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Women demand their rights. (News Briefs/Solidarity: Peru).

A number of Peruvian organizations are requesting regional and international solidarity to support the Ministerlo de Promocion de la Mujer (PROMUDEH, Ministry for the Promotion of Women), the state agency responsible for guaranteeing women's advancement and gender equity. In light of the government's explicit intentions to eliminate the Ministry, letters supporting the continuance of PROMUDEH are urgently needed.

* For more information, contact CLADEMPeru, e-mail:

The Peruvian women's movement also has written a letter to the Ministry of Health demanding that the Ministry provide the public with clear and understandable scientific information on sexual and reproductive health, as stipulated in numerous international treaties signed by the Peruvian government. The letter also expressed a number of concerns regarding changes to the family planning services, including the practice of charging for contraceptive methods and delays in the provision of emergency contraception, despite the Ministry's recognition of this method's efficiency in preventing unwanted pregnancy. The letter also criticized the Ministry for sowing doubts regarding the use of manual vacuum aspiration, a safe technique for the treatment of induced abortions.

This letter of protest was signed by numerous activists as well as representatives of Centro de la Mujer Peruana "Flora Tristan"; Estudio para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer, DEMUS; Movimiento Manuela Ramos; Farmage/Apprende; CIES; Instituto de Educacion y Salud, AIS; Asociacion Grupo de Trabajo Redes; Red SIDA Peru; APRODEH; Asociacion Peruana de Derecho Sanitaria; Red Nacional de Promocion de la Mujer; Movimiento Amplia de Mujeres; Movimiento Amplio de Mujeres-Linea Fundacional; CAAAP; Impulsor Nacional Mujeres por la Igualdad Real.
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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