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Women robbed from day one.

According to the American Association of University Women Educational Foundation, women are assigned smaller paycheques from the get-go.

Just one year after college graduation, women's paycheques were 20 percent less than their male peers, even after controlling for hours, occupation, education and other factors known to affect earnings, a study found.

"By looking at earnings just one year out of college, you have as level a playing field as possible," said AAUW director of research Catherine Hill. "These employees don't have a lot of experience and, for the most part, don't have caregiving obligations, so you'd expect there to be very little difference in the wages of men and women. But surprisingly, and unfortunately, we find that women already earn less, even when they have the same major and occupation as their male counterparts."

The AAUW research also shows that this pay gap exists despite the fact that women outperform men in school, earning slightly higher GPAs than men in every college major, including science and mathematics.

The organization's report, Behind the Pay Gap, says 10 years after graduation women earn only 69 percent of what men are paid. Further, college-educated men working fulltime have more authority in the workplace after a decade in the workforce than their female counterparts.

"We need to make workplaces more family-friendly, reduce sex segregation in education and in the workplace, and combat discrimination that continues to hold women back in the workplace," said Hill.

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Date:Jun 22, 2007
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