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Women hymn writers and hymn tune composers in the Baptist Hymnal, 1991.

Writer/Composer Hymn Title/Tune

Adams, Sarah F. (1805-1848) "Nearer, My God, to Thee," 458
Adkins, Donna (1940-) "Glorify thy name," GLORIFY THY
 NAME, 249
Akers, Doris (1922-) "Sweet, Sweet Spirit," MANNA, 243
Alexander, Cecil Frances "All Things Bright and Beautiful,"
 (1818-1895) "He is Risen! He is Risen!" 166
 "Jesus Calls Us O'er the Tumult,"
Alford, Janie (1887-1986) "Sound Aloud the Trumpet," 171
Asuncion, Francisca (1927-) "Dear Lord, Lead Me Day by Day,"
 COTTAGE GROVE (arr.), 459
Baker, Margaret "The Whole World is Singing," BAKER,
Ball, Diane (1941-) "In His Time," IN HIS TIME, 53
Barnard, Charlotte A. (1830-1869) BARNARD, 602
Bates, Katherine Lee (1859-1929) "America the Beautiful," 630
Batya, Naomi (1961-) "King of Kings," 234
Baxter, Lydia (1809-1874) "Take the Name of Jesus with You,"
Bevan, Emma F. (1827-1909) "Christ Receiveth Sinful Men," 563
Breck, Carrie E. (1855-1934) "Face to Face with Christ, My
 Savior," 519
Broadwood, Lucy (1858-1929) KINGSFOLD (collected), 120
Brown, Ann (1908-) "Grace, Love, and Peace Abide," 655
Brown-LeDoux, Joanne (1956-) LeDOUX, 548
Buchanan, Annabel M. (1889-1983) LAND OF REST (arr.) 371, 510, 517
Buell, Harriet E. (1834-1910) BINGHAMTON, 555
Burroughs, Esther (1937-) "Lord, Make Our Homes," 511
Byrne, Mary E. (1880-1931) "Be Thou My Vision" (tr.), 60
Cameron, Catherine (1927-) "God, Who Stretched the Spangled
 Heavens," 47
Capell, Evone Wood "Holy Bible, Book of Love," 264
Chaplin, Marian Wood (1914-) "Come, Holy Spirit," CHAPLIN, 239
 "I Have Come from the Darkness,"
Christiansen, Avis B. (1895-) "Blessed Redeemer," 149
Clarkson, E. Margaret (1915-) "Burn in Me, Fire of God," 496
 "So Send I You," 565
Clay, Crystal Davis (1957-) CLAY, 454
Clephane, Elizabeth C. (1830-1869) "Beneath the Cross of Jesus," 291
Clonginger, Claire (1942-) "He Is Lord" (st. 1-3), 178
Coelho, Terrye (1952-) "Father, I Adore You," MARANATHA,
Conty, Sophia (1961-) "King of Kings," 234
Cory, Julia Cady (1882-1963) "We Praise You, O God, Our
 Redeemer," 19
Cox, Frances E. (1812-1897) "Sing Praise to God Who Reigns
 Above," 20
Cropper, Margaret (1886-1980) "Jesus' Hands Were Kind Hands," 477
Crosby, Fanny J. (1820-1915) "All the Way My Savior Leads Me, 62
 "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is
 Mine," 334
 "Close to Thee," 464
 "He Hideth My Soul," 340
 "I Am Thine, O Lord," 290
 "Jesus is Tenderly Calling," 316
 "Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross" 280
 "Lord, Here Am I," 486
 "My Savior First of All," 528
 "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior," 308
 "Praise Him! Praise Him!" 227
 "Redeemed," 531
 "Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim
 It," 544
 "Rescue the Perishing," 559
 "Tell Me the Story of Jesus," 122
 "To God Be the Glory," 4
 "To the Work," 615
Crowell, Grace Noll (1877-1969) "Because I Have Been Given Much,"
Davis, Katherine K. (1892-) "Let All Things Now Living," 640
Davison, Fannie Estelle (1851-1887) "Purer in Heart, O God," 492
Doudney, Sarah (1841-1926) "The Master Hath Come," 497
Duck, Ruth (1947-) "Arise, Your Light is Come," 83
Edgar, Mary S. (1889-) "God, Who Touches Earth with
 Beauty," 500
Edmunds, Lidie H. "My Faith Has Found a Resting
 Place," 412
Elliott, Charlotte (1789-1871) "Just As I Am," 303, 307
Elliott, Emily E. S. (1836-1897) "Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne," 121
English, Tina (1952-) "Everything Was Made by God,"
Faircloth, Alta C. (1911-1983) "Sing Hosannas," MCCARY (arr.), 97
Farjeon, Eleanor (1881-1965) "Morning Has Broken," 48
Gaither, Gloria (1942-) "Because He Lives," 407
 "In the Name of the Lord,"
 "The Family of God," 386
 "The King Is Coming," 194
 "There's Something About That
 Name," 177
Gaultney, Barbara Fowler "My Lord is Near Me All the Time,"
 (1935-1974) FOREST PARK, 59
Gray, Marie ALL DAY LONG (arr.), 463
 I WILL TRUST (arr.), 420
Gurney, Dorothy B. (1858-1932) "O Perfect Love," 512
Hall, Elvina M. (1820-1889) "Jesus Paid It All," 134
Hankey, Katherine (1834-1911) "I Love To Tell the Story," 572
Harkness, Georgia (1891-1974) "Tell It Out with Gladness," 585
Havergal, Frances R. (1836-1879) "I Gave My Life for Thee," 606
 "Like a River Glorious," 58
 "Lord, Speak to Me, that I May
 Speak," 568
 "Take My Life, and Let It Be
 Consecrated," 277, 283
Hawks, Annie S. (1835-1918) "I Need Thee Every Hour," 450
Helvering, Sandi Patti (1956-) "In the Name of the Lord,"
 "There Is a Savior," 536
Hewitt, Eliza E. (1851-1920) "More About Jesus," 600
 "Sunshine in My Soul," 430
 "When We All Get to Heaven," 514
Howe, Julia Ward (1819-1910) "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory,"
Hoyt, May P. "Here, at Your Table, Lord," 368
Huber, Jane Parker (1926-) "Creator God, Creating Still," 51
Hull, Eleanor H. (1860-1935) "Be Thou My Vision" (versified), 60
Hussey, Jennie E. (1874-1958) "Lead Me to Calvary," 490
Johnson, Linda Lee (1947-) "Be Strong in the Lord," 476
 "He is Lord" (st. 1-3), 178
 "The Majesty and Glory of Your
 Name," 37
Johnston, Julia H. (1849-1919) "Grace Greater Than Our Sin," 329
Jones, Reba McKAY (arr.), 578
Klein, Laurie (1950-) "I Love You, Lord," I LOVE YOU,
 LORD, 212
Knapp, Phoebe Palmer (1839-1908) ASSURANCE, 334
Lafferty, Karen (1948-) "Seek Ye First," LAFFERTY, 478
Lathbury, Mary A. (1841-1913) "Break Thou the Bread of Life"
 (st. 1-2), 263
Leech, Lida Shivers (1873-1962) "Trust, Try, and Prove Me," 616
Leeson, Jane E. (1807-1882) "Savior, Teach Me Day by Day," 461
Lemmel, Helen H. (1864-1961) "Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus,"
 LEMMEL, 320
Lloyd, Eva B. (1912-) "Come, All Christians, Be
 Committed," 604
Long, Lela B. "Jesus Is the Sweetest Name I
 Know," LOVELY NAME, 205
Lutttrell, Beth Rice (1934-) "We Meet Within This Holy Place,"
MacDonald, Mary (1789-1872) "Child in the Manger," 105
Martin, Civilla D. (1869-1948) "God Will Take Care of You," 64
Mieir, Audrey (1916-) "His Name is Wonderful," 203
Miller, Rhea F. (1894-1966) "I'd Rather Have Jesus," 550
Mills, Elizabeth (1805-1929) "We'll Work Till Jesus Comes," 608
Moody, May Whittle (1870-1963) WHITTLE, 415
Morris, Lelia Naylor (1862-1929) "Let Jesus Come into Your Heart,"
 "What If It Were Today,"
Noel, Caroline M. (1817-1877) "At the Name of Jesus," 198
Owens, Carol (1931-) "Freely, Freely," FREELY, FREELY,
Owens, Priscilla (1829-1907) "We Have Heard the Joyful Sound,"
 581, 584
Page, Anna Laura (1943-) BUTLER (Arr.), 500
Paris, Twila (1958-) "We Will Glorify," WE WILL GLORIFY,
Parker, Alice (1925-) PARKER, 664
Pollard, Adelaide A. (1862-1934) "Have Thine Own Way, Lord," 294
Post, Marie J. (1919-) "Praise and Thanksgiving" (st.
 2-3), 645
Pounds, Jessie B. (1861-1921) "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth,"
 "The Way of the Cross Leads Home,"
Prentiss, Elizabeth (1818-1878) "More Love to Thee, O Christ," 473
Puckett, Martha (1927-) "Carols Sing," BETHLEHEM SONG, 90
Rambo, Dottie (1934-) "We Shall Behold Him,"
 "Behold the Lamb,"
Reed, Edith M. G. (1885-1933) "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly"
 (tr. and paraphrase), 106
Reno, Delma B. (1916-) "Praise the Lord, the King of
 Glory," 232
Rhodes, Sarah Betts (1829-1904) "God, Who Made the Earth," 50
Rossetti, Christina G. (1830-1894) "Love Came Down at Christmas," 109
 "What Can I Give Him," 610
Russell, Anna Belle (1862-1954) "Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus," 434
Sandell-Berg, Carolina V. "Children of the Heavenly
 Father," 55
 (1832-1903) "Day by Day," 66
Scott, Clara H. (1841-1897) "Open My Eyes, That I May See," 502
Slade, Mary B. C. (1826-1882) "Footsteps of Jesus," 483
Sleeth, Natalie (1930-) "Go Now in Peace," GO NOW IN PEACE,
Smaw, Helen Sims (1935-) "We Worship Round This Table," 373
Smith, Deborah D. (1958-) "Great is the Lord," GREAT IS THE
 LORD, 12
Spaeth, Harriett Krauth (1845-1925 "Lo, How a Rose E're Blooming" (tr.
 st. 3), 78
Spratt, Ann B. (1829-) KEDRON, 270
Stassen, Linda "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord,"
Stead, Louisa M. R. (c.1850-1917) "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus,"
Stephens, Wilhelmina DA. (1889-) "Jesus Was a Loving Teacher," 602
Thomas, Edith Lowell "Praise and Thanksgiving" (tr. st.
 1), 645
Thomson, Mary Ann (1834-1923) "O Zion, Haste," 583
Threlfall, Jennette (1821-1880) "Hosanna, Loud Hosanna," 130
Thrupp, Dorothy A. (1779-1847) "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us,"
Tourjee, Lizzie S. (1858-1913) WELLESLEY, 25
Waring, Anna L. (1823-1910) "In Heavenly Love Abiding," 348
Warner, Anna B. (1820-1915) "Jesus Loves Me," 344
Whitney, Rae E. (1927-) "Christmas Has Its Cradle," 152
 "O What a Wonder It Is," 548
Williams, Clara T. (1858-1937) "Satisfied," 539
Wilson, Emily D. (1865-1942) HEAVEN, 514
Winkworth, Catherine (1827-1878) "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty"
 (tr.), 14
 "If You Will Only Let God Guide
 You" (tr.), 57
 "Lift Up Your Heads" (tr.), 128
 "Now Thank We All Our God" (tr.),

Editorial Note: The following list includes names of the women hymn writers and tune composers whose works were included in the 1991 Baptist Hymnal. The women's names are listed as they appear in the hymnal index. The titles of the hymn texts they wrote are enclosed in quotation marks, and the titles of the tunes they composed are capitalized. The women whose names appear below include many Baptists, but they also represent a wide variety of denominational traditions, including the Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Anglican traditions, and thereby point to the importance of ecumenism in the Baptist tradition. This significant list also demonstrates the historic and continuing influence that women have had on Baptist church music, Baptist worship, and Baptist theology.

William J. Reynolds is retired professor of church music, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.
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