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Women & Politics: GenderStyles in State Legislative Committees: Raising Their Voices in Resolving Conflict.

This research focuses on the gendered nature of legislative institutions by examining the conflict resolution styles of state legislative committee chairs. Based on a survey of 285 state legislative committee chairs, focus groups and individual interviews, the study examines a sizeable cohort of men and women engaged in fundamentally similar leadership tasks but under varying institutional circumstances in more than a single state. The research finds that women committee chairs raise their voices to resolve conflicts in a different way from their male colleagues. More importantly, the study shows how gender composition of the membership, the distribution of gender power, and the extent of professionalization influence conflict resolution style. These data challenge the predominant view of legislative leadership as transactional behavior and suggest the need to consider whether masculine behavior and institutional norms have been conflated.

21.2 (2000): 21-96.

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Author:Rosenthal, Cindy Simon
Publication:Women and Language
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Sep 22, 2002
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