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Women hold one-fifth of all local elected offices.

Although the press has dubbed 1992 the "year of the woman" in politics, local governments did not see significant increases in the number or percentage of women serving as local elected officials in most states. However, the percentage of women local elected officials finally has risen above the 20 percent mark.

These findings are derived from NLC's database of city officials.

In reviewing the statistics of all cities with populations over 10,000, it was found that 20.1 percent of all local elected officials are women.

Today, more than 3,800 women serve as local elected officials. In most states, the trend lines have inched upward during the 1990s. In 1992, the notable increases in the number of women mayors and councilmembers occurred in Virginia (40), Texas (17), Massachusetts (15), and Florida (10).

In eight states, more than 25 percent of the elected officials are women. Seven of the eight states in which women hold more than a quarter of the local elected seats are located in the western U.S. Those states include California (29 percent), Oregon (28.9 percent), Colorado (28.7 percent), Washington state (27.8 percent), Nevada (26.3 percent), Montana (25.7 percent), and Hawaii (25 percent).

The only other state exceeding the 25 percent mark is Connecticut with 26 percent.

For more information about NLC's data services contact the Center for Education and Information Resources at (202) 626-3170.
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Author:McCarty, Kathryn Shane; Azeez, Fatima
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Oct 19, 1992
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