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Articles from Women and Language (March 22, 2002)

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"'He Said, She Said': Assessing Discrepancies in Husbands' and Wives' Reports on the Division of Household Labor". (Abstracts). Brief Article 207
"'I Changed My Management Styles': The Cross-Gender Transition of Women Headteachers in Mid-Career". (Abstracts). Abstract 131
"'Names Can Never Hurt Me?' The Effects of Surname Use on Perceptions of Married Women". (Abstracts). Abstract 158
"'Red Tips for Hot Lips': Advertising Cigarettes for Young Women in Britain, 1920-70". (Abstracts). Abstract 294
"'There is no Unauthorized Breeding in Jurassic Park': Gender and the Uses of Genetics". (Abstracts). Brief Article 166
"Analyzing Backlash: Feminist Standpoint Theory as Analytical Tool". (Abstracts). Abstract 139
"Anti-Feminist as Media Celebrities". (Abstracts). Brief Article 138
"Any Difference? An Analysis of Gender and Divisional Management Styles in a Large Airline". (Abstracts). Abstract 226
"Badgering or Bantering? Gender Differences in Experience of, and Reactions to, Sexual Harassment Among U.S. High School Students". (Abstracts). Brief Article 179
"Definitional Research on African American Students and Sexual Harassment". (Abstracts). Abstract 124
"Definitions of Gender and Sex: The Subtleties of Meaning". (Abstracts). Brief Article 224
"Do Boy Have to be Boys? Gender, Narrativity, and the John/Joan Case". (Abstracts). Brief Article 144
"Effects of Pronoun Type and Gender Role Consistency on Children's Recall and Interpretation of Stories". (Abstracts). Brief Article 177
"Exploring the Impact of Gender Role Self-Perception on Communication Style". (Abstracts). Brief Article 160
"Feminism, Postmodernism, and the Politics of Representation". (Abstracts). Abstract 238
"From the Woman Question in Technology to the Technology Question in Feminism: Rethinking Gender Equality in IT Education". (Abstracts). Brief Article 252
"Gender differences in Rape Reporting". (Abstracts). Abstract 137
"Gender Equality in the Public Mind". (Abstracts). Brief Article 202
"Gender in Language and Life: A Dutch American Example". (Abstracts). Abstract 139
"How Movements Win: Gendered Opportunity Structures and U.S. Women's Suffrage Movements, 1966 to 1919". (Abstracts). Brief Article 123
"In the Valley of the Sweet Mother: Gendered Metaphors, Domestic Lives and Reproduction Under a Brazilian State Mining Company". (Abstracts). Abstract 201
"Is it Radical? Women's Right to Keep Their Own Surnames After Marriage". (Abstracts). Abstract 174
"Laughing When it Hurts: Humor and Violence in the Lives of Costa Rican Prostitutes". (Abstracts). Abstract 169
"Male Teachers in Feminised Teaching Areas: Marching to the Beat of the Men's Movement Drums"? (Abstracts). Brief Article 196
"Reconstructing Gender at University: Men as Victims". (Abstracts). Brief Article 175
"Researching Language and Gender: A Critical Review". (Abstracts). Abstract 126
"Sexual Harassment and the Communication Conundrum". (Abstracts). Abstract 134
"Sexual Harassment: A Preliminary Analysis of its Effects on Hong Kong Chinese Women in the Workplace and Academia". (Abstracts). Abstract 183
"Sexual Violence in Pornography: How Prevalent is it". (Abstracts). Abstract 180
"Student Evaluation of College Professors: Identifying Sources of Bias". (Abstracts). Brief Article 188
"The Different Voices of Helping: Gender Differences in Recounting Dilemmas". (Abstracts). Abstract 138
"The Discursive Framing of Sexual Harassment in a University Community". (Abstracts). Brief Article 166
"The Impact of Cooperating Teachers' Task Statements on Student Teachers' Pedagogical Behaviors". (Abstracts). Brief Article 210
"The Past is a Foreigners' Country: Goddess Feminists, Archaeologists and the Appropriation of Prehistory". (Abstracts). Brief Article 151
"The Story of Bedouin-Arab Women in a Polygamous Marriage". (Abstracts). Abstract 136
"Tracing the Legacy of Anita Hill: The Thomas/Hill Hearings and Media Coverage of Sexual Harassment". (Abstracts). Brief Article 157
"Two Man and Not Enough: The Meanings of Bisexual Identities". (Abstracts). Brief Article 150
"What is a Feminist? Evaluations and Stereotypes in Closed- and Open-ended Responses". (Abstracts). Abstract 163
"Why is Virginia Slim? Women and Cigarette Advertising". (Abstracts). Brief Article 134
Feminist Movements in a Globalizing World: German and American Perspectives. Sandole-Staroste, Ingrid Book Review 755
Feminist visions of transformation in The Ballad of Little Jo, The Piano, and Orlando. Natharius, David; Dobkin, Bethami A. Critical Essay 8451
Hopeful sentences: gender and mourning language in two contemporary narratives. Kanter, Jodi 6738
Language-made paradox: gender preferences in Georgian. Kikvidze, Zaal 2321
Naming practices and gender bias in the Setswana language. Rapoo, Connie K. 2314
News. 556
She designed: deciphering messages targeting women in commercials aired during Ally McBeal. Crouse-Dick, Christine E. 10405
The Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center. Clark, LaVerne Harrell 538
The space between: using Peer Theater to transcend race, class, and gender. Bowers, Venessa A.; Buzzanell, Patrice M. 11071
The Women's Suffrage Movement: A Reference Guide 1866-1928. . Book Review 126

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