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Women 'have the last laugh.

WOMEN are more likely than men to enjoy a good joke, new research shows.

Scientists who looked at the way the brains of both sexes respond to humour found that joke punch lines deliver a bigger hit in women.

Women are more likely to be taken by surprise by a gag and experience the pleasure of their brain's reward centre "lighting up".

Men, on the other hand, tend to look forward to the punch line in the expectation of hearing something funny. As a result, when it comes it has less of an impact.

US scientists asked 10 men and 10 women to look at 70 black-and-white cartoons and rate them on a "funniness scale".

Women appeared to use more analytical machinery when deciphering cartoons, indicating that they did not assume they were going to laugh. When a woman's brain encountered a funny punch line, it came as more of a pleasant surprise
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 8, 2005
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