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Articles from Women and Language (September 22, 2000)

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"A woman who Married Three Wives": Management of Disruptive Knowledge in the 1879 Australian Case of Edward De Lacy Evans. Book Review 160
"All They Do Is Bitch Bitch Bitch": Political and Interactional Features of Women's Officetalk. Sotirin, Patty Critical Essay 6695
"The Guerilla Girls' Comic Politics of Subversion". Brief Article 111
"What Is A Feminist?:" Students' Descriptions. Arnold, Lorin Basden Critical Essay 9794
A female Teacher and Sexual Harassment in a Japanese Women's Junior College: A Case Study. Brief Article 106
A Womyn's Wall and its Boundaries: Reflections on the Building of Community. Brief Article 106
An Examination of Violence and Gender Role Portrayals in Video Games: Implications for Gender Socialization and Aggressive Behavior. Book Review 159
And Still, the Lesbian Threat: or, How to Keep A Good Woman a Woman. Brief Article 159
Barriers, Challenges, and Opportunities: A Contextual Look at Feminism in Zimbabwe. Brief Article 262
Classroom Interaction Patterns of Instructors with Students. Brief Article 221
Communicating about Women's Health Fears: An Ethic of Care Analysis of Concerns about Gynecological Exams. Brief Article 236
Communicating Affection within Chinese American Mother-Daughter Relationships: An Analysis of The Joy Luck Club. Brief Article 159
Family Communication, Intergenerational Conflict and Suicide of the Elderly in Japan. Brief Article 148
Gauging the Gender Gap. Brief Article 171
Gender Constancy Judgments in Children with Gender Identity Disorder: Evidence for a Developmental Lag. Brief Article 232
Gender Styles in State Legislative Committees: Raising their Voices in Resolving Conflict. Brief Article 158
Generic he in Conversation? Brief Article 165
Girls Can Do Anything, but ...: How the Language of Teenage Magazines Undermines Gender Equality [*]. Brief Article 252
Good Girls Don't: Managing Illness in Smiley's A Thousand Acres. Book Review 281
Incest and sexual abuse: Emotional violence within the family. Brief Article 249
Influence of Age, Gender and Context on Attitudes Toward Sexist/Nonsexist Language: Is Sport a Special Case? Book Review 159
Is it Radical? Women's Right to Keep Their Own Surnames After Marriage. Brief Article 164
Japanese Feminism: Women Being Mothers to Men. Brief Article 119
Languages of female colonial authority: the educational network of the Ladies Committee of the British and Foreign School Society, 1813-1837. Brief Article 149
Leaving Elsie Dinsmore Behind: "Plucky Girls" as an Alternative Role Model in Classic Girls Literature. Brief Article 166
Lymphedema: The dirty secret of the breast cancer establishment. Brief Article 328
Mars and Venus: The Rhetoric of Sexual Planetary Alignment. Peterson, Valerie Critical Essay 6776
Masculinity Scores as an Artifact of Feminist Attitude: Evidence from a Study of Lesbians and College Women. Brief Article 137
Navigating Boundaries: The Rhetoric of Women Governors. Book Review 153
Phenomenological Analysis of The Reentry Experiences of The Wives of Japanese Corporate Sojourners. Isa, Masako 13946
Rethinking Organizational and Managerial Communication from Feminist Perspectives. Herndon, Sandra L. Book Review 1649
Special Award. Brief Article 102
Studying Sexual Harassment in the Laboratory: Are Egalitarian Women at Higher Risk? Brief Article 178
Systems of Gender Race and Class Inequality: Multilevel Analyses. Brief Article 139
Teaching Gendered Health Communication: Identifying Opportunities for Identification. Brief Article 292
The Defining of Menopause. Brief Article 113
The gender-based hierarchy principle in U.S. English compounded by 'The tyranny of is'. Brief Article 264
The Gendered Subject: Students' Subject Preferences and Discussions of Gender and Subject Ability. Brief Article 179
The Impact of male Work Environments and Organizational Policies on Women's Experiences of Sexual Harassment. Book Review 179
The Instability of Androgyous Names: the symbolic Maintenance of Gender Boundaries. Brief Article 190
The Limits of the "the Male Sex Role": An Analysis of the Men's Liberation and Men's Rights Movements' Discourse. Book Review 190
The National Women's Music Festival Comes to Ball State University: An Exploration in Feminist Ethnography. Brief Article 183
The Politics of English: A Marxist View of Language. Book Review 167
Threads and Plaits or an Unfinished Project? Feminism(s) Through the Twentieth Century. Brief Article 142
Types of Aggression Reported by Male and Female Youth in an Intercultural Encounter. Brief Article 166
U.S. Jewish Women Standing in Solidarity with Israeli Women in Black: The Challenges of International Feminist Peace Efforts. Brief Article 128
What Our Past Can Tell Us: Jeannette Rankin and Her Life Long Fight for World Peace. Brief Article 125
Whose Body, Whose Health?: Breastfeeding on the Job Market. Brief Article 147
Women and Language in the Anglo-Saxon Leechbooks [1]. Buck, R. A. 8798
Women's Information Services and networks: A Global Source Book. Book Review 286

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