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Women MPs come under fire, female Facebook users accuse them of not acting on sexual violence.


The Kenya Womens Parliamentary Association has come under fire from social media users who have accused Kewopa of being inactive on gender issues.

After posting a statement on Facebook on Wednesday about the recent allegations of sexual abuse made against some MPs, female Facebook users asked the body what its members have done in the wake of rising sexual violence cases across the country.

"Let me laugh you have failed us big time you all need to go home pave way for workers , women leadership in Africa goes beyond rhetoric , redundancy must not be allowed in women leaders in Africa," one Facebook user posted

"While appreciating your opinion, we would be interested in the reason you hold these views..and by so doing you can help us work towards becoming better leaders," Kewopa replied.

"What we are is saying that even the women represent do not even know whether you exist," another woman commented.

Another user stated; "Where have you been, okay not where have you been, you want to tell me there exists such a body/group? Women are abused daily in this country, every other hour, you are just noticing now? it is not escalating it is always there, it is just now more public, they have just gotten bolder. Why am I even telling you this? Is there a place we can read some of your past work?"

"When Rachel Shebesh, a Women Representative, agreed to let her televised slap to go unpunished, I lost hope in these women! Do you realise that your flippant approach to violence encourages further abuse and forces us to remain a 'developing nation'? We want to be developed but you are wasting our time as we are held hostage!" another comment read.

One user said that after "Mwiti Must Go" referring to a protest scheduled for Tuesday next week against Imenti MP Gideon Mwiti who is accused of rape, the next protest should be " to scrape some of these positions off our Kenyan vocabulary. If you insist on doing nothing for us while on salaries, we want you out! Gone!"

A long comment was posted on the thread demanding that women Mps provide a list "with credible evidence" of what they have done in the past one year as well as clear job description of their jobs.

"Explain to me what is this affirmative action you keep going on about? You were GIVEN seats for being women but they forgot to check your brains? And how does affirmative action apply when only women are contending for a seat? Do you pick the woman who is most woman amongst all of you, the poorest or the richest or the most educated woman........or the sluttiest (pun intended)," she said.

"Finally, y'all better stand with us on Tuesday at the demo. MWITI MUST GO," she added.

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Mar 25, 2015
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