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Wonderful world of twins in school; SEEING DOUBLE: There's Katie & Callum, Daniel & Lewis, Craig & Ryan, Karl & Stefan, Sara & Farah, Baljinder & Harjinder, Toni & Billie, Sophie & Katie, and Sanyi & Tom.

Byline: By Helena Markovic

IT'S THE school where the teachers see double - over and over again.

Because Parkgate Primary school in Coventry has an astonishing NINE sets of twins.

That means 18 school uniforms, 18 tables and chairs, 18 hot dinners - and double trouble for teachers and staff.

The youngsters - who range in age from five right through to 10 - believe they really do hold a record for the most twins in one school.

They include five-year-olds Toni and Billie Wale, who have just started at the school in reception class, and are the youngest twins.

Old-timers of the pack are 10-year-olds, Katie and Callum Harris.

Two sets of the twins are even related. Ryan and Craig Merridew, aged eight, and Katie and Sophie Lloyd, aged six, are cousins.

And to add to the confusion FOUR pairs of twins are in the SAME class.

That makes an amazing total of four sets of twin boys, three sets of twin girls, and two sets with one boy and one girl.

The Evening Telegraph this week featured four sets of twins who were all starting "big school" at St Thomas More RC school in Nuneaton - and were all in the same class.

But the nine twins at Parkgate Primary think they have beaten St Thomas More RC school hands down - all 36 of them.

Deputy headteacher Pam Withers believes the school - which boasts 640 pupils - is quite unusual to have so many twins.

She said: "Although we do not really think about it much, when you put them all together, I guess it is fairly rare.

"We do treat them all as individuals though. They all have very different personalities, even if they do look the same. And each teacher gets to know this and that is one of the ways they can tell them apart."

She added: "Some of the parents like them to be in the same class. Others have them separated. But we really enjoy having all of them."

And it seems that the 18 pupils who are "part of a twin" get to enjoy school twice as much too.

Katie & Callum Harris DN27960_11 AGE: 10


LIVES: Rotherham Road, Holbrooks with mum, Sue, dad, Phillip, and sisters, Gemma and Sam

HOBBIES: Katie likes playing netball and football and Callum enjoys all sport

AMBITION: Katie wants to be a singer and Callum wants to be a rugby player

Callum said: "It is a bit annoying being a twin because if one of us gets something, the other one has to have it too. I got a season ticket for Coventry City and then Katie had to have one too."

Katie said: "We do get along with each other most of the time and you always have some one to hang around with."

Daniel & Lewis Parker DN27960_5 AGE: 8


LIVES: Sunningdale Avenue, Holbrooks with mum, Julie, dad, Paul, and brother, Ben

HOBBIES: Daniel and Lewis both like football and cricket

AMBITION: They both want to work in their dad's factory.

Daniel and Lewis say they do not like being twins.

Lewis said: "We are always fighting and I don't like it that we both have blond hair. But we do have our own language which is fun."

Daniel said: "Sometimes it is good because you always have someone to play with. But we are quite good really."

Craig & Ryan Merridew DN27960_18 AGE: 8


LIVES: Watery Lane, Corley Moor, with mum, Jenny, dad, David, and brother, Adam

HOBBIES: Ryan likes robots and Craig enjoys playing on the computer

AMBITION: Ryan wants to be a pilot and Craig would like to be a racing driver

Craig and Ryan say they like being twins and do a lot together

Ryan said: "It does pay off because when we play on the computer, it means we can play more games together.

Craig said: "It can be a real pain in the neck and we are quite different. We do different things a lot of the time."

Karl & Stefan Bailey-Murch DN27960_14 AGE: 7


LIVES: Dunster Place, Holbrooks with mum, Debbie, dad, Kenny, and brothers Daniel and Andrew

HOBBIES: Karl likes playing computer games. Stefan enjoys riding his bike

Ambition: Karl wants to be a baseball player. Stefan wants to be a policeman

Karl and Stefan think it is trouble being a twin.

Karl said: "I had my hair cut short so you can tell the difference between the two of us. Some can tell the difference but others can't."

Stefan said: "We are different in the things we do. I am outside all the time and Karl is inside playing on his computer."

Sara & Farah Rammu DN27960_12 AGE: 9


LIVES: Nunts Lane, Holbrooks, with mum, Saiham, dad, Fayed, sisters, Hanadi and Alaa, and brother, Hadi

HOBBIES: Sara likes art and craft. Farah enjoys football.

AMBITION: Sara wants to have a television art show. Farah wants to be a pop star.

Sara and Farah like to play tricks on people because they are twins

Farah said: "People who do not know us get us mixed up all the time. We play tricks on people and pretend we are each other so it is quite funny. We do wear the same clothes but in different colours."

Sara said: "We are quite similar. We both like football. And we blame things on each other too. I broke the computer mouse at home and I blamed it on Farah."

Baljinder & Harjinder Dukhi DN27960_7 AGE: 9


LIVES: Roland Avenue, Holbrooks, with mum, Manvinder, uncle, Jairai and grandad, Kaviraj

HOBBIES: Baljinder likes playing football. Harjinder enjoys collecting ladybirds.

AMBITION: Baljinder wants to work with computers. Harjinder wants to be a bus driver.

Baljinder and Harjinder say they like being twins because it is unusual.

Baljinder said: "It is sometimes annoying being a twin because when I want to play with my friends on my own, my brother had to play too."

Harjinder said: "It is unusual. We did have more twins in the school. Sometimes I don't like being a twin because we have to share birthdays. But we get separate cakes."

Toni & Billie Wale DN27960_19 AGE: 5

YEAR: Reception

LIVES: Meadow Road, Holbrooks, with mum, Sarah, and dad, Peter

HOBBIES: Toni loves singing and Billie enjoys playing with friends

AMBITION: They do not know yet Toni and Billie say being twins at their new school is fun

Toni said: "We like being twins. We do pretend we are each other sometimes but we have our own friends."

Sophie & Katie Lloyd DN27960_10 AGE: 6


LIVES: Holborn Avenue, Holbrooks, with mum, Karen and dad, Peter

HOBBIES: Sophie likes science and playing with friends. Katie likes art

AMBITION: Sophie wants to own an ice cream van. Katie wants to be a hairdresser

Katie and Sophie say it is really good that they are twins - and sometimes even their own grandma cannot tell them apart.

Katie said: "We have our own friends but we can play with each other's friends too.

Sophie said: "Sometimes my Nan thinks I am Katie. It is quite confusing. "

Sanyi & Tom Szajer DN27960_16 AGE: 8


LIVES: Rookery Lane, Holbrooks, with mum, Janet, and dad, Tony

HOBBIES: Sanyi enjoys rugby and sport. Tom likes playing on the computer

AMBITION: Sanyi wants to be a rugby player. Tom wants to work with computers

Sanyi and Tom love being twins.

Tom said: "I am the naughty one I think. We do not look the same because Sanyi is lots taller than me."

Sanyi said: "We are very, very different in personality. I watch a lot of television and Tom plays on the computer all the time."


DOUBLE TROUBLE... The nine sets of twins at Parkgate School in Parkgate Road, Holbrooks, will probably give their teachers a headache or two in trying to sort them out .DN27960_2. Pictures: Joe Bailey
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