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Children accompanying women prisoners provided education, basic facilities: Report. Report Sep 28, 2021 306
Children accompanying women prisoners provided education, basic facilities: Report. Report Sep 28, 2021 306
Got Milk? A Proposed Model Lactation Policy for American Carceral Settings. Vega, Katherine Sep 22, 2021 10865
Women prisoners suffer in a cubbyhole. Sep 10, 2021 476
Art and healing for Iloilo's women inmates. Mar 31, 2021 628
Women prisoners' handicrafts, artworks on sale. Feb 6, 2021 509
Dr Firdous visits Sialkot jail, listens to women prisoners' problems. Feb 1, 2021 460
Dr Firdous visits Sialkot jail, listens to women prisoners problems. Feb 1, 2021 513
Dr Firdous visits Sialkot jail, listens to women prisoners problems. Feb 1, 2021 513
De Lima bats for facilities for imprisoned women, children. Dec 1, 2020 614
Woes of women prisoners. Nov 12, 2020 310
MoHR Secretary lauds women prisoners release decision. Sep 5, 2020 182
PM Imran directs immediate release of under-trial women prisoners. Sep 3, 2020 330
PM orders release of women prisoners as per SC verdict. Sep 3, 2020 287
PM directs release of women prisoners. Sep 3, 2020 192
PM directs release of women prisoners in line with top court order. Sep 3, 2020 850
PM directs release of women prisoners in line with top court order. Sep 2, 2020 849
Authorities to release women prisoners, directs PM Imran Khan. Sep 2, 2020 370
ASEAN has world's biggest percentage of women prisoners. Aug 7, 2020 696
Women prisoners allowed to keep their children with them: Ombudsman. Apr 11, 2020 166
Sexual Harassment Experiences of Female Prisoners in Jail. Abid, Mueen; Riaz, Saima; Khalid, Memoona; Iqbal, Razia Report Mar 22, 2020 3386
Differences between Female and Male Inmates in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) in Austria: Do We Need Treatment Programs Specific to the Needs of Females in AAT? Stetina, Birgit U.; Krouzecky, Christine; Emmett, Lisa; Klaps, Armin; Ruck, Nora; Kovacovsky, Zuzana Report Feb 1, 2020 7228
A Case for Equal Melancholy. Smith, Crystal Simone Poem Dec 22, 2019 187
Human rights probe calls for improved rehabilitation for women prisoners held in Saudi shelters. Fatima Muhammad Dec 18, 2019 638
Women prisoners account for 3% of all inmates in Tunisia. Nov 27, 2019 379
Call to set up separate jails for women prisoners. Nov 6, 2019 162
Call to set up separate jails for women prisoners. Nov 6, 2019 128
'The Visiting Room' creates connections: Impact of play by formerly incarcerated women goes beyond the fourth wall. Benevento, Maria Jul 26, 2019 1285
Kadin Hukumlulerin Baglanma Stilleri ve Stresle Basa Cikma Tutumlarinin Incelenmesi/Analysis of Attachment Styles and Attitudes of Coping with Stress in Female Inmates. Utas-Akhan, Latife; Sukut, Ozge; Kurtuncu, Meltem; Batmaz, Makbule Jun 1, 2019 3615
WOMEN AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE: WHERE ARE WE NOW? Hine, Jean Report Mar 22, 2019 6280
PATIENTS OR PRISONERS: IMPLICATIONS OF OVERLOOKING MENTAL HEALTH NEEDS OF FEMALE OFFENDERS. Mason, Samantha; Parry, Jon; Enback, Sabina; Sobrepera, Adela Report Mar 22, 2019 6700
The Most DANGEROUS WOMEN in Michigan's History. Buhk, Tobin T. Mar 1, 2019 3193
Bad care behind bars: Reporting abuse, activists work to end detention for pregnant people. Benevento, Maria Jan 11, 2019 1308
IPS impose restrictions on women prisoners in Hasharon prison. Oct 23, 2018 213
Shehla Raza visits women prisoners assured for full legal aid to women prisoners. Oct 3, 2018 220
Shehla Raza visits women prisoners assured for full legal aid to women prisoners. Oct 3, 2018 214
Women prisoners. Jul 31, 2018 115
IN THE U.S., THERE ARE 219,000 WOMEN BEHIND BARS. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Jun 1, 2018 681
Female inmates in New Hampshire: Study shines light on states incarcerated population. McCord, Michael May 25, 2018 1320
The long, shameful road to a new women's prison: The 30-year wait for a new facility represents a moral failure by the Legislature. Baird, Jonathan P. May 25, 2018 984
Parenting, prison and pups with a purpose: How dog-assisted therapy can improve inmates as mothers. Collica-Cox, Kimberly; Fagin, Bruce May 1, 2018 4361
CM Balochistan announces three months remission for women prisoners. Apr 14, 2018 438
Women in Prison and Their Information Needs: South--South Prison Libraries Perspective. Sambo, Atanda S.; Lauretta, Nnebuogor Report Apr 1, 2018 4165
The Role of the Family in Crime Causation: A Comparative Study of 'Family of Orientation' and 'Family of Procreation'--A Study of Women Prisoners in the Central Jails of Rajasthan. Bhandari, Asha Report Apr 1, 2018 3827
Pregnancy in Confinement, Anti-Shackling Laws and the "Extraordinary Circumstances" Loophole. Dinardo, Chris Mar 22, 2018 12404
On Women's Day, Israel holding 62 Palestinian women prisoners, including 6 minors. Mar 7, 2018 180
'Freedom in her Mind': Women's Prison Zines and Feminist Writing in the 1970s. Wright, Olivia Essay Jan 1, 2018 6497
"I Accept that I Have Nobody": Young Women, Youth Justice, and Expectations of Responsibility during Reentry. Myers, Randy Dec 30, 2017 8057
Sex trafficker attacked by fellow women prisoners. Nov 6, 2017 295
Life behind bars: the women of the Detroit House of Correction. Buhk, Tobin T. Sep 1, 2017 2416
Feeling at home in forensic mental health: working in an all-female prison offers challenges, as well as opportunities, as one nurse helps turn around some chaotic lives. Burns, Bernie Sep 1, 2017 1700
Two-year-old hooded to go to see mom. Sep 2, 2016 471
MNA distributes Ramazan package among women prisoners. Jun 21, 2016 127
Social justice and feminist activism: writing as an instrument of collective reflection in prison spaces. Castillo, Rosalva Aida Hernandez Essay Jun 18, 2016 6688
Gaining job and life skills behind bars: tools that transform lives. Sampson, Tina May 1, 2016 1509
Wyoming women prisoners. Brief article Mar 24, 2016 127
Down to the felt: how Ohio's lackluster statutory scheme gambles with the lives of mothers and innocent children. Rainone, Jim Mar 22, 2016 18331
How Canada's prisons are failing women (and everyone else): instead of continuing to support institutions that manufacture and exacerbate mental health problems, Canada should abolish the practice of segregation and rethink prisons altogether, argues Kim Pate, executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies and professor of law at the University of Ottawa. Pate, Kim Mar 22, 2016 2252
Women Prisoners' Access to Education and Training: A Report from Balochistan. Achakzai, Jahangir Khan; Bukhari, Shakira; AzamTahir, Mohammad Report Dec 31, 2015 4752
Female prisoners, aftercare and release: residential provision and support in late nineteenth-century England. Turner, Jo; Johnston, Helen Case study Dec 22, 2015 7390
Holding Cell. Ehikhamenor, Victor Short story Sep 22, 2015 607
Lambedusa. Ehikhamenor, Victor Short story Sep 22, 2015 1225
Venice. Ehikhamenor, Victor Short story Sep 22, 2015 1405
Rialto Bridge--Grand Canal. Ehikhamenor, Victor Short story Sep 22, 2015 670
Play devised by North East women prisoners wins top award and New York premiere; Key Change, by Open Clasp Theatre Company, won the annual Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award on the Festival Fringe. Aug 28, 2015 589
The innocence gap: how many women are behind bars for crimes they didn't commit? Redden, Molly Jul 1, 2015 2672
Women imprisoned for miscarriages and stillbirths. Cooper, Linda; Hodge, James Brief article May 22, 2015 262
Achieving baby care success: the only Ohio prison nursery. Yoho, Heather R.; Backes, Carl R. May 1, 2015 1941
Israeli Independence Day: Women prisoners punished for non-observance. Apr 28, 2015 118
Fauzia for ensuring leagal aid, secure enviroment to women prisoners. Apr 18, 2015 160
Journal File. Report Mar 22, 2015 2015
Incarcerated childbirth and broader "birth control": autonomy, regulation, and the state. Ahrens, Deborah Jan 1, 2015 4846
Incarcerated childbirth and broader "birth control": autonomy, regulation, and the state. Ahrens, Deborah Jan 1, 2015 20585
Evaluating the Turning Points Curriculum: A Three-Year Study to Assess Parenting Knowledge in a Sample of Incarcerated Women. Urban, Lynn S.; Burton, Barb Report Jan 1, 2015 5346
Better facilities being given to women prisoners: Wheed. Dec 31, 2014 327
ISIL calls for release of women prisoners in exchange for Lebanese soldiers. Dec 30, 2014 230
Writing lost lives in light: Anne Ferran's portrayals of female convicts. Jackett, Amy Essay Nov 1, 2014 6389
Women exiting prison: supporting successful reintegration in a changing penal climate. Sheehan, Rosemary Report Jun 22, 2014 4116
Hot Water Return. Doreski, William Poem Mar 22, 2014 244
The impact of gender-specific programming on female offenders. Cadreche, Marina Editorial Jan 1, 2014 1102
Improving outcomes for Reentering, Justice-Involved women. Buell, Maureen Conference news Jan 1, 2014 1363
Justice-Involved women focusing on women on probation and parole. Golder, Seana; Higgins, George E.; Hall, Martin T.; Logan, TK Jan 1, 2014 2590
Keeping infant development successful: west virginia's premier program for incarcerated mothers. Nohe, Lori A. Jan 1, 2014 1882
Treating females with serious and persistent mental illnesses: the Nebraska Model. Loya, Gary J. Jan 1, 2014 2613
Emphasizing health and wellness at the louisiana correctional institute for women. Collins, Anita Rowe Jan 1, 2014 1976
Education and rehabilitation filling an empty tool box. Richie, Patrice Jan 1, 2014 1251
Liberation behind the wire: empowering female offenders as leaders of change. Callahan, Christie Jan 1, 2014 1125
Syrian gov''t releases three women prisoners in swap deal. Oct 27, 2013 162
Epistles to an Incarcerated Woman--Letters to Lxxxx. Horton, Randall Essay Sep 22, 2013 4607
A yawning black abyss: section 35 and the equal protection of women in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Chisholm, Gregory D. Sep 22, 2013 16527
The journey from margin to center. Pendola, Diane Aug 2, 2013 961
Women prisoners must be catered for; DAILY POST OUR VIEW. Editorial Jul 16, 2013 294
Govt to launch project for rehabilitation of women prisoners. Jul 8, 2013 543
Brooklyn, NY program rehabilitates mothers convicted of felonies. Shaw, Kate Brief article Jul 1, 2013 250
The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) and the importance of litigation in its enforcement: holding guards who rape accountable. Reid, Elizabeth A. May 1, 2013 5134
Remembering women in jails on Women's Day. Khan, Shehla Aftab Excerpt Jan 1, 2013 583
Behind the Bars: Situation of Imprisoned Mothers in Karachi Jail. Essay Dec 31, 2012 3487
Local geographies of crime and punishment in a plantation colony: gender and incarceration in Barbados, 1878-1928. Green, Cecilia A. Dec 22, 2012 11692
Concord: Four women incarcerated in state prisons are suing the state over what they say is unequal treatment compared with their male counterparts. Brief article Aug 24, 2012 116
Inmate mothers bonding with their children through read-alouds. Potok, Carol Jul 1, 2012 1305
Fatal consequences of El Salvador's absolute abortion ban. Brief article May 1, 2012 269
Seeing Solutions Not Problems: Personal Empowerment in the Fight for the Earth. Lowe, Beck Critical essay May 1, 2012 3343
The real Tenko; extraordinary true stories of women prisoners of the Japanese. (reprint, 2009). Book review Apr 1, 2012 154
Egypt bans virginity tests. Brief article Mar 22, 2012 172
Tapestry: women weaving their way co recovery. Paulucci, Candace; Dominguez, Annette Report Feb 1, 2012 2148
California to free thousands of female inmates with children. Shaw, Kate Brief article Dec 1, 2011 195
Health of women prisoners worldwide is neglected and violates human rights. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 297
Behavioral-change program presents first graduating class. Ferreira, Jeannelle Brief article Oct 1, 2011 161
Rules for radical lawyers: advancing the abortion rights of inmates. Egerman, Mark Sep 22, 2011 22785
The ones left behind: the experiences of young mothers with partners in prison. Reeves, Jane; Heptinstall, Tina Report Aug 1, 2011 3637
African-American grandmothers: does the gender-entrapment theory apply? Essay response to Professor Beth Richie. Weaver, Jessica Dixon Jun 22, 2011 10405
Mother's day like no other - in prison: 'get on the bus' program brings children to incarcerated mothers. Roberts, Tom Jun 10, 2011 1390
Razor wire women; prisoners, activists, scholars, and artists. Book review Jun 1, 2011 201
Chapter three: The Bayview affair: romance behind bars and its consequences. Virella, Kelly May 1, 2011 2913
Situational lesbians & the Daddy Tank: women prisoners negotiating queer identity and space, 1970-1980. Jackson, Jessi Lee Essay Mar 22, 2011 6609
New Spanish practice aims to break the cycle among mothers and children. Feintuch, Sophie Dec 1, 2010 3693
Computer-assisted literacy education serves as intervention for incarcerated women. Gannon, Marcia; Lapham, Michele Report Dec 1, 2010 2637
NIC's women offender initiative: new research in action. Buell, Maureen Dec 1, 2010 1354
Gender-specific programs help women "break the cycle". Combs, Tom Dec 1, 2010 2209
Group art therapy with incarcerated women. Erickson, Bonnie J.; Young, Mark E. Report Oct 1, 2010 6065
Act II: a theater project helps incarcerated women find their voice on stage and a second chance in life. Osborne, Tara Dix Oct 1, 2010 1163
Breaking down the walls: building a case for community-based alternatives to incarceration that better meet the needs of criminalized women. Bernier, Jennifer Report Sep 22, 2010 1839
Rehabilitation programme for women prisoners at Gujarat's Sabarmati Jail. Jul 10, 2010 253
Basing the timeliness of prenatal care in prison populations on the evidence. Williams, Leann E.; Putnam, Janice; Riggs, Jo Report Apr 1, 2010 1560
Conceptualizing and stopping state sexual violence against incarcerated women. VanNatta, Michelle Report Mar 22, 2010 11920
Mission from below: captive women and conversion on the East Roman frontiers. Sterk, Andrea Essay Mar 1, 2010 20970
Women prisoners and health justice; perspectives, issues and advocacy for an international hidden population. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 226
Reintegration of female offenders: perspectives on "what works". Blanchette, Kelley; Taylor, Kelly N. Dec 1, 2009 2933
WE'LL SWAP 19 WOMEN PRISONERS FOR 1 VIDEO OF HOSTAGE; First pic of seized Israeli in 3yrs. Oct 3, 2009 330
Impact of prison on women's health. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 270
Caring for incarcerated women. Buell, Maureen Oct 1, 2009 1894
Improved conditions for women prisoners (Local). Jul 29, 2009 484
Thai princess comes to the aid of female inmates. Hill, Gary Jun 22, 2009 1709
Provision for women offenders in the community. Qelsthorpe, Loraine Report Jun 22, 2009 6188
Some barriers detained migrant women face. Jun 22, 2009 863
Troubled young Women visit female inmates. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Apr 1, 2009 126
Prison nurseries: a pathway to crime-free futures. Carlson, Joseph R., Jr. Mar 22, 2009 6064
Inmate access to elective abortion: social policy, medicine and the law. Thomas, Angela Mar 22, 2009 12690
Parenting education for incarcerated mothers. Kennon, Suzanne S.; Mackintosh, Virginia H.; Myers, Barbara J. Report Mar 1, 2009 7654
Incarcerated women and abortion provision: a survey of correctional health providers. Sufrin, Carolyn B.; Creinin, Mitchell D.; Chang, Judy C. Report Mar 1, 2009 4247
Abortion access for incarcerated women: are correctional health practices in conflict with constitutional standards? Kasdan, Diana Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2009 3179
Writing workshops as alternative literacy education for incarcerated women. Jacobi, Tobi Feb 1, 2009 2342
Prisons try a little tenderness. Hing, Julianne Ong Brief article Jan 1, 2009 83
Partner relationships and HIV risk behaviors among women offenders. Knudsen, Hannah K.; Leukefeld, Carl; Havens, Jennifer R.; Duvall, Jamieson L.; Oser, Carrie B.; Stat Report Dec 1, 2008 8390
Racial differences in HIV/AIDS discussion strategies and sexual risk behaviors among drug-abusing female criminal offenders. Oser, Carrie B.; Havens, Jennifer R.; Mooney, Jennifer L.; Staton-Tindall, Michele; Knudsen, Hannah Report Dec 1, 2008 7986
APHA contributes to prison health ruling. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 188
The substance abuse counseling needs of women in the criminal justice system: a needs assessment approach. Laux, John M.; Dupuy, Paula J.; Moe, Jeffry L.; Cox, Jane A.; Lambert, Eric; Ventura, Lois A.; Willi Report Oct 1, 2008 5723
ACTIONS: Visiting Our Neighbors in Jail. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 189
Indiana is 6th state to allow prison nursery. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Aug 1, 2008 186
Better off in prison. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 328
Better off in prison. Netocny, Heldur Brief article Jul 1, 2008 328
Mother and child reunion: prison can be an unforgiving place, especially for parents who are far away from their loved ones. A program in California lets moms and their kids be a family again. Moore, Teresa May 1, 2008 1647
Criminal recidivism of female offenders: the importance of structured, community-based aftercare. Heilbrun, Kirk; DeMatteo, David; Fretz, Ralph; Erickson, Jacey; Gerardi, Douglas; Halper, Catherine Case study Mar 1, 2008 3487
Court ruling allowing women prisoners in Missouri to obtain timely, safe, and legal abortion care. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Mar 1, 2008 95
Ms. Captivity. Trounstine, Jean Essay Mar 1, 2008 2035
During 2006, the number of women in prison increased by 4.5 percent, reaching 112,498. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Jan 1, 2008 160
Supporting mothers in prison. Brief article Dec 22, 2007 203
Addressing the specific health care needs of female adolescents. Staples-Horne, Michelle Oct 1, 2007 2529
Elizabeth Fry, Manitoba justice reach agreement. Sep 22, 2007 452
"L'experience de l'enfermement carceral des femmes autochtones au Quebec.". Brassard, Renee Brief article Sep 22, 2007 92
Women in prison with alcohol problems: why gender-responsive policies matter. Mendoza, Martha Romero Sep 22, 2007 4140
Kasserian ingera. Byrd, Mary V. Leftridge Aug 1, 2007 1145
Training staff who supervise female offenders. Brooks, Tonya M. Aug 1, 2007 894
Gender-responsive programs: addressing the needs of female offenders. Livers, Mary L.; Hiers, Tomi Aug 1, 2007 2235
Identifying and treating mental illness: one jail system's story. Blum, Jeff Aug 1, 2007 2054
Washington state's effort to reduce the generational impact on crime. Rowland, Melissa; Watts, Alice Aug 1, 2007 2518
Women who are victims of domestic violence: supervision strategies for community corrections professionals. Neal, Connie Aug 1, 2007 3435
From needles and thread to legislative mandates: New Hampshire addresses the needs of women in custody. Moses, Marilyn C.; Kirschbaum, Ellen Aug 1, 2007 2901
A new paradigm: stage-based change in work release programs for women. Dickow, Alice; Robinson, Lorraine; Copeland, Kristina Report Aug 1, 2007 2836
Developing correctional facilities for female juvenile offenders: design and programmatic considerations. Zavlek, Shelley; Maniglia, Rebecca Report Aug 1, 2007 5165
A woman-centered approach for female offenders in New Mexico. Carr, Helen Aug 1, 2007 2241
One hundred to one: odds are that female inmates are not so bad after all. Travis, Marsha Aug 1, 2007 2578
New classification instruments for female offenders. Van Voorhis, Patricia; Salisbury, Emily; Wright, Emily; Bauman, Ashley Aug 1, 2007 1249
As of June 30, 2005, the U.S. states with the highest rates of incarceration of women were Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Idaho, Georgia and Wyoming. Leone, Lisa Brief article Jul 1, 2007 222
Female inmates in Afghanistan, part I. Hill, Gary Jul 1, 2007 2588
Perspective. Bell, Carl C. Column Jul 1, 2007 360
Helping female inmates heal from the inside. Mahoney, Diana Jul 1, 2007 1269
Art Education in Women's Prisons: Lessons from the Inside. Lacey, Candace H. Author abstract Apr 9, 2007 169
Maine's female offenders are reentering--and succeeding. Fortuin, Betty Apr 1, 2007 2381
When I was in prison you came to my cell. LoGrasso, Beverly Anne Mar 23, 2007 1315
The detention, confinement, and incarceration of pregnant women for the benefit of fetal health. Cherry, April L. Jan 1, 2007 20963
Women in jail receptive to substance abuse treatment. Jan 1, 2007 340
"They'd all love me dead ...": the investigation, inquest, and implications of the death of Annie Kelly. Scraton, Phil Report Dec 22, 2006 8747
Babies are pampered in prison. Leone, Lisa Dec 1, 2006 332
The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice: raising the voices of girls. Alford, Susan Dec 1, 2006 2852
'And not destroyed by the destruction of the body': documenting incarceration: Joya Mitra's Killing Days. Mukherjee, Tutun Critical essay Nov 1, 2006 8554
Who's in your jail? Brief article Sep 1, 2006 213
RADIUS program for girls in Minnesota offers a gender-specific model. Goodenough-Gordon, Katya Aug 1, 2006 1472
Arizona women trapped by meth. Leone, Lisa Brief article Jul 1, 2006 168
Speaking truth to power: women in prison. Kerness, Bonnie Speech Jun 22, 2006 2393
Fears over condition of women prisoners. Apr 11, 2006 151
Transformation de la philosophie et de la gestion penales das femmes justiciables au Canada: Trois cas de figure. Moffat, Sandra Author abstract Mar 22, 2006 148
"If you have come here to help me ...": why women are in Canadian prisons. Pate, Kim Mar 1, 2006 1525
Prison conditions lead to human rights complaint. Perry, Meagan Jan 1, 2006 496
Drug treatment and reentry for incarcerated women. Wells, Doris; Bright, Laurie Dec 1, 2005 1624
Missouri Prison Officials Transport Inmate for Abortion. Nov 1, 2005 497
Is there an evidence base supportive of women-centered programming in corrections? Porporino, Frank J.; Fabiano, Elizabeth Oct 1, 2005 2058
ACA & women working in corrections. Morton, Joann Brown Oct 1, 2005 2577
A spiritual release for ex-offenders. Berggren, Kris Sep 16, 2005 597
Meeting the distinct needs of girls: progressive, gender-specific design for girls' detention. Morton, Barbara; Glynn, Leslie Aug 1, 2005 1705
Gonzales v. Martinez. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 136
Merrriweather v. Marion County Sheriff. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 184
Atkins v. County of Orange. Aug 1, 2005 341
Esmont v. City of New York. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 237
K.M. v. Alabama Dept. of Youth Services. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 218
Esmont v. City of New York. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 239
Violence as a routine feature of prison life for women: a qualitative assessment. McGuire, Dyan Jul 1, 2005 7602
Employment issues of women in jail. Alemagno, Sonia; Dickie, Jill Jun 1, 2005 3488
Hart v. Sheahan. Brief Article May 1, 2005 163
Hart v. Sheahan. Brief Article May 1, 2005 161
Hart v. Sheahan. Brief Article May 1, 2005 163
A tragedy of lives: women in prison in Zimbabwe. Mwondela, Chilombo Mar 1, 2005 585
Women in their 30s are the most likely to experience adverse birth outcomes if jailed during pregnancy. Hollander, D. Mar 1, 2005 1050
Bolton v. U.S. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 157
Bolton v. U.S. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 160
Bolton v. U.S. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 160
Everson v. Michigan Dept. of Corrections. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 160
Mills v. City of Barbourville. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 162
Delegation hears stories, needs of women inmates. Hidalgo, Ellie Jan 21, 2005 529
Ex-prisoner Pomo woman speaks out. Ogden, Stormy Dec 22, 2004 2802
Court intervention ends for D.C. DOC. St. Gerard, Vanessa Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 307
Incarcerated women experience mental decline. Frieden, Joyce Dec 1, 2004 577
I Want to Go Back to Jail. Olcott, Lynn Dec 1, 2004 1863
Greene v. Bowles. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 147
Warden draws on personal experiences in work with female inmates. Comey, Philip Oct 1, 2004 833
Hammond v. Gordon County. Aug 1, 2004 363
Kingsland v. City of Miami. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 105
Hammond v. Gordon County. Aug 1, 2004 363
Victoria W. v. Larpenter. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 91
Hammond v. Gordon County. Aug 1, 2004 361
Mentors for youths with incarcerated moms. St. Gerard, Vanessa Jul 1, 2004 212
More than just words: women's poetry and resistance at cook county jail. Stanford, Ann Folwell Jun 22, 2004 9999
Parental rights of incarcerated mothers with children in foster care: a policy vacuum. Halperin, Ronnie; Harris, Jennifer L. Jun 22, 2004 4959
Do prisoners have abortion rights? Roth, Rachel Jun 22, 2004 11544
"Undesirable relations": same-sex relationships and the meaning of sexual desire at a women's reformatory during the Progressive Era. Potter, Sarah Jun 22, 2004 8478
Pregnant women inmates: evaluating their rights and identifying opportunities for improvements in their treatment. Parker, Kelly Jun 22, 2004 18404
Balancing gender equity for women prisoners. Labelle, Deborah; Kubiak, Sheryl Pimlott Jun 22, 2004 3878
Women in prison and work. Buck, Marilyn Jun 22, 2004 1519
Prison narratives, narrative prisons: incarcerated women reading Gayl Jones's "Eva's Man". Sweeney, Megan Jun 22, 2004 11157
The Medea Project: mythic theater for incarcerated women. Warner, Sara L. Jun 22, 2004 11878
News and views. Groves, Sharon Jun 22, 2004 2048
PRO-LIFE NEWS IN BRIEF. May 1, 2004 1420
Female offenders. May 1, 2004 1513
Female offenders--table 1: population/offenses. Illustration May 1, 2004 1300
Female offenders--table 2: classifications/housing. Illustration May 1, 2004 1112
Female offenders--table 3: occurences. Illustration May 1, 2004 1051
Female offenders--table 4: programs. Illustration May 1, 2004 1488
Female offenders--table 5: visitations. May 1, 2004 1832
Female offers--table 6: health care and pregnancy. Illustration May 1, 2004 1324
Abuse must be barred. Brief Article Mar 22, 2004 141
Supporting incarcerated women. Edwards, Alice Mar 22, 2004 1572
A guarded birth. Edwards, Alice Mar 22, 2004 825
Life sentences: women, prison and the invisible health crisis. Thayer, Leah Jan 1, 2004 3005
De'Lonta v. Angelone. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 125
De'Lonta v. Angelone. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 131
Sexual misconduct in women's facilities: the current climate. Coolman, Alex Oct 1, 2003 2522
Kathy Boudin's time. Editorial Sep 15, 2003 469
Laube v. Campbell. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 139
Laube v. Campbell. Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 143
Teaching inmates the art of motherhood. St. Gerard, Vanessa Jul 1, 2003 745
'Accept Jesus,' Gov. Jeb Bush tells Fla. inmates. (Around The States). Jun 1, 2003 363
Alternative sentencing necessary for female inmates with children. Crawford, Jackie Jun 1, 2003 2090
Women Empowered for Change: a model program for modified therapeutic communities. Hull, Cynthia N.; Manning, David L. Jun 1, 2003 2420
Developing programming for the severely behaviorally disordered female offender. Cahill-Masching, Lynn; Ray, Amy Jun 1, 2003 3132
Capitalizing on the differences: Pennsylvania's response to challenging female offenders. Doebler, Barbara; Patton, David Jun 1, 2003 2478
Helping female inmates cope with grief and loss. Young, Victoria, Jr. Jun 1, 2003 3303
Barely legal. (Feedback). May 1, 2003 871
Laube v. Haley. Brief Article May 1, 2003 148
Laube v. Haley. Brief Article May 1, 2003 152
Women offenders need new strategy, Auditor General reports. (General). Apr 14, 2003 361
Inmate serving life sentence for murder added to Nebraska liver transplant waiting list. Feb 14, 2003 375
Ortiz v. Voinovich. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 248
Trial-awaiting women prisoners: forgotten and neglected. Tibinyane, Natasha Jan 1, 2003 1267
Mothering behind bars. (Stateline). Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 122
et cetera ... Astor, Dave Brief Article Nov 11, 2002 144
Among women in jail, whites are at the greatest risk of acquiring HIV. (Digests). Rosenberg, J. Nov 1, 2002 745
Appalling treatment of pregnant women in North Korean prisons reported. Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 89
Female prisoners. Nov 1, 2002 468
Medical care. Nov 1, 2002 1896
The increase in incarcerations among women and its impact on the grandmother caregiver: some racial considerations. Ruiz, Dorothy S. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2002 6126
Prisons are the looking-glass of society: The struggle toward dignity for women. Hansen, Ann Sep 1, 2002 2622
The road to recovery: a gender-responsive program for convicted DUI 'females. (Feature). Sideman, Lawrence M.; Kirschbaum, Ellen Aug 1, 2002 2603
License to kill: men and women, crime and punishment. (Columns). Young, Cathy Jul 1, 2002 1225
North Korean Refugees Face Forced Abortion and Infanticide. Townsend, Liz Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 613
Osteoporosis prevention for women in a community correctional facility. Huff, Marlene; Sadler, Cheryl S. Jul 1, 2002 4215
Nepal legalizes abortion. (Nellie Grams). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 141
Coming to the aid of women in U.S. prisons. McClellan, Dorothy S. Jun 1, 2002 4795
Focus on women in prison. Kilroy, Debbie May 1, 2002 3362
Globalisation and criminal injustice. Fletcher, Karen May 1, 2002 2650
Tales of a private women's prison: writ in women's lives. George, Amanda May 1, 2002 3815
Women and drugs: destruction by incarceration. Pereira, Margaret Brief Article May 1, 2002 4412
A perspective on long term imprisonment. Wiggington, Tracey May 1, 2002 1343
The risky business of risk assessment. Pate, Kim May 1, 2002 10991

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