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Articles from Women and Language (March 22, 2000)

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"Should we teach women to interrupt? Cultural variables in management communication courses". 120
"Where Standpoint Stands Now: An Introduction and Commentary". 337
'A woman who married three wives': management of disruptive knowledge in the 1879 Australian case of Edward De Lacy Evans. Brief Article 142
'I'm not a feminist, but ...': Factors contributing to the discrepancy between pro-feminist orientation and feminist social identity. Brief Article 166
'It is hard to be born a woman but hopeless to be born a Chinese': The life and times of Flora Belle Jan. Brief Article 171
A Black woman as rhetorical critic: Validating self and violating the space of otherness. Brief Article 105
A Matter Of Voice: Grace Paley And The Oral Tradition. Harrell Clark, La Verne Critical Essay 7597
A Rhetorical Analysis of Masculine Symbols of Elmo: the Gender-Neutral Doll. Reich, Nina M. 120
A Technological Dis-ease: Scientific Discourses, Mass Media, and the Gendering of 'Computer Addiction'. Reed, Lori 199
American Declarations: Rebellion and Repentance in American Cultural History. Book Review 239
And Sarah Laughed: The Biological Clock Metaphor And Its Entailments. Brief Article 137
Attitudes toward women, 1970-1995: A meta-analysis. 175
Black and white college students' choices of descriptors for older women and older women relatives. Brief Article 122
Black and white college women's perceptions of sexual harassment. 104
Blonde Venus: Feminist Coding in the Cinematic Depiction of Single Motherhood. Brief Article 136
Bodily Discourses When Students Write About Abuse and Eating Disorders. Book Review 152
Brave new girls. Brief Article 132
Contradictions of Free Speech and Liberal Democratic Environments of Learning: A Feminist Analysis of Hate Speech. Cornwell, Nancy C.; Orbe, Mark P.; Warren, Kiesha 136
Control and Consolation in American Culture and Politics: Rhetorics of therapy. Book Review 144
Creating a Female Language In Shangjiangxu, Jiangyong, China's Hunan Province. Brief Article 203
CyberFeminism: Connectivity, Critique and Creativity. Susan Hawthorne and Renate Klein. (1999). Melbourne, Australia: Spinifex Press. Agee, Anne Scrivener Book Review 672
Debating Diversity: Analyzing the discourse of diversity, Jan Blommaert & Jef Verschueren, Routledge (1998). Hegde, Radha S. Book Review 844
Differential Detecting: Female Sleuths in a Masculine Tradition. Brief Article 204
Differential play patterns of mothers and fathers of sons and daughters: Implications for children's gender role development. Brief Article 177
Domesticating Emmeline: Representing the suffragette, 1930-1993. Brief Article 158
Empowering token women leaders: The importance of organizationally legitimated credibility. Brief Article 161
Engendering a Market: Women, the Family, and the Personal Computer. Brief Article 199
Equal Democracies? Gender and Politics in the Nordic Countries. Book Review 155
Feminism and Discourse: Psychological Perspectives. Book Review 132
Feminism and the Discourse of the Public Spouse: Traversing the Public and Personal Spheres. Piper-Aiken, Kimmerly S. 152
Feminist Empirical Research. Book Review 249
Feminist Intentions and Feminist Inventions: Representation and the Women's International News Gathering Service. Weber, E. Sue 180
Gender and power in American legislative discourse. Brief Article 163
Gender bias in the evaluation of female faculty at The Citadel: A qualitative analysis. Brief Article 141
Gender in language and life: a Dutch American example. 140
Gender-stereotype accuracy as an individual difference. Brief Article 113
Great divides: Deceptive distinctions and rhetorical strategies in the VMI and Citadel cases. Brief Article 215
Her story: Race(ing) the myths and metaphors of the African-descended woman. Brief Article 253
Hysterical talk? A discourse analysis of Greek women's accounts of their experience following hysterectomy and oophoroectomy. Brief Article 222
Images of a breakthrough woman candidate: Dianne Feinstein's 1990, 1992 and 1994 campaign television advertisements. Brief Article 157
In Our Own Image?!: A Rhetorical Criticism of Latina Magazine. Brief Article 171
Materiality and Discourse in Social Change: Some Reflections for Feminist Studies. Brief Article 114
May her likes be multiplied: "Famous women" biography and gendered prescription in Egypt, 1892-1935 (includes appendix: Biographical and other texts in Egyptian periodicals). Brief Article 166
Men, women, and the self-presentation of achievement. 192
Multiple Perspectives: African American Women Conceive Their Talk. Houston, Marsha 5557
Naming Knowledge: A Language for Reconstructing Domestic Violence and Systemic Gender Inequity. Ashcraft, Catherine 6140
Narrative Intrusion in Charlotte Temple: A Closet Feminist's Strategy in an American Novel. Barton, Paul Critical Essay 6536
News Media Construction of Womanhood in the 1990s: A Feminist Critique of the Rhetorical Contest Between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Dole for First Lady During the 1996 Presidential Campaign. Brief Article 167
Nicknames as sex-role stereotypes. Brief Article 192
Queerly Phrased: Language, Gender and Sexuality. Book Review 112
Race/sex: Their sameness, difference, and interplay. Book Review 132
Re-Focusing the Critical Lens: Feminist Coding in the Cinematic Depiction of Single Motherhood. Brief Article 245
Reflections on "male bashing.". 133
Reinventing the sexes: the biomedical construction of femininity and masculinity. Book Review 158
Relationships of employment status, gender role, insult, and gender with use of influence tactics. 150
Remembering/engendering the heartland: Sexed language, embodied space, and America's foundational fictions in Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres. Brief Article 140
Resisting gender: Twenty-five years of feminist psychology. Book Review 194
Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale. Brief Article 103
Shaker women and sexual power: heresy and orthodoxy in the Shaker village of Harvard, Massachusetts. 103
Speeches and trials of the militant suffragettes: The Women's Social and Political Union, 1903-1918. 208
Strangers and pilgrims: Female preaching in America, 1740-1845. 197
Succulent Women: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Graduate Assistant Experiences. Brief Article 167
The Attitudes Toward Women Scale and attitude change in college students. 142
The masculine degenerate: American doctors' portrayals of the lesbian intellect, 1880-1949. 158
The Problem of Paradox: Editorial Reflections. Brief Article 477
The witch 'she'/the historian 'he': Gender and the historiography of the European witch hunts. Brief Article 209
The women's suffrage movement in Britain. 184
The women's suffrage movement: A reference guide. 338
Victory? New Language for Sportswomen. Sandoz, Joli 4013
Whatever it Takes: Women on Women's Sport. Book Review 513
Women in Communication A Biographical Sourcebook. Book Review 524
Women's Naming Practices as a Site of Culturally Negotiated Meaning. Brief Article 240
Women's right to education: From Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz to Beijing. Brief Article 119
Women, Technology and the United Nations: An Analysis of the Recommendations of the 1995 Platform for Action. Brief Article 228

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