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Women protest violence in Mexico.


Thousands of female protesters and their male supporters led historic protests against violence against women throughout Mexico in April. "Vivas Nos Queremos" (We Want Ourselves Alive) was written on placards

The protesters denounced "macho culture" for contributing to Mexico's reputation as having one of the 20 highest rates of violence against women in the world. It is estimated that nine out of 10 Mexican women have experienced some form of sexual violence.

"Machismo has to die," chanted thousands of protesters at the centre of Mexico City. Ana Carlota Velazquez, a student protestor, said, "I'm tired of living it, and hearing it happen to my friends, in the streets, on public transport, in university and at work."

According to Mexico's National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women, six women are killed each day in Mexico at the hands of men. Even so, experts say that such killings, or femicides, tend to be greatly under-reported in Mexico.

Irinea Buendia believes that her daughter, Mariana, was killed by her husband, who had threatened to kill her. Officials recorded her death as a suicide. Now, after five years of campaigning, the Mexican Supreme Court has ordered her daughter's death to be re-investigated. She carried a sign with a photo of her daughter that read: "I did not kill myself. You killed me."

Marisol Zarco Reyes, a psychologist at the Mexico State Council for Women, says men are taught that violence is a way to keep power. "Machismo is a hegemonic model of masculinity in Mexico," she said. and BBC News

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