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Women's Crisis Center (WCC). 2000. Manual on Setting Up a Hospital-based Crisis Center for Abused Women and Children.

Manila: WCC. 58p.

The Women and Children's Crisis Center and Protection Unit (WCCCPU), together with a government hospital, developed a project to provide medical, surgical, health and psychological services to women survivors and their dependents in a gender-friendly and violence-free environment. This manual was developed as a blueprint for the project and can be used by others as a guide in setting up similar services. The introduction gives the project's history, a theoretical framework for violence against women and children, and other general details on the project. This is followed by a list of steps necessary for setting up a hospital-based crisis centre. The third part presents the major components of a hospital-based crisis centre: 1. Medical and psycho-social services; 2. Support structures, e.g. medical support structures, personnel for WCCCPU, infrastructure, as well as government and NGO support; 3. Education and Training; 4. Research and Documentation; and 5. Programme Management. The manual concludes with useful tools such as education programmes for hospital staff, and sample forms for VAW Registry; Intake; Patient Flow Chad; and Programme Management Chart, which can be adapted.

Source: Women's Crisis Center, 7th Floor East Avenue Medical Center, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City, P.O. Box 2150, Nia Road, Diliman 0830 Quezon City; E-mail: <>.
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Publication:Arrows For Change
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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