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Articles from Women and Language (September 22, 1999)

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"Where Have All the Young Girls Gone?" The Disappearance of Female Broadcasters in War Times. Lemish, Dafna; Tidhar, Chava E. 5009
'Cool boys', 'party animals', 'squids' and 'poofters'; interrogating the dynamics and politics of adolescent masculinities in school in school. 136
A Narrative Examination of the Romantic Challenge Confronting Cross-Sex Friends as They Construct Friendship. 506
A Revolutionary View of Communication; Cheris Kramarae's Theory of Muted Groups. 169
A Semantic Analysis of the Characteristics of Sports Metaphors. 249
A Study of Contextual Dissonance Factors for Sixth Grade Students. Brief Article 208
A Theoretical Perspective: Past Gender Communication Research Challenges Cross-Cultural Communication Contexts. 152
An authoritative voice: Jane Addams and the oratorical tradition. 119
Asian American Representations. 300
Basque pronouns: En-'gendering' Basque ethnic 'authenticity'. 487
Blurring Boundaries: Orienting One's Sexuality Between Linguistic Systems. Brief Article 139
Brain Sex: How the Media Report and Distort Brain Research [*]. Bing, Janet 7582
Brave Dames and Wimpettes: What Women are Really Doing on Page and Screen. Book Review 1325
Converging Toward The Interlocutor: Sentence-Final Forms In Japanese Conversations. 305
Cunt. Brief Article 254
Dads and Daughters. Brief Article 203
Eleven Tips on Getting More Efficiency Out of Women Employees. Brief Article 562
Gender across languages: some general (universal?) tendencies. 392
Gender and sound changes in Vietnamese. 305
Gender Differences In Turntaking Strategies In Spanish. 211
Gender in African Proverbs. 190
Gender Issues in Advertising Language. Artz, Nancy; Munger, Jeanne; Purdy, Warren 5976
Gender Loss in Modern French. 333
Gender Sensitivity and Diversity Issues in Selected Basic Public Speaking Texts. Hanson, Trudy L. 5111
Gender, Language and Interruptions in Debates in the British House of Commons. 205
Gendered Jokes: Humor as a Subversive Activity. 320
Girl Talk: Adolescent Magazines and Their Readers. 218
Giving Girls a Chance: A Recognition, Analysis, and Alternative to the Verbal Violence in Three Teenage Magazines. 195
Hey, lady ... you'll have to leave now. Ode, Kim 731
Humor appreciation: using semantic scripts to explain gender differences. 244
Ideology in Inflection? - Sexism in a Russian Declensional Class. 227
In Search of Sandbox Dreams: Examining the Decision-Making of Disney's Female and Male Animated Heroes. Matti, Carma L.; Lisosky, Joanne M. 707
International Bible Society. Brief Article 194
Intonation and Women's Sexual Orientation. 257
Is The Chilly Classroom Climate Still a Factor For Women as We Close the 20th Century? Brief Article 226
Judith - sexual warrior: women and power in western culture. Book Review 280
Language Structure and Discourse Customs Regarding Agency: Jaqi and English. 443
Longa et Brevis: Speaking Turns and Pauses in a Pair of All-Male and All-Female Academic Department Meetings. 138
Lucy Stone: Apostle for a "New Woman". Brief Article 117
Making a difference in prime time: women on screen and behind the scenes in the 1995-96 television season. Martha M. Book Review 135
Manifesting the Goddess -- a conversation with Mary Daly. 121
Mary and human liberation: the story and the text. Book Review 353
Mind Games: An Exploratory Study of Games, Gender and Socialization. Brief Article 204
Mother's Narrative. Talmor, Avital 175
National Desk. Brief Article 220
On the "Adaptation" Metaphor in Linguistics: Areal Grammaticalization. 503
Punctors in Japanese: A Study of Discourse Particles Across Languages. 317
Re-articulation of Subjectivities in Popular Culture: Language and Gender Discourses in the Works of Ani DiFranco. 202
Sanford Berman. Brief Article 296
Selling Suffrage: consumer culture and votes for women. Book Review 148
Sex, Gender, and the Status of Women in the Russian Language. 298
Sexism and Derogation in Brazilian Soap Operas. 197
Speaking Culturally: Language Diversity in the United States. Book Review 141
Spellbound: women and witchcraft in America. Book Review 292
St. Paul Star Tribune. Brief Article 222
Student Perceptions of Male and Female Instructor Levels of Immediacy and Teacher Credibility. Brief Article 278
The Common-Gender in French: a Promising Way to Eliminate Sexism. 407
The feminist critique of language: a reader. Book Review 168
The portrayal of women in US prime time television. 110
The Pragmatics of Community Formation: Spanish Speaking Women on the U.S.-Mexico Border. 284
The Rhetoric of the War Against Sexual Predators of Children: The Journey from Silence to Chemical Castration. Brief Article 136
The role of female public relations practitioners in the development of public relations in Russia. 168
The sacred and the feminine in ancient Greece. Book Review 172
The Sounds of Silence: The Gender-Based Experiences of Women in Intercollegiate Forensics. Brief Article 115
The Team Challenge: a Case Study Examining Gender, The Computer and Teamwork at Columbia Business School. 235
The Washington Post. Brief Article 186
The Women Who Shaped Fairmount: The Genesis of Wichita State University. 295
Wal-Mart. Brief Article 166
Ways Culture, Language and Gender have Shaped and Continue to Shape Women's Lifes in the Twentieth Century. Brief Article 162
Wellesley College Center for Research on Women. Brief Article 511
Why so slow? The advancement of women. Book Review 219
Women chief executives and their approaches towards equity in American universities. 147
Women in the Fray. 133
Women Leaders Online/Women Organizing for Change. Brief Article 272
Women with disabilities: missing voices. 187
Writing From My Body: A Theoretical Exploration [1]. Platzner, Rebecca 2294
Yours in sisterhood: Ms. Magazine and the promise of popular feminism. Book Review 238

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