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Articles from Women and Language (March 22, 2001)

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"Everything about us is feminist": The significance of ideology in organizational change. (Abstracts). Abstract 104
"Got Breast Milk?" A Pentadic and Feminist Criticism of Breast Feeding Artifacts. (Abstracts). Abstract 210
"Hey, I'm the Coach's Wife, not the Team Mom": Mother's Role in the Little League Family's Ritual Performance of Gender. (Abstracts). Abstract 110
"They Ain't Whistlin' Dixie": A Narrative Analysis of White, Southern Women's Civil War Diaries and Journals. (Abstracts). Abstract 359
A Critical Analysis of the Rhetoric of Child Sexual Abuse. (Books in Brief). Book Review 231
A Re-investigation of Sex-role Stereotyping in MTV Music Videos. (Abstracts). Abstract 163
Achievement, gender and the single-sex/coed debate. (Abstracts). Abstract 126
Acknowledging the Female Archetype: Woman Managers' Narratives of Gender. (Abstracts). Abstract 185
Advertising race/racing advertising: the feminine consumer (-nation), 1876-1900. (Abstracts). Abstract 162
An Encyclopedia Dictionary of Ethics Bias in the United States. (Books in Brief). Book Review 127
Are We "Obsessed with Breasts"? A Narrative and Ideological Criticism of The Breast Cancer Fund Campaign. (Abstracts). Abstract 286
Beyond the "great divide": Women in partisan politics before and after the federal suffrage amendment. (Abstracts). Abstract 126
Blundering for a Change: Errors and Expectations in Critical Pedagogy. (Books in Brief). Book Review 174
But fingerprints don't lie, eh? Prevailing gender ideologies and scientific knowledges. (Abstracts). Abstract 138
Coming Out and Coming In: Divergent Concepts of Community in the GLBT Rights Movement. (Abstracts). Book Review 101
Contemporary arguments against nonsexist language: Blaubergs (1980) revisited. (Abstracts). Abstract 156
Creating a Female Language: Symbolic Transformation Embedded in Nushu. (Abstracts). Abstract 160
Decision-making processes between friends: Speaker and partner gender effects. (Abstracts). Abstract 160
Deconstructing True Womanhood: Three Orators Claim the Morality of African-American Women. (Abstracts). Abstract 143
Defeminizing and Dehumanizing Female Murders: Depictions of Lesbians on Death Row. (Abstracts). Abstract 120
Developing a scale to measure the diversity of feminist attitudes and Measuring feminist attitudes: Just what does it mean to be a feminist? and Measuring feminism and gender role attitudes. (Abstracts). Abstract 215
Dimensions of Male gender role: A confirmatory analysis in men and women. (Abstracts). Abstract 225
Does Alternating Between Masculine and Feminine Pronouns Eliminate Perceived Gender Bias in a Text? (Abstracts). Abstract 161
Does batterer treatment reduce violence? A synthesis of the literature. (Abstracts). Abstract 175
Doesn't Everybody Do It?: Passing As A Privacy Maintenance Technique. (Abstracts). Abstract 121
Domestic Violence and Power Feminist Discourse. (Abstracts). Abstract 206
Fashioning masculinity: men only, consumption and the development of marketing in the 1930s. (Abstracts). Abstract 185
Female empowerment: The influence of women representing women. (Abstracts). Abstract 168
Feminist Contentions in Contemporary Rhetorical Studies: Toward a Postmodern Feminist Rhetoric. (Abstracts). Abstract 209
From Transgression to Transformation: Negotiating the Opportunities and Tensions of Engaged Pedagogy in the Feminist Organizational Communication Classroom. (Abstracts). Abstract 173
Gender and race in a pro-feminist, progressive, mixed-gender, mixed-race organization. (Abstracts). Abstract 160
Gender, expletive use, and context: Male and female expletive use in structured and unstructured conversation among New Zealand university students. Bayard, Donn; Krishnayya, Sateesh Abstract 9343
Girls and schooling: Their own critique. (Abstracts). Abstract 152
Golden Cables of Sympathy: The transatlantic Sources of Nineteenth-Century Feminism. (Book Review). Roberts, Mary Margaret Book Review 760
Hearing women speak: Antoinette Brown Blackwell and the dilemma of authority. (Abstracts). Abstract 152
Heroic Women for a Heroic Age: Wartime Rhetoric in Harriot Stanton Blatch's Mobilizing Woman-Power. (Abstracts). Abstract 171
Hetty Shepard, Dorothy Dudley, and other fictional colonial women I have come to know altogether too well. (Abstracts). Abstract 154
Identity in Transit: Nomads, Cyborgs and Women. (Abstracts). Abstract 160
Immigrant Mothers: Narratives of Race and Maternity. (Books in Brief). Book Review 215
Language, women and cultural problems in China. Shu, Yang 4566
Making Silence Speak: Women's Voices in Greek Literature and Society. (Books in Brief). Book Review 303
Managing rhetorical roles: Elizabeth Hanford Dole from spouse to candidate 1996-1999. Gutgold, Nichola 7496
Marketing masculinity: Gender identity and popular magazines. (Abstracts). Abstract 121
Music, Womankind and Patriarchy: Women Break Music Industry Ideological Myths. (Abstracts). Abstract 140
New directions for the study of gender role attitudes: a cluster analytic investigation of masculinity ideologies. (Abstracts). Abstract 125
Notes from the field: Gender issues in the management curriculum: a survey of student experiences. (Abstracts). Abstract 169
Preceptions of sexual harassment as a function of target's response type and observer's sex. (Abstracts). Abstract 194
Problematizing Four "Gender Equity" Models Across Eight Schooling Issues. (Abstracts). Abstract 176
Public Knowledge, Private Burden: A Neo-Classical Analysis of Contraception Brochures for Young Adults. (Abstracts). Abstract 229
Questioning the notion of feminine leadership: a critical perspective on the gender labeling of leadership. (Abstracts). Abstract 195
Re-covering the Victim: Examining Rhetorics of Powerlessness in Contemporary Feminist Discourse. (Abstracts). Abstract 153
Rethinking Gender Differences in Literacy. (Abstracts). Abstract 117
Sex in Politics: Victoria Woodhull as an American Public Woman, 1870-1876. (Abstracts). Abstract 201
Sexism, Silence, and Solutions: Women Superintendents Speak Up and Out. (Abstracts). Abstract 177
Sexual harassment and assault: Chiling the climate for women in academia. (Abstracts). Abstract 146
Sexual harassment in academia: An experimental study of perceptions of sexual harassment by instructors and undergraduate students. (Abstracts). Abstract 148
Shattering the Glass Ceiling: A Rhetorical Analysis of Madeleine Albright. (Abstracts). Book Review 110
Simone de Beauvoir and subsequent feminist. Controversies surrounding The Second Sex. (Abstracts). Abstract 136
Simone de Beauvoir: a key landmark of a tradition. (Abstracts). Abstract 149
Symbolic traditionalism and pragmatic egalitarianism. Contemporary evangelicals, families, and gender. (Abstracts). Abstract 166
The Desirable Body: Cultural Fetishism and the Erotics of Consumption. (Books in Brief). Book Review 183
The Dialogue Project: Child Sexual Abuse Survivors and Recovering Sex Offenders Speak Together. (Abstracts). Abstract 146
The direct and moderating influences of sexual-harassment pervasiveness, coping strategies, gender on work-related outcomes. (Abstracts). Abstract 144
The epistemology of the gendered organization. (Abstracts). Abstract 134
The Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature. (Books in Brief). Book Review 179
The Gender Factor in Management: How Significant Others Perceive Effectiveness. (Abstracts). Abstract 168
The great feminine models at the beginning of Christianity (1st-4th centuries). (Abstracts). Abstract 123
The influence of gender and organization level on perceptions of leadership behaviors: A self and supervisor comparison. (Abstracts). Abstract 158
The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the 19th century Literary Imagination. (Books in Brief). Book Review 181
The Western Women's Reader: The Remarkable Writings of Women Who Shaped the American West, Spanning 300 Years. (Books in Brief). Book Review 371
To veil or not to veil? A case of identity negotiation among Muslim women in Austin, Texas. (Abstracts). Abstract 184
Trends in gender differences in academic achievement from 1960 to 1964: An analysis of differences in mean, variance, and exteme scores. (Abstracts). Abstract 227
Verbal Imaging of Gender in Television Ads for Kids--Teaching Ideology through Potty Dotty and Electronic Karate Fighters. (Abstracts). Abstract 223
Warning: Welcome to your world baby, gender message enclosed. An analysis of gender messages in birth congratulation cards. Willer, Lynda R. 5315
What Every Woman Should Know: AIDS Pamphlets as Rhetorical Discourse. (Abstracts). Abstract 288
Wimmin, Wimps, & Wallflowers: and Encyclopedia Dictionary of Gender and Sexual Orientation Bias in the United States. (Books in Brief). Book Review 167
Woman an Intimate Geography. (Books in Brief). Book Review 168
Woman at the Podium: Memorable Speeches in History. (Books in Brief). Book Review 167
Woman Citizen, Public Spectacle: Victoria Claflin Woodhull and Woman Suffrage, 1870-1872. (Abstracts). Abstract 164
Women Caught in the Rift: Considerations of the Public/Private in Cases of Domestic Violence. (Abstracts). Abstract 235
Women, men and changing organizations: An organizational culture examination of gendered experiences of telecommuting. (Abstracts). Abstract 121

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