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Women headed for combat.

Conservative "values voters" who grudgingly cast their ballots for George W. Bush most likely provided the margin of victory over John Kerry last November. Yet in terms of actual performance, President Bush has actually flanked his Democratic predecessor to the Left. Mr. Bush is the first president to authorize federal subsidies for embryonic stem-cell experimentation; he is also the first president to endorse homosexual "civil unions." He may also become the president who breaks down the legal barriers against sending American women into combat.

"The United States Army plans to force female soldiers into land combat units, despite current regulations and a law requiring prior notice to Congress," stated a December 9 press release by the Center for Military Readiness, a private think tank. According to Pentagon briefing documents obtained by the group, "some Army leaders believe there might not be enough male soldiers to fill the new 'unit of action' combat brigades. They are therefore making incremental changes in policy that will soon force young unprepared women--many of them mothers--to fight in land combat."
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Title Annotation:Insider Report; sending american women into combat
Publication:The New American
Date:Jan 24, 2005
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