebrated in the world, and the least known today, and the Solar New Year, on the first day of Spring, March 21.

Today starts another Year of Miracles in the sense of wondrous revelations by the loyal, practical, optimistic and industrious Earth Dog, which will give us that needed sigh of relief from the imperiousness and, often, insolent Fire Rooster, as we find peace and harmony in the home, sincere support for noble causes everywhere and heartfelt encouragement for global advancement.

This earthly canine will bring about effective changes through unconventional means because many controversial issues will be settled amicably and calmly. All matters will be given a chance to be heard.


The year 2018 in numerology is equivalent to the number 11, the cosmic number of peace, cosmic meaning it cannot be reduced to the number 2 as is commonly done with other numbers aside from 22, which is never reduced to 4.

It is a chill year, ideal for reassessing our values, working on our virtues, crusading for justice and peace or simply championing projects and enterprises that uplift humanity.

Meanwhile, loyalty, fidelity and domesticism are basic to the Dog and, thus, even those who do not usually consider settling down might regard it as appealing this year.

Romance can come at the most unexpected moments and might prove to be truly worthy.

It is also the time to move on plans to start a new business or to expand an already existing one.

New career moves are likewise encouraged. But success will not just happen without that earnest involvement and commitment to accomplish something through whatever work has to be done.

The Earth Dog, being so down to earth, will surely not mind doing what it takes to succeed but it must remember to also have fun, lots of it along the way.

The Dog does have the tendency to be dog-gonely serious, which can bring about conditions of the same kind.

Here is how the different signs in oriental astrology will fare:

For the Rat-A very busy year for the Rat, both socially and professionally.

Lots of activities involving unexpected opportunities for expanded good.

Challenges will serve to form solid foundation for greater good in the very near future.

Do not take your loved ones for granted. Say cheese.

Ox-Your reliability, industry and common sense will work wonders for you this year, even expected complications do not prosper and your path is cleared of obstacles and opposition.

This is the year when your knowledge expands and you are led to your true place.

Expect someone special to appear in your life this year. The patience of the ox pays off.

Tiger - The lady of good fortune is with you this year. Although you will have to toe the line for a while, it will help you to accomplish your goals more easily.

You can also expect influential people to come and assist you.

For Tigers who are available, this year can prove to be the end of that availability. Tiger, tiger, burn brightly.

Rabbit-A smooth year for the Rabbit, as he can expect more gains this year.

He will be able to straighten out past problems and gain the recognition he relishes.

Be prepared to make decisions quickly. Time is of the essence this year. Hop happily, you, rabbit, you.

Dragon-It is the year for Dragons to listen, to consult and to investigate.

It's a time for laying a firm foundation for its heart's desires. Definitely not a good period for confrontation and argumentation.

Use your dragon magic to multiply your good exceedingly. You do have it.

Snake-Opportunities are all a knocking at the door of the Snake.

It is an excellent time for the Snake to use its charms and launch its new ideas.

But then, he has to make room for the opinions of loved ones who will have important inputs to make.

Skeptical Snake, the Dog brings many significant dramatic changes to your life now.

Horse -A financially good year for the Horse. A time for recuperation and recovery.

It is a period when the Horse should go for teamwork rather than go it alone. Sharing the credit brings harmony and goodwill.

By the way, romance is in the air. Stop horsing around. Just go for it.

Sheep-The Sheep can stay optimistic but must make sure to stay on the conservative side.

Most of the year will prove satisfying and rewarding. Although challenges will be there, you will easily find ways to handle them.

At these times, make sure you don't take it out on those closest to you.

Try meditation and contemplation. The Dog year could shepherd you to your true place in the sun.

Monkey-A period for research and discovery and really knowing what's going on around you.

It is time for you to do your homework and lay the ground work for an expanded and more evolved you.

This is the year where a Monkey could get serious with a relationship (whether with a new one or an already existing casual one). No more monkey business, please.

Rooster-Be prepared for a lot of entertaining and travel.

The Rooster continues to prosper and recover lost ground. His plans are easily realized. His personal life could be clouded by some secret unhappiness or brooding.

This must be dealt with and not swept under the rug so to speak.

Time to pay more attention to the needs of those who have been around a long time. Let all your crowing really mean the start of a new dawn.

Dog-Now is the time for you to achieve what you have long wanted to do. This is your year.

But decisions will have to be made and they have to be made quickly.

Like the Rabbit, procrastination is definitely not your keyword for the year. If you stay too long on the diving board, you may just change your mind and not take the plunge. Take a deep breath and dive.

A good year for a Dog to fall in love, make a serious commitment, or even simply change partners, dog-gone-it.

Pig-Although this is the year when the Pig has to prepare for his big year, it doesn't mean he cannot go out and simply enjoy himself.

Yes, this is the time for the Pig to lay a strong foundation by gathering knowledge and practicing greater patience with himself and others.

Up to now, your impatience has gotten you nowhere with your loved ones and associates, not to mention, with yourself.

Don't be a pigheaded bore, just be the peace-loving boar that you are.

Additional insights

For additional insights, one can combine the Western equivalent of the Eastern sign as indicated in the chart on this page.

Take President Duterte, who was born in the Year of the Rooster. But March 28 being an Arian sign-the equivalent of which is a Dragon in the Eastern zodiac-he could read both the Rooster and the Dragon to get a more extensive version of what's in store for him in the Year of the Earth Dog.

Unlike Vice President Leni Robredo, who was born in the Year of the Snake and is a Taurean (April 23), which is also the equivalent of a Snake, thus making her singularly a Snake personality.

So the two top officials of our country will enjoy a wonderful and fulfilling year, which I trust will spill over to the economy and benefit the whole nation.

Wondrous revelations

This year is a Year of Wondrous Revelations. Here's affirming that our optimism, loyalty and harmony bring us closer to a world where peace, together with prosperity, reigns.

These so-called predictions are not compelling, they are simply influences that one can either flow with when positive and when negative can be overcome and transcended through consciousness. Remember that it is always done unto you according to your belief.

Kung Hei Fat Choi.
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