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Women and Their Fathers.

"Daddy." The word evokes celluoid images of ideal paternity. Spencer Tracy, in "Father of the Bride," sadly watching his newly married daughter drive away, murmuring, "didn't have a chance to say goodbye." Frederic March, in "The Best Years of Our Lives," wisely counseling his daughter about her star-crossed love affair. Ben Kingsley in "Silas Marner," single-handedly and against all odds devoting his life to his adored little girl.

"Dad" is what most sons call their fathers; "Daddy" is the term of endearment -- even homage -- of daughters. Says the psychiarist Frank Pittman, "When it comes to little girls, God the father has nothing on father, the god. It's an awesome responsibility.

"Many of the women I interviewed could cite isolated moments when their fathers came through in crises, making them sound awesome indeed ..."

"Idealizing Daddy is grand when you're five; it's crippling when you're twenty-five or thirty-five ... if you still believe in Daddy's miracles, you may not believe that you can make your own dreams come true ... you may not even be able to formulate them without his guidance."
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Date:Jun 22, 1992
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