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Musical 'Fun Home' explores queer identity, family issues. Aug 17, 2020 731
Book review: Friendships carry on in 'It's Not All Downhill'. Lincee Ray Associated Press Apr 3, 2020 277
coleg llandrillo. Apr 2, 2020 178
Robert Louis Stevenson and the Marriage Debate: 'The Enchantress' in Context. Wanggren, Lena Mar 22, 2020 8398
Subaltern Women: Shadows of the Other in In Other Rooms Other Wonders. Almas, Neelum; Akhtar, Amer Critical essay Dec 31, 2019 6097
The Munro Woman: History as We Read It in the Stories of a Nobel Laureate. Fulford, Robert Critical essay Dec 22, 2019 2104
Poisoned Honey The Myth of Women in Espionage. Wheelwright, Julie Essay Dec 22, 2019 5674
Women of Science Fiction and Fantasy Television: 400 Characters, 1950s to 2016. Book review Dec 1, 2019 108
Pakistani poetess Parveen Shakir remembered by Google Doodle. Nov 24, 2019 381
Webnovel launches P10-million awards program. Nov 16, 2019 331
BOOK OF THE WEEK. Nov 9, 2019 138
Pursuit by Joyce Carol Oates; BOOKCLUB; Do you have a book review or would you like me to review a book you've enjoyed? Please get in touch at or tweet @NicolawordSmith. WITH NICOLA SMITH Nov 9, 2019 171
LATEST RELEASES. Nov 9, 2019 404
NEW FICTION. Nov 9, 2019 216
LATEST TITLES. Nov 5, 2019 295
BOOK OF THE WEEK. Nov 5, 2019 138
LATEST TITLES. Nov 3, 2019 295
LATEST TITLES. Nov 2, 2019 294
LATEST TITLES. Nov 2, 2019 288
LATEST TITLES. Nov 2, 2019 374
LATEST TITLES. Nov 2, 2019 295
LATEST TITLES. Nov 2, 2019 295
LATEST TITLES. Nov 2, 2019 295
Unveiling Desire: Fallen Women in Literature, Culture, and Films of the East. Book review Nov 1, 2019 155
Speakers criticise depiction of women in contemporary television. Asma Kundi Sep 30, 2019 680
Translating Women's Stories out of Oblivion. Robertson, Aaron Sep 22, 2019 743
Sexual Justice: Thinking with Shakespeare. Yachnin, Paul Essay Sep 22, 2019 3325
"We neither are of the past nor of the future" (1): Analyzing the Two Opposing Aspects of a Female Character Through Four Modern Works of Persian Fiction. Karami, Ronak Aug 1, 2019 7335
Women's Space: Essays on Female Characters in the 21st Century Science Fiction Western. Book review Aug 1, 2019 141
Conceptual Metaphors for Women in Literary Canvas: A Study of Hamid's Moth Smoke. Ijaz, Tehreem; Yousaf, Muhammad Critical essay Jun 30, 2019 8992
Four Young Adult Fantasy Novels with Empowering Female Protagonists. Cooke, Sarah Book review Jun 1, 2019 1838
Sigourney Weaver marks 'Alien' anniversary: 'I thought it was a small movie'. May 24, 2019 355
Kram, Grayslake N. author another win. May 9, 2019 627
Up & Coming. Mar 6, 2019 1009
"All I See is through His Gaze!" Female Characters through a Male Gaze in Modern Persian Fiction. Karami, Ronak Jan 1, 2019 6285
Egyptian Cultural Week in Oujda comes to an end. Dec 5, 2018 247
Manto and women. Dec 1, 2018 1570
The Staunch Book Prize: Feminist Initiative or Not? Clark, Janet Critical essay Nov 1, 2018 1789
Medieval Studies. Critical essay Sep 22, 2018 550
Afecto transgeneracional y (auto)aceptacion en terminos culturales en dos relatos transcanadienses. Martin-Lucas, Belen Critical essay Jun 1, 2018 7996
Considering the Triangular Masculine Controlling Gaze: Gendered Authorial Intent in Norman Lindsay's The Cousin from Fiji and Dust or Polish? Taylor, Megan Mooney Critical essay May 1, 2018 3923
Feminism, Dialogism and the (In)Definable Woman in Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth. Elaman-Garner, Sevinc Critical essay Mar 10, 2018 7621
The Dalit of all Dalits: An Insight into the Condition of Women as Portrayed in Dalit Literature. Mukherjee, Marjana; Banerjee, Joydeep Critical essay Mar 1, 2018 6337
Polly, Nancy, and Torchy Crack the Case: Those Relentless Women Reporters. Davis, J. Madison Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 1944
Anne of Cleves in Book and Manuscript. Schutte, Valerie Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 10405
Another Woman Reader of John Gower's Confessio Amantis: Jacquetta of Luxembourg and Cambridge, Pembroke College MS 307. Watson, Sarah Wilma Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 4501
Rereading Aunt Jane. Clausen, Christopher Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 2601
Seven: Dutch Caribbean Women's Literary Thought: Activism through Linguistic and Cosmopolitan Multiplicity. Cornet, Florencia, V. Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 635
The Actress and Beauvoir: Shining a spotlight on Regina in All Men are Mortal. Morrison, Joanna Critical essay Nov 1, 2017 7913
The Pandareids and Pandora: Defining Penelope's Subjectivity in the Odyssey. Lesser, Rachel H. Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 13820
Mimetic Desire and Abjection: The Social Construction of Woman in Winterson's The Passion and McBride's A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing. Walsh, Pete Critical essay May 1, 2017 7709
'Being Made into a Machine': An Extract from Eleanor Dark's Unpublished Novel 'Pilgrimage'. Cooper, Melinda J. Critical essay May 1, 2017 4436
Schoolgirl Sex and Excess: Exploring Narratives of Japanese Girlhood and Compensated Dating in Ruth Ozeki's Novel A Tale for the Time Being. Hausler, Rebecca Critical essay May 1, 2017 6069
Feminist Fables and Alexis Wright's Art of the Fabulous in The Swan Book. Sheridan, Susan Critical essay May 1, 2017 8235
"Enough about whores": sexual characterization in a song of ice and fire. Young, Joseph Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 7488
Flannery O'Connor's Murderous Imagination: Southern Ladyhood in "A Good Man Is Hard to Find". Rea, Robert Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 6037
A "silver bullet ready to drop into her brain": The Crisis of White Motherhood in Flannery O'Connor's "Greenleaf," "The Enduring Chill," and "Everything That Rises Must Converge". Frye, Katie Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 6947
Stronger Alone?: Bridging gaps and reaffirming sisterhood in Sense and Sensibility. Bagno-Simon, Libby Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 8016
Exploration of the maternal semiotic for female subjectivity in Evaristo's the Emperor's Babe. Coskun, Kubra Kangulec Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 5192
Strong and unwavering. Camille, Alice Mar 1, 2017 1286
A Feminist Revolt from Within: Angela Carter's Excessiveness in 'The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman'. Kang, Mengni Critical essay Nov 1, 2016 8855
Taking the Axe to Babylon: Zora Neale Hurston's "Lost" Caroline Stories, Gender, Place, and Power. Jones, Jill C. Critical essay Sep 22, 2016 7503
Medieval Models of Female Friendship in Christine de Pizan's The Book of the City of Ladies and Margery Kempe's The Book of Margery Kempe. Verini, Alexandra Essay Jun 22, 2016 11315
Beyond "Obligatory Camaraderie": Girls' Friendship in Zadie Smith's NW and Jillian and Mariko Tamaki's Skim. Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 9733
Women's Friendships, Feminist Friendships. Gardiner, Judith Kegan Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 7155
Feminisms, collaborations, friendships: a conversation. Nagar, Richa Interview Jun 22, 2016 6932
In uniform code: Catherine Barkley's wartime nursing service in A Farewell to Arms. Huang, Michelle N. Critical essay Jun 1, 2016 9759
Speaking as a Settler Chinese Woman in Aotearoa New Zealand: An "Utterly Charming Picture of Oriental Womanhood". Yee, Grace Critical essay May 1, 2016 10861
Crossing the Boundaries: The Versatility of Women in the Novels of Janette Turner Hospital. Duthie, Fiona Critical essay May 1, 2016 6913
A damned mob of Corinnes: Nathaniel Hawthorne and the daughters of de Stael. Bergland, Renee Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 9220
Lola Ridge and the Literary Soiree. Svoboda, Terese Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 6242
Feminist narratology revisited: dialogizing gendered rhetorics in Alias Grace. Peters, Joan Douglas Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 9048
Alice: The Oldest Story in the World. Day, David (Canadian writer) Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 3873
Birth giving, the body, and the racialized other in Jean Rhys's Voyage in the Dark and Good Morning, Midnight. Kingsley, Erin M. Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 9410
Narratives of the "Not-So-Good Nurse": Rewriting Nursing's Virtue Script. McAllister, Margaret; Brien, Donna Lee Critical essay May 1, 2015 8110
Turning a savage eye/I: writing survival and empowerment in Yvonne Vera's The Stone Virgins. Armstrong, Andrew Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 7453
Revenge and the perfect woman in Dante and Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, with notes on Mo Yan and world literature. Ross, Charles Critical essay Dec 1, 2014 7015
An interview with Hettie Jones. Anderson, Stephanie Interview Sep 22, 2014 4649
The irrepressible Lilith in Angela Carter and Toni Morrison. Alban, Gillian Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 8479
Virgins, wives and whores in the eighteenth century ironic myths. Kantar, Dilek Essay Mar 22, 2014 4443
Men-of-the-world and demimondaines: gender representation and construction in Villiers de l'Isle-Adam. Zoberman, Pierre Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 11774
Virginia Woolf and "The Third Generation". Corbett, Mary Jean Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 12757
"A modest virgin hath no choice": Joanna Baillie's The Bride and the staging of foreclosure. Robbins, John Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 9021
A psychoanalytic perspective of women in the bible. Klyman, Cassandra M. Essay Mar 1, 2014 6595
Pinched lives and stolen dreams in Arab feminist short stories. Quawas, Rula Report Jan 1, 2014 8026
Incorporations: styling women's identity and political oppression in the novels of Herta Muller. Orlich, Alexandra Ileana Essay Jan 1, 2014 3733
Hide and seek: on trail of women writers. Imsir, Sima Begum Essay Jan 1, 2014 5539
Spain as a woman: Arturo Perez-Reverte and his female proposal to subvert the failure of the Spanish nation. Garcia-Precedo, Juan Manuel Report Jan 1, 2014 3913
La femme et ses representations dans les poemes preromantiques roumains. Costandache, Ana-elena Report Jan 1, 2014 3635
Cross-gender communication: a gateway to the 21st century. Dima-Laza, Stancuta Report Jan 1, 2014 7633
The globalization of gender and history in contemporary Serbian women's writing. Petkovic, Vladislava Gordic Report Jan 1, 2014 4533
Jane Austen and the European Union on "an accomplished young woman". Aron, Raluca Report Jan 1, 2014 6194
The Munro Woman: History as We Read It in the Stories of a Nobel Laureate. Fulford, Robert Critical essay Dec 22, 2013 2092
Figuring modernity: four types of women images in Chinese women writing. Du, Lanlan Essay Dec 1, 2013 4703
"Is it unmaidenly?": courtly and carnal language in Hemingway's Across the River and into the Trees. Keener, Andrew S. Essay Sep 22, 2013 6951
The ties that bind: a portrait of the Irish immigrant as a young woman in Colm Toibin's Brooklyn. Savu, Laura Elena Report Jun 22, 2013 8264
Wax, death and crime in Dickens's Great Expectations. Talairach-Vielmas, Laurence Report Jun 22, 2013 3597
Seduction. Mossotti, Travis Poem Mar 22, 2013 165
Models in the construction of female identity in Nigerian postcolonial literature. Oloruntoba-Oju, Omotayo; Oloruntoba-Oju, Taiwo Essay Mar 22, 2013 6397
Troublesome comrades: male chauvinism and revolutionary engagement in Olive Dargan's Call Home the Heart. Elfenbein, Anna Shannon Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 6882
The eyes of the strange: Absalom, Absalom! and domestic modernism. Gradisek, Amanda R. Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 8612
Achebe's work, postcoloniality, and human rights. Njeng, Eric Sipyinyu Report Mar 1, 2013 5953
Freedom from oneself: artistry and the postcolonial woman artist in Nina Bouraoui's La Voyeuse interdite. Kemp, Anna Essay Jan 1, 2013 5754
"You have even been to lady school": Pierre Bourdieu, Lee Smith, and new gender theory for Southern literature. Patterson, Laura Sloan Essay Jan 1, 2013 10691
"Were just what we are, little Manty": racial passing in Robert Penn Warren's Band of Angels. Salyer, Matthew Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 6620
"Too little to count as looking": blackness and the formation of the white feminine in Eudora Welty's The Golden Apples. Schrock, Laura J. Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 8085
Sophie von La Roche's Die Geschichte des Frauleins von Sternheim (1771): conceptualizing female selfhood around 1800. Lehleiter, Christine Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 7927
Discovering Scheherazade: representations of oriental women in the travel writing of nineteenth-century German women. Brisson, Ulrike Essay Jan 1, 2013 8343
Feminist Poetics, in Waves: A Two-Part Column. Greenberg, Arielle Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 4104
From panophilia to phallophobia: sublimation and projection in D. H. Lawrence's St. Mawr. Balbert, Peter Report Jan 1, 2013 11506
"A fantastic, unwholesome little dream": the illusion of reality and sexual politics in H. G. Wells's: The Sea Lady. McLean, Steven Report Jan 1, 2013 5527
The Noirs: Starlet in Satin Dressing Gown. Emanuel, Lynn Collins Sonnet Nov 1, 2012 197
Dead women talking: the transgressive manuscripts of Kate Chopin's "Her Letters" and "Elizabeth Stock's One Story". Sempreora, Margot Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 4914
Climate lived and contested: narratives of Mallee women, drought and climate change. Anderson, Deb Essay May 1, 2012 8081
Sex, death, and motherhood in the Eurozone: contemporary women's writing in German: Critically acclaimed and immensely popular, female authors are invigorating German literature with captivating stories that examine the social dynamics and gender politics which shape European life today. Baer, Hester Critical essay May 1, 2012 4743
The Hot Girl. Moore, Carley Poem May 1, 2012 495
Beyond Bella: rewriting love and the female hero in YA literature. Wika, Courtney Huse Apr 1, 2012 3507
Tough girls don't accept &$%!# from anyone. Hill, Rebecca A. Recommended readings Oct 1, 2011 2016
Chasing Amy: Mephislopheles, the laurence boy, and Louisa May Alcott's punishment of female ambition. Blackford, Holly Report Sep 1, 2011 19001
Carlos Bulosan's the laughter of my father: adding feminist and class perspectives to the "casebook of resistance". Alquizola, Marilyn; Hirabayashi, Lane Ryo Report Sep 1, 2011 12661
Women in early America: recharting hemispheric and Atlantic desire. Harvey, Tamara Essay Jun 1, 2011 7668
Taking possession of the New World: powerful female agency of early-colonial accounts of Peru. Quispe-Agnoli, Rocio Essay Jun 1, 2011 13469
Indigenous Writings from the convent. Leibman, Laura Arnold Jun 1, 2011 1118
Mourning, Melancholia and Melodrama in Contemporary Women's Grief Fiction: Kim Edwards's the Memory Keeper's Daughter. Andermahr, Sonya Critical essay May 1, 2011 8977
From a Desire Not to Do Violence: Encountering the Song of Songs. Klangwisan, Yael Critical essay May 1, 2011 7523
Portraits of the feminine in Sumerian literature. Gadotti, Alhena Report Apr 1, 2011 6936
Pilar and Maria: Hemingway's feminist homage to the "new woman of Spain" in for whom the bell tolls. Guill, Stacey Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 5204
Subjectification of the female body in Ding Ling's "in the summer vacation". Zhu, Yun Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 10370
Maid meets mammal: the 'animalized' body of the cosplay maid character in Japan. Sharp, Luke Report Mar 22, 2011 7329
Glimpses of the new woman in Sidhwa's novels. Zaidi, Najia Report Jan 1, 2011 4538
Lillian B. Horace and the literature of white estrangement: rediscovering an African American intellectual of the Jim Crow era. Watson, Veronica Report Jan 1, 2011 8359
"A consolation under every affliction": marriage, duty, and sentiment in Sarah Scott's The Test of Filial Duty. Thomason, Laura E. Report Sep 22, 2010 9833
Frontier history and domestic fiction: Angle of Repose and 1970s marriage politics. Bascom, Ben Report Sep 22, 2010 8583
Fouke le Fitz Waryn: literary space for real women? Cavell, Emma Critical essay Jul 1, 2010 9420
Nancy Drew's body: the case of the autonomous female sleuth. Woolston, Jennifer Report Mar 22, 2010 5607
Not just fryers of bananas and sweet potatoes: literate and literary women in the nineteenth-century Malay world. Hijjas, Mulaika Critical essay Feb 1, 2010 11163
Unimaginable Things: The Feminist Noir of Natsuo Kirino. Davis, J. Madison Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 2030
Hester and the homo-social order: an uncanny search for subjectivity in D. H. Lawrence's "The Rocking-Horse Winner". Bentley, Greg Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 9686
The other woman: Lydia Glasher and the disruption of English racial identity in George Eliot's Daniel Deronda. Slaugh-Sanford, Kathleen R. Critical essay Dec 22, 2009 8032
Love's ambassador: religion and the politics of marriage in the private memoirs of Sir Kenelm Digby/Love's ambassador: Sir Kenelm Digby'nin ozel anilarinda din ve evlilik politikasi. Coussens, Catherine Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 9094
Women Characters of Alicia Yanez Cossio. Navarro, Consuelo Critical essay Sep 1, 2009 1978
Woman as survivor in oates's rape: A love story. Chatterjee, Srirupa; Neelakantan, Gurumurthy Critical essay Sep 1, 2009 1079
"Everything to Dread from the Dispossessed": Changing Scenes and the End of the Modernist Heroine in Elizabeth Bowen's "Eva Trout". Critical essay May 1, 2009 11070
Reporting from the edge of reality: writing as phantom limb in Goretti Kyomuhendo's fiction. Armstrong, Andrew H. Critical essay May 1, 2009 9121
Rapt. Berry, Eleanor Poem Mar 22, 2009 182
"A little crazy": psychiatric diagnoses of three hemingway women characters. Nolan, Charles J., Jr. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 7220
Eowyn's grief. Johnson, Brent D. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 5226
The education of a witch: Tiffany Aching, Hermione Granger, and gendered magic in Discworld and Potterworld. Croft, Janet Brennan Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 6079
Japanese American internment, national pathology, and intra-racial strife in Hisaye Yamamoto's "The Legend of Miss Sasagawara". Chiu, Monica Critical essay Mar 1, 2009 823
The mother's unnarratable pleasure and the submerged plot of Persuasion. Marsh, Kelly A. Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 10407
Arab women writers. Ashour, Radwa; Berrada, Mohammed; Ghazoul, Ferial J.; Rachid, Amina Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 3732
The making and re-making of Jewish-American literary history. Zierler, Wendy Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 13967
Champion and defender: the other side of the word. McCarthy, Suzanne Report Oct 1, 2008 3322
Reborn, Unwilling. Troubetzkoy, Nikolijne Poem Sep 22, 2008 147
Fair Lady Goldberry, daughter of the River. Basso, Ann McCauley Critical essay Sep 22, 2008 4164
Tennessee Williams' women in a man's world. DiSchiavi, Michael Critical essay Jul 1, 2008 1301
African women, tradition and change in Cheikh Hamidou kane's Ambiguous Adventure and Mariama Ba's So Long a Letter. Ba-Curry, Ginette Critical essay Jul 1, 2008 7641
Letter to Emma Bovary. Fisher-Wirth, Ann Poem Jun 22, 2008 414
A Forgotten Daughter of Bohemia: Gertrude Christian Fosdick's Out of Bohemia and the artists' novel of the 1890s. Campbell, Donna Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 5049
Delinquent Housekeeping: transforming the regulations of keeping house. Wilson, Christine Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 4900
Narrating Chinese m/others: new orientalism in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club. Yu, Su-lin Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 8026
Comic fantasy in Jane Austen's Juvenilia: female roguery and the charms of narcissism. Monteiro, Belisa Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 2287
Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Palmer: the path to female self-determination in Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Anderson, Kathleen; Kidd, Jordan Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 5604
"Married or single?": Catharine Maria Sedgwick on old maids, wives, and marriage. Lubovich, Maglina Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 8413
Introduction to "Adam Floyd". Westman, Lee Ann Elliott Excerpt Jan 1, 2008 4896
Burying the regional mother: Faulkner's road to race through the visual arts. Waid, Candace Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 28904
Deadly words, captive imaginations: women and poetic creation in Jean Froissart's Prison Amoureuse. Findley, Brooke Heidenreich Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 8584
Linda Le's Voix and the crisis of representation: alterity and the vietnamese immigrant writer in france. Barnes, Leslie Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 6399
The pleasures and dangers of storytelling in Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride. McWilliams, Ellen Critical essay May 1, 2007 1130
Timing "I": an investigation of the autofictional "I" in Gail Scott's Heroine. Wunker, Erin Critical essay Mar 1, 2007 7029
Tolkien's females and the defining of power. Enright, Nancy Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 7540
Mary Magdalene as new Custance? "The Woman Cast Adrift" in the Digby Mary Magdalene play (1). Findon, Joanne Critical essay Dec 1, 2006 10178
"Because she's a woman": myth and metafiction in Carol Shields's Unless. Stovel, Nora Foster Critical essay Dec 1, 2006 9884
Women, Westernization and the origins of modern Vietnamese theatre. Wilcox, Wynn Jun 1, 2006 11620
Las musas inquietantes de Cristina Peri Rossi. Problematizacion de la mirada masculina en las artes visuales. Sawan, Parizad Dejbord Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 3188
The hidden laughter of women: an aspect of Pater's sensibility. Coates, John Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 10855
Haywood's re-appropriation of the amatory heroine in Betsy Thoughtless. Hultquist, Aleksondra Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 10683
Ancient or modern, Ancient and Modern: the Victorian hymn and the nineteenth century. Watson, J.R. Jan 1, 2006 8446
We lunch nevertheless among reinvention. Stewart, Christine Critical essay Dec 22, 2005 1572
"We who are not the same" in times that are/not the same. Pennee, Donna Palmateer Jun 1, 2005 1905
The laughing maiden: feminine wisdom in Chretien de Troyes' Le Conte du Graal. Boryslawski, Rafal Character overview Jan 1, 2005 5532
The enigma at the keyboard: Chopin's Mademoiselle Reisz. Davis, Doris Critical essay Dec 22, 2004 6361
The future of western women's history. Riley, Glenda Sep 22, 2004 2746
As they lay dying: or why we should teach, write, and read Eudora Welty instead of, alongside of, because of, as often as William Faulkner. Mark, Rebecca Critical essay Mar 22, 2004 6655
Traffic of women in Germanic literature: the role of the peace pledge in marital exchanges. Jamison, Carol Parrish Jan 1, 2004 10097
Sanctuary, marriage, and the status of women in 1920s America. Tebbetts, Terrell Critical essay Sep 22, 2003 7088
The bookshelf. Bibliography Sep 1, 2003 1450
Globalization, transnationalism, and identity politics in South Asian women's texts. Singh, Jaspal Kaur Jun 22, 2003 9084
Jilted southern women: the defiance of Margaret Cooper and her twentieth-century successors. Collins, Caroline Critical Essay Jun 22, 2003 5114
The battered woman syndrome in Simms's fiction. Shillingsburg, Miriam J. Critical Essay Jun 22, 2003 5329
Gender, sexuality, and politics in Paul Nizan's 'La Conspiration.'(Critical Essay) Kershaw, Angela Critical Essay Jan 1, 2003 9420
Ethnic reproduction and the amniotic deep: Joy Kogawa's Obasan. Tourino, Christina Jan 1, 2003 9229
Triangulated passions: love, self-love, and the other in Thomas Hardy's The Well-Beloved. Deangelis, Rose Dec 22, 2002 9456
Tanzimat donemi Turk romaninda kadin uzerine bir degerlendirme. Burcu, Ebru Dec 1, 2002 8564
Jane's Crown of Thorns: feminism and Christianity in Jane Eyre. Lamonaca, Maria Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 9068
Mahasweta Devi's documentary/fiction as critical antidote: rethinking bonded labour, "women and development" and the sex trade in India. (Research Articles/Rapports De Recherche). McCall, Sophie Critical Essay Sep 22, 2002 8950
Female Complaintes: Laments of Venus, Queens, and City Women in Late Sixteenth-Century France [*]. ORDEN, KATE VAN Sep 22, 2001 19571
Writing and painting under the gaze: Emily Carr's Growing Pains. Pett, Alexandra Sep 22, 2001 7643
Hedda and Bailu: portraits of two "bored" women. He, Chengzhou Sep 22, 2001 7021
Janice Galloway. McGlynn, Mary Critical Essay Jun 22, 2001 14336
"Une femme qui reve n'est pas tout a fait une femme": Lelia en rupture d'identite. ENDER, EVELYNE Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 9676
"Ne m'appelez donc jamais femme auteur": Deconstruction et refus du roman sentimental chez George Sand. LAPORTE, DOMINIQUE Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 3763
Molly Astray: Revisioning Ireland in Brian Friel's Molly Sweeney. MOLONEY, KAREN M. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2000 11737
Rebecca as Desdemona: "a maid that paragons description and wild fame". Nigro, Kathleen Butterly Critical Essay Sep 22, 2000 6195
Le degre zero de l'ecriture naturaliste? La Teuse dans La Faute de l'abbe Mouret. GANTREL, MARTINE Mar 22, 2000 4773
Handsome heroines: women as men in folklore. Book Review Mar 1, 2000 492
Somebody else's foremother: David Haynes and Zora Neale Hurston. English, Daylanme K. Jun 22, 1999 8990
Defiant Muse: Feminist Hebrew Poetry. HESS, TAMAR; HASAN-ROKEM, GALIT; KAUFMAN, SHIRLEY Jun 22, 1999 5830
Trying to prove that the Bible is pro-woman: how some feminists perpetuate patriarchy. Ksarjian, Lena Dec 22, 1998 4427
Women and the book: assessing the visual evidence. Book Review Sep 22, 1998 1070
"Passionate fictions": portraits of female masculinity in The well of loneliness and Stone butch blues. Noble, Jean Dec 22, 1997 10530
Esther: the musical. Book Review Nov 1, 1997 546
Reading the cakes: Delta Wedding and the texts of Southern women's culture. Romines, Ann Critical essay Sep 22, 1997 6355
Writing men reading in Charlotte Lennox's 'The Female Quixote.' Gardiner, Ellen Mar 22, 1996 5228
Rupture, verge, and precipice: precipice, verge, and hurt not. Maso, Carole Mar 22, 1996 6982
And she lived happily ever after. Stone, Kay Mar 22, 1996 4891
Charlotte Ross: profile of the "Norrator." Arnow, Pat Mar 22, 1996 1151
Historicizing the female in 'U.S.A.': re-visions of Dos Passos's trilogy. Casey, Janet Galligani Sep 22, 1995 6605
'The Void Awaits Surely All Them That Weave the Wind': 'Penelope' and 'Sirens' in 'Ulysses.' Stanier, Michael Sep 22, 1995 5357
Re-visions, re-flections, re-creations: epistolarity in novels by contemporary women. Campbell, Elizabeth Sep 22, 1995 7652
You are what you eat: the politics of eating in the novels of Margaret Atwood. Parker, Emma Sep 22, 1995 8600
Revisioning our kumblas: transforming feminist and nationalist agendas in three Caribbean women's texts. Cobham, Rhonda Jan 1, 1993 10513
Women, silence, and history in 'The Chosen Place, The Timeless People.' (Francophone and Anglophone Literature: The Women Writers ) DeLamotte, Eugenia Jan 1, 1993 9414
Pinball, voodoo, and "good primal matter": incarnations of silence in Foucault's Pendulum. Coletti, Theresa Dec 1, 1992 6054

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