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Women in Israel--the true picture (Yediot Achronot daily Newspaper, 10.11.02).

IWN presents the annual compendium of facts on women in Israel: While the report shed some glimmers of light, the most prominent conclusion to emerge is that Israel still has a long way to go before reaching equality.

Women's wages are lower, women are less represented in Parliament and there are more unemployed women than men. The most painful section of the report deals with violence against women, revealing that in 2001, 28 women were murdered--13 of them by their partners.

Positive news that become apparent from the report was that despite discrimination, women still managed to improve their status in the army and in the political arena. Upper management on the other hand still favors men, with only 10% of Executive Director positions being held by women.

Rina Bar-Tal, Chair of the Israel Women's Network remarked that, "Israel is far from realizing the potential of women in Israel and internalizing the principles of equality."
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Publication:Networking for Women
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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