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Articles from Women and Language (September 22, 2002)

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A female teacher and sexual harassment in a Japanese women's junior college: a case study *. Akita, Kimiko Report 5538
Adolescence: "Gender differences in adolescents' behavior during conflict resolution tasks with best friends.". Black, K.A. Brief article 125
Animal Equality: Language and Liberation. Gunn, Elizabeth M. 1334
Anthropological Quarterly: "Girls with guns: narrating the experience of war of FRELIMO's 'female detachment'.". West, H.G. Brief article 130
Asian Journal of Women's Studies: Perceptions of Gender Inequality at Work in Hong Kong. Yue, Ngo Hang Brief article 132
Asian Journal of Women's Studies: Recounting "History": Documentary as Women's Cinema. So-Young, Nam Brief article 193
Bonded by language: Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body. Finney, Brian Critical essay 8504
British Journal of Educational Technology: "Matching/mismatching revisited: An empirical study of learning and teaching styles.". Ford, N.; Chen, S.Y. Brief article 188
British Journal of Sociology: "Compromising positions: Emergent neo-Fordisms and embedded gender contracts.". Gottfried, H. Brief article 133
Child Study Journal: "Dyad gender and friendship differences in shared goals for mutual participation on a collaborative task.". Strough, J.; Cheng, S. Brief article 162
Citizenship Studies: "Digital restructuring: Gender, class and citizenship in the information society in Canada.". Crow, B.; Longford, G. Brief article 190
Communicating gender agency and structuration in the organizing of the Spiritual Baptist Church in Barbados. Report 195
Cross Cultural Management: "Personal characters, decision-making patterns and leadership styles of female managers: A comparative study of American, Taiwanese, and Japanese female managers.". Wu, Wann-Yih; Lin, Chinho; Lee, Li-yeuh Brief article 235
Educational Studies: "Beyond exam results? Differences in the social and psychological perceptions of young males and females at school.". Chaplain, R.P. Brief article 169
Feminism & Psychology: "Maintaining power: male constructions of 'feminists' and 'feminist values'.". Riley, S. Brief article 170
Feminism & Psychology: "The social construction of rape in the talk of a convicted rapist.". Lea, S.; Auburn, T. Brief article 142
Gender and Education: "The other side of the gender gap.". Warrington, M.; Younger, M. Brief article 168
Gender, Technology and Development: "Khasi Women and matriliny: transformations in gender relations.". Nongbri, T. Brief article 172
Human Communication Research: "Women and Men in Language: An Analysis of Semi-naturalistic Person Descriptions.". Weatherall, Ann Brief article 139
Journal of Drug Issues: "Gender differences in how intimate partners influence drug treatment motivation.". Reihman, K.S.; Hser, Y.I.; Zeller, M. Brief article 156
Journal of Experimental Education: "Effects of gender and collaboration on college students' performance on a Piagetian spatial task.". Goldbeck, S.L.; Sinagra, K. Brief article 154
Journal of Further and Higher Education: "Gender and the use of sexually degrading language.". Murnen, S.K. Brief article 231
Journal of Further and Higher Education: "Keeping all the balls in the air: Further education and the masculine/managerial subject.". Kerfoot, D.; Whitehead, S. Brief article 145
Journal of Further and Higher Education: "Managing further education: Is it still men's work too?". Deem, R.; Ozga, J.T.; Prichard, C. Brief article 203
Journal of Further and Higher Education: "Managing to lead: Women managers in the further education sector.". Shain, F. Brief article 135
Journal of Further and Higher Education: "Part three: Women, feminists and ethical dilemmas in further education. Is it possible to be a feminist manager in the 'real world' of further education?". Hughes, C. Brief article 147
Journal of Further and Higher Education: "Part two: Contested spaces--women in further education management: men, women and changing managements of further education.". Cole, P. Brief article 159
Journal of Lesbian Studies: And Still, the Lesbian Threat: or, How to Keep a Good Woman a Woman. Grant, Ali Brief article 140
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: "Direct and moderating effects of community context on the psychological well-being of African American women.". Cutrona, C.A.; Russell, D.W.; Hessling, R.M.; Adarna Brown, P.; Murry, V. Brief article 151
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: "The functions of aggression by male teenagers.". Hilton, N.Z.; Harris, G.T.; Rice, M.E. Brief article 150
Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology: "Gender differences in coping: a comparison of trait and momentary assessments.". Porter, L.S.; Marco, C.A.; Schwartz, J.E.; Neale, J.M.; Shiffman, S.; Stone, A.A. Brief article 221
Liberte, egalite, sororite: a new linguistic order in France? Garff, Marie-Marthe Gervais-le 6050
Psychology of Women Quarterly: "What do feminists believe?". Liss, M.; Hoffner, C.; Crawford, M. Brief article 180
Qualitative Sociology: "Being the 'go-to guy': Fatherhood, masculinity, and the organization of work in silicon valley.". Cooper, M. Brief article 124
Quarterly Journal of Speech: "Generic he in Conversation?". Singer, Jeffrey L.; Hopper, Robert Brief article 148
Quarterly Journal of Speech: "In the Names of Chinese Women.". Lee, Wen Shu Essay 109
Sex Roles: "A replication after twenty years. Attitudes toward women's roles in society.". Loo, Robert; Thorpe, Karran Brief article 145
Sex Roles: "Assessing the current validity of the Bem Sex Role Inventory.". Holt, Cheryl L.; Ellis, Jon B. Brief article 147
Sex Roles: "Gender advertisements in magazines aimed at African Americans: a comparison to their occurrence in magazines aimed at Caucasians.". McLaughlin, Tara L.; Goulet, Nicole Brief article 155
Sex Roles: "Gender differences in emotional language in children's picture books.". Tepper, Clary A.; Cassidy, Kimberly Wright Brief article 148
Sex Roles: "Gender differences in family stories: moderating influence of parent gender role and child gender.". Fiese, B.H.; Skillman, G. Brief article 266
Sex Roles: "Gender-emotion stereotypes are context specific.". Kelly, Janice R.; Hustson-Comeaux, Sarah L. Brief article 175
Sex Roles: "Parent-toddler play with feminine toys: Are all dolls the same?". Caldera, Yvonne M.; Sciaraffa, Mary A. Brief article 203
Sex Roles: "Parents' attitudes and expectations about children's cross-gender behavior.". Sandnabba, Kenneth N.; Ahlberg, Christian Brief article 204
Sex Roles: "Television situation comedies: female body images and verbal reinforcements.". Fouts, Gregory; Burggraf, Kimberley Brief article 184
Sex-role stereotypes in TV programs aimed at the preschool audience: an analysis of Teletubbies and Barney & Friends. Powell, Kimberly A.; Abels, Lori Critical essay 7414
The Color of Rape. Cuklanz, Lisa Book review 1091
Women & Politics: "Filtering the female: Television new coverage of the 1993 Canadian leaders' debates.". Gidengil, E.; Everitt, J. Brief article 139
Women & Politics: GenderStyles in State Legislative Committees: Raising Their Voices in Resolving Conflict. Rosenthal, Cindy Simon Brief article 140
Women's Studies International Forum: "Sitting on the fence: biology, feminism and gender-bending environments.". Birke, L. Brief article 237
Women, Religion and Spirituality--Another Look: Communicating in Community During Women's History Month. 253

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