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Moradabad: Muslim women protest against CAA, appeal govt for roll back of new law. ANI Dec 19, 2019 259
Finger-wagging Muslim women become Indian protest symbols. Dec 17, 2019 327
AJK PM condemns Indian Army General's provocative statement encouraging molestation of Kashmiri Muslim women. Nov 19, 2019 258
AJK PM condemns Indian Army General's provocative statement encouraging molestation of Kashmiri Muslim women. Nov 19, 2019 301
'Rape for Rape': Ex Indian Army General Urges Mass Rape of Muslim Women in Kashmir. Nov 18, 2019 535
German university, GU-Q research project focuses on 'women in Islam'. Nov 14, 2019 506
GU-Q, German varsity join hands to study teachings about women in Islam. Nov 12, 2019 424
Georgetown Research Project With University of TE-bingen Aims to Develop Materials to Improve Teaching About Women in Islam. Nov 12, 2019 503
SC adjourns hearing on plea seeking Muslim women's entry to mosques. ANI Nov 5, 2019 421
PM's daughter urges policymakers to read SIS study on Malaysian Muslim women, not just headlines. Oct 15, 2019 533
Muslim Women in French Cinema: Voices of Maghrebi Migrants in France. Parikh, Shreya Report Oct 1, 2019 1768
Muslim women attacked at anti-hate event in Germany. Sep 29, 2019 384
Freedom in a Hole: Muslim Women and Image Reproduction in the West. Sep 22, 2019 213
Lawmaker blasts Boris Johnson in Parliament for 'racist' remarks about Muslim women. Sep 6, 2019 221
Indian-origin Sikh MP demands Johnson's apology over 'racist' remarks on Muslim women. Sep 5, 2019 391
British MP demands Johnson apology for Muslim women 'letterbox' comments. Sep 4, 2019 360
Anti-Muslim incidents 'spiked by 375%' after Boris Johnson mocked Muslim women; Campaign group Tell MAMA said it received 38 reports of anti-Muslim incidents in the week after the now-PM compared veiled women to 'letterboxes' and 'bank robbers'. Sep 2, 2019 566
Abolition of Triple Talaq will ensure dignity, equality to crores of Muslim women: Amit Shah. Aug 18, 2019 779
Freed Muslim women from fear of triple talaq: Modi. Aug 15, 2019 262
Patna: Muslim women welcome Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Aug 11, 2019 204
India : Parliament passes the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill 2019. Jul 31, 2019 210
Govt bringing law on triple talaq for empowerment of Muslim women: Naqvi in RS. Jul 30, 2019 289
Hardliners afraid of Muslim women becoming a part of Hindustani culture: Syed Yaser Jilani. Jul 18, 2019 340
BJP leader encourages rape of Muslim women in India. Jul 1, 2019 223
Owaisi should be happy that 'certain protections' being made for Muslim women: Mehmood Pracha. Jun 22, 2019 654
India : Protecting the rights of married Muslim women. Jun 12, 2019 296
Rights group says ban on face-veil risks stigmatizing Muslim women. Apr 30, 2019 278
The Cardiff woman with millions of followers on social media; Style guru Dina Tokio has helped promote the visibility of Muslim women in the mainstream. Apr 28, 2019 1431
The Muslim Women of Spoken Word Are Coming. Apr 21, 2019 280
Malaysia probes book on Muslim women who refuse to wear headscarves. Apr 17, 2019 439
Malaysia probes book on Muslim women who refuse to wear headscarves. Apr 17, 2019 424
Govt should not interfere in Triple Talaq , say Muslim Women of UP's Deoband. Apr 7, 2019 592
Welsh Muslim women reveal the lives most of us never see; Every day, we make assumptions about people -- Muslim women know this better than most. Apr 7, 2019 113
Ordeal of Muslim women. Mar 21, 2019 144
Congress Muslim women absorb blows over Israel. Feb 2, 2019 714
World Hijab Day Organisation Asks Non-Muslim Women To Experience Hijab For One Day. Feb 1, 2019 309
Triple talaq bill aimed at liberating Muslim women from life of fear -- President. Jan 31, 2019 656
Muslims Debate First Mixed-Gender Mosque in France. Jan 9, 2019 425
EY Corporate Finance Woman of the Year Competition Encourages Female Saudi Students to Explore New Business Sectors. Jan 2, 2019 344
Matrifocality and Collective Solidarity in Practicing Agency: Marriage Negotiation Among the Bimanese Muslim Women in Eastern Indonesia. Wardatun, Atun Jan 1, 2019 7927
QUARTERLY REVIEW. Jan 1, 2019 592
Why Would Saudi Backed Al Arabiya Attack the Two Muslim Women Elected to the U.S. Congress? Dec 12, 2018 351
Muslim women must come to fore, says Dr Wan Azizah. Dec 6, 2018 827
Feminist Soylemin Islamci Kadin Yazinina Etkisi/The Effect of Feminist Discourse on Islamic Women's Literature. Guc, Ayse Dec 1, 2018 12121
The Criterion sensitises Muslim women on family nutrition. Nov 23, 2018 294
Egypt's Islamophobia Observatory lauds Muslim women's victory in Congress. Nov 8, 2018 254
First 2 Muslim women elected to US Congress. Nov 8, 2018 571
First Muslim women in US Congress: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. Nov 8, 2018 301
First two Muslim women elected to US Congress. Nov 8, 2018 334
Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib make history as first Muslim women in Congress win. Nov 7, 2018 484
In a first, 2 Muslim women elected to US Congress. Nov 7, 2018 228
Historic night for Muslim women in US politics. Nov 7, 2018 205
First Muslim women elected to Congress. Nov 7, 2018 140
Election Day for first Muslim women in US Congress. Nov 6, 2018 399
Will India's order banning 'triple talaaq' really protect Muslim women? Sep 21, 2018 867
India bans instant divorceInstant divorce of Muslim women outlawed by India's Modi government; The government decision came after it failed to get approval of parliament a year. Sep 20, 2018 403
'Islam doesn't oppress women - the politics of patriarchy does' Dr Ayla Gol, visiting senior fellow at Aberystwyth University, argues that overcoming Islamophobia is necessary to truly empower Muslim women. Sep 7, 2018 881
Will ensure Muslim women get justice: PM on Triple Talaq bill. Aug 26, 2018 266
Raksha Bandhan: Varanasi's Muslim women making rakhis for PM Modi. Aug 25, 2018 240
Muslim women charged to inculcate virtues of peace, love in children. Aug 16, 2018 518
Will Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Be The First Muslim Women in Congress? Aug 15, 2018 436
Johnson and Bennett are 'attacking Muslim women' for own gain; FIRST MINISTER SAYS'RACIST'BURKA COMMENTS EXPOSEWOMENTO'BEINGABUSEDINSTREET'. Aug 14, 2018 512
Johnson and Bennett are 'attacking muslim women' for own gain. Aug 14, 2018 516
Tory councillor compares Muslim women to PATIO UMBRELLAS in Facebook post mocking Islamic clothing; Ron McKail has been dragged into the Boris Johnson burqa row and has apologised for sharing the image on social media. Aug 10, 2018 517
Boris Johnson's remarks about Muslim women are indefensible. Aug 8, 2018 1068
Shariah dress code to protect tudung-clad Muslim women from discrimination, minister says. Aug 8, 2018 367
DISCURSUS OF WOMEN POLITICAL RIGHTS BASED ON AL-QUR'AN; Empirical study on women's political participation in Jakarta, Indonesia. Kesuma, Arsyad Sobby; Ali, Syamsuri Report Jul 1, 2018 3314
How Muftis Think: Islamic Legal Thought and Muslim Women in Western Europe. Book review Jul 1, 2018 174
Women allowed to watch Cup on TV in stadiums. Jun 22, 2018 406
Don't deprive Muslim women of western education, business, professions -UI Chief Imam, Prof. Oloyede. Jun 8, 2018 393
Mainstream western feminism and Muslim women. Jun 5, 2018 835
"Seeking Help is Difficult:" Considerations for Providing Mental Health Services to Muslim Women Clients/<>: Points a prendre en consideration pour la prestation de services de sante mentale aupres de clientes musulmanes. Saleem, Fatima; Martin, Stephanie L. Apr 1, 2018 9633
Muslim women march in Mumbai against 'triple talaq' Bill. Apr 1, 2018 331
The Trials of Rabi'a al-'Adawiyya in the Malay World: The Female Sufi in the Hikayat Rabi'ah. Hijjas, Mulaika Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 11898
The Victimization of the "Muslim Woman": The Case of Amina Filali, Morocco. Mesbahi, Nima Report Apr 1, 2018 5494
Narratives of Agency: Women, Islam, and the Politics of Economic Participation in Afghanistan. Rahman, Farhana Report Apr 1, 2018 5205
Muslim women protest against bill seeking ban on triple talaq. Mar 31, 2018 551
Muslim women take to streets against triple talaq. Mar 18, 2018 165
Now, Muslim women board seeks amendment in Triple Talaq bill. Mar 12, 2018 188
Muslim women take to Pune streets against Triple Talaq bill. Mar 10, 2018 271
Two-day workshop on Muslim Women as Agent of Change starts at IIU. Mar 10, 2018 543
Two-day workshop on Muslim Women as Agent of Change starts at IIU. Mar 9, 2018 608
Workshop on Muslim women as agent of change on Thursday. Mar 8, 2018 125
China accused of detaining Chinese Muslim women in Xinjiang. Mar 6, 2018 482
China accused of arresting dozens of Muslim women married to Pakistani men. Mar 5, 2018 389
Hazrat Fatima (AS) a role model for Muslim women: Speakers. Conference notes Feb 22, 2018 190
They give new meaning to Ladies of the Street. Feb 2, 2018 391
World Hijab Day: Stop opposing Muslim women's right to modest dressing -MMPN. Feb 2, 2018 474
Try it for a day: Why Muslim women wear the hijab. Feb 2, 2018 519
Pious Fashion: How Muslim Women Dress. Book review Feb 1, 2018 120
Muslim Women Speak: Of Dreams and Shackles. Book review Feb 1, 2018 128
Lost in Translation: The Male Gaze and The (In)visible Bodies of Muslim Women--A Response Article. Glapka, Ewa Report Jan 15, 2018 7438
Ezidi Women's Forced Migration to Germany. Hosseini, SeyedehBehnaz Report Jan 15, 2018 5816
Sexual Violence and its Resistance in Post-revolutionary Egypt: at the intersection between authoritarianism and patriarchy. Heijthuyzen, Martine Jan 15, 2018 5051
The Relationship between Development and Gender Equality: in search of new perspectives on sustainable development through the lens of the 1959 Kuwaiti Nationality Law. Williamson, Myra E.J.B. Jan 15, 2018 12384
Fatwa bans Muslim women from marrying into families of bank employees. Jan 5, 2018 313
Triple talaq victims say Congress ditched Muslim women again. Jan 5, 2018 489
Owaisi trashes PM's claim on Hajj journey of Muslim women. Jan 2, 2018 269
Femmes et subjectivations musulmanes: prolegomenes. Mekki-Berrada, Abdelwahed Jan 1, 2018 12569
LES FEMMES MUSULMANES ET LE <>. Abu-Lughod, Lila Jan 1, 2018 11822
PORTER SON IDENTITE A L'ERE DE LA MONDIALISATION: Politiques du voile et de la mode en contextes musulmans et occidentaux. Abdmolaei, Shirin; Hoodfar, Homa Jan 1, 2018 16102
LES FEMMES MUSULMANES PEUVENT-ELLES PARLER? Benhadjoudja, Leila Jan 1, 2018 10274
COMMENT REALISER LA PIETE DANS L'IMMANENCE? Exercices de (re)composition de modeles sociaux et ethiques d'intellectuelles engagees et converties a l'islam. Mossiere, Geraldine Jan 1, 2018 9569
LA SYRIE, LA MAGISTRATURE, LA REVOLUTION DE 2011: Quel role pour les femmes? Cardinal, Monique C. Jan 1, 2018 11520
PRECHEUSES ARABISANTES A DAKAR ET A OUAGADOUGOU: Des logiques d'individualisation et d'individuation. Gomez-Perez, Muriel Jan 1, 2018 11191
DE LA <> DES IMAMS DANS LA PROMOTION DE L'EQUITE DE GENRE A MUMBAI, EN INDE. Mekki-Berrada, Abdelwahed; Schensul, Stephen L. Jan 1, 2018 12855
The Merits and Limits of a Gendered Epistemology: Muslim Women and the Politics of Knowledge Production. Rahman, Farhana Jan 1, 2018 6348
AIMPLB objects to allowing Muslim women to travel for Haj without male guardian. Jan 1, 2018 324
More Muslim women should join politics: Swamy. Jan 1, 2018 240
Owaisi trashes PM's claim on Haj journey of Muslim women. Jan 1, 2018 501
Muslim women to thank PM Modi for triple talaq bill. Dec 31, 2017 237
Muslim women can now visit Haj without male guardian: PM Modi. Dec 31, 2017 251
Muslim women can travel for Haj without male guardian -- PM. Dec 31, 2017 560
'Historic' Triple Talaq bill will ensure dignity of Muslim women: Amit Shah. Dec 28, 2017 230
Draft bill on triple talaq seeks to empower Muslim women. Dec 25, 2017 403
Proposed bill criminalising triple talaq 'is empowering to Muslim women'. Dec 24, 2017 684
Muslim women laud Obiano style of governance. Dec 17, 2017 322
Parliament winter sessions to discuss Muslim Women's (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill. Dec 15, 2017 658
New fatva bans women biking. Dec 8, 2017 325
Darul Uloom bans Muslim women from shaping eyebrows. Oct 7, 2017 328
Feminists Shamefully Silent on Plight of Muslim Women, Says Feminist Phyllis Chesler in New Book from New English Review Press. Oct 2, 2017 359
SC verdict on triple talaq gives respite to Muslim women: Congress. Aug 23, 2017 306
AIMPLB demands Muslim women's security until law on triple talaq is made. Aug 22, 2017 734
Cong. welcomes verdict on triple talaq as affirmation of Muslim women's rights. Aug 22, 2017 580
Muslim Women - The Guardian Wants to Teach You About Sex. Jul 17, 2017 829
Status of Meitei Pangal Women in 17th and 18th Centuries Manipur. Devi, Haobam Bidyarani Jul 1, 2017 4183
Young Muslim Women's Association Centre annual exhibition opens. May 6, 2017 101
Knowledge, attitude, and practice of family planning among Muslim women of North India. Shumayla, Saifi; Kapoor, Satwanti Report May 1, 2017 3358
Hindu Mahasabha urges divorced Muslim women to convert. Apr 14, 2017 466
10 Quotes For Muslim Women's Day. Mar 27, 2017 740
What are women for? Brief article Mar 10, 2017 157
Islamic values in elderly care in Finland: the perspective of Muslim women caregivers. Begum, Shahnaj; Seppanen, Marjaana Essay Jan 1, 2017 7114
Muslim women can enter tomb. Brief article Dec 30, 2016 175
Muslim Women Offered Free Self-Defense Classes. Dec 12, 2016 455
Interfaith marriage for Muslim women: this day are things good and pure made lawful unto you. Buisson, Johanna Marie Essay Dec 1, 2016 7149
Muslim Women's Group Targeted After Clinton Endorsement. Oct 20, 2016 486
Why did France ban: a bathing suit? Bans on body-covering bathing suits for Muslim women in some French towns highlight the growing tensions over Islam in Europe. Smith, Patricia Oct 10, 2016 1053
Consumer Giants Court Muslims With Halal Face Creams, Shampoos. Sep 15, 2016 1155
Donald Trump Fan Attacks Muslim Women, Babies in NY. Sep 10, 2016 216
Muslim Women Thrown Out of Restaurant in France. Aug 29, 2016 266
French Chef Refuses To Serve Veiled Muslim Women. Aug 29, 2016 335
Police in Cannes stop Muslim women wearing banned burkinis. Aug 17, 2016 559
Muslim women beaten up over rumours of carrying beef. Jul 27, 2016 621
Religion, culture, and the exclusion of Muslim women: on finding a reimagined form of inclusive-belonging. Davids, Nuraan Report Jul 1, 2016 6026
"Straight out of the button-molder's own ladle": On the complexity of characters in Arthur Koestler's Thieves in the Night. Vernyik, Zeno Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 9581
Muslim women political leaders who'd make Hillary Clinton jealous. Jun 9, 2016 348
Muslim Women Sue Calif. Cafe For Discrimination. May 5, 2016 434
Gym to open for Muslim women in city. Apr 1, 2016 312
The Personal in the Collective: Rethinking the Secular Subject in Relation to the Military, Wifehood, and Islam in Turkey. Dagtas, Mahiye Secil Mar 22, 2016 11741
The Canadian Selfie of 2015. Posner, Michael Mar 22, 2016 2320
It's between Allah and me, say women in film. Le Rougetel, Amanda Mar 22, 2016 562
Muslim Women Escorted off Plane for 'Staring' at Flight Attendant. Mar 10, 2016 311
Egypt to ban wearing of the veil in public places? Nosseir, Amna Brief article Mar 1, 2016 233
Muna, #168, from the series Omani Women. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 150
British Prime Minister: a[euro]Muslim Women Must Learn English or Be Deported'. Jan 19, 2016 318
PM: Muslim women must learn English. Jan 19, 2016 233
Cameron launches English language campaign for Muslim women. Jan 18, 2016 368
Morning new headlines: Muslim women unable to speak English to benefit from language fund; Big six energy suppliers criticised over customer service; The latest news from around the world. Jan 18, 2016 1020
Blog Shows Diversity Of NYC Muslim Women. Jan 14, 2016 507
Polygyny: What It Means When African American Muslim Women Share Their Husbands. Watkins, Lara Book review Jan 1, 2016 1489
Institute notes: National Office and branch activities. Calendar Jan 1, 2016 824
Two Muslim women spoke out against non-Muslims wearing the hijab in 'interfaith solidarity'. Dec 22, 2015 298
Unveiling Romanian Muslim women. An inquiry into the religious and identity-building meanings of the hijab. Negrea-Busuioc, Elena; Daba-Buzoianu, Corina; Cirtita-Buzoianu, Cristina Report Dec 22, 2015 10147
Muslim Women Learn To Defend Themselves. Nov 30, 2015 385
'I would rather stay single than marry a man from Egypt': Voices of Egyptian Feminists. Brief article Nov 9, 2015 224
Wrestling for equality. Brief article Nov 2, 2015 161
If Only We Knew it Was the Mufti All Along. Brief article Oct 22, 2015 151
Canada rejects assaulting Muslim women wearing niqab. Oct 7, 2015 243
A Saudi feminist shares her voice; the refugees next door: Christian Iraqis in Erbil; Saudi Arabia's Yemen gambit. Oct 6, 2015 365
Court upholds Niqab wearing. Brief article Sep 22, 2015 184
Fatima Jinnah a role model for Muslim women: PML-N Info Sec. Aug 4, 2015 128
GIRL EMPOWER; SCOTTISH HEALTH AWARDS PRAISE FOR TEAM Volunteer counsellors who help Muslim women to access services and find work are nominated by those grateful for their efforts. Aug 1, 2015 634
Reducing poverty among Arab and Muslim women: the case of Arab women in Israel. Jabareen, Yosef Jul 1, 2015 8566
Unveiling the mysteries of Aceh, Indonesia: local and global intersections of women's agency. Kusujiarti, Siti; Miano, Elizabeth W.; Pryor, Annie L.; Ryan, Breanna R. Report Jul 1, 2015 8153
Seven stupid questions you get as a (female) expat living in Jordan, and its obvious answers. Brief article Jun 29, 2015 216
Unveil fears, not women. Akram, Ayesha Mian Jun 22, 2015 655
Muslim women hand out cheer to elderly. Jun 9, 2015 215
Nine Muslim women who have governed states. Jun 9, 2015 221
Hijabs and hip-hop: Muslim women rappers challenge stereotypes. May 20, 2015 255
Notes from America: Why the West is fixated on Muslim women's wardrobes. May 10, 2015 976
aACAyEveryday, Muslim women are in the trenches working for peace'. May 1, 2015 536
The secret history of female muslim empowerment: a conversation with Kenize Mourad. Daniels, Jacob Interview May 1, 2015 2482
Love in the Time of Islamophobia: a new podcast explores the travails of being a Muslim woman in America. Lee, Jaeah May 1, 2015 407
Shame of the ex-con Muslim women who are shunned by community. Apr 21, 2015 559
Research: British Muslim Women 71% more Likely to Be Unemployed. Apr 19, 2015 316
Quebec judge won't hear case of woman in scarf. Apr 17, 2015 680
Iranian women, Iranian cinema: negotiating with ideology and tradition. Rizi, Najmeh Moradiyan Critical essay Apr 1, 2015 6981
Undoing the claim of objectivity: contradictions at the heart of Bergtji van der Haak, Saudi Solutions (2005). Nasser, Anisa Saeed Mohammed Critical essay Apr 1, 2015 7122
Woman conned men for dowry. Mar 13, 2015 383
Muslim women have a key role in the fight against extremism,. Mar 9, 2015 770
You must give children the right direction and faith and respect towards mankind...' "Muslim women can play a huge role in fighting extremism..." Saiha Maaz, regional vice president of AMWA South West, from Cardiff. Mar 9, 2015 851
Muslim women org. condemns Islamophobic attacks in Europe. Jan 17, 2015 167
A socio-historical and political discourse on the rights of Muslim women: concerns for women's rights or community identity (special reference to 1937 and 1939 Acts). Hussain, Sabiha Jan 1, 2015 7257
In search of a lost identity: Iranian women and their identity issues. Izadinia, Mahsa Report Jan 1, 2015 7007
The meaning of Hijab: voices of Muslim women in Egypt and Yemen. Jackson, Kenneth E.; Monk-Turner, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2015 9149
Defining recent femicide in modern Turkey: revolt killing. Cetin, Ihsan Report Jan 1, 2015 7214
Gender in the midst of change: examining the rights of Muslim women in predominately Muslim countries. Ilo, Saidat; Seltzer, Richard Report Jan 1, 2015 8382
Judging by appearances: perceived discrimination among South Asian Muslim women in the US and the UAE. Pasha-Zaidi, Nausheen Report Jan 1, 2015 12671
Woman takes personal protest onto subway car. Brief article Dec 5, 2014 278
Living patriotism: the experience of 'freedom' among the Muslim women of colonial Punjab. Bharti, Suman Report Dec 1, 2014 9361
Resurrecting Arab feminism, nationalism, and colonialism from social amnesia. Aslam, Saiyma Report Dec 1, 2014 6061
Retrieving the silent voices: a study of Muhammadi Begum's writings. Ahmad, Khanday Pervaiz Report Dec 1, 2014 6632
Muslima Theology: The Voices of Muslim Women Theologians. Wadud, Amina Book review Dec 1, 2014 355
The unrecognized social movements: "the one million signature campaign and the Islamist State of Iran". Rafizadeh, Majid Report Dec 1, 2014 5923
What do Omani women know about breast cancer symptoms? Renganathan, Lakshmi; Ramasubramaniam, Shanthi; Touby, Salem Al-; Seshan, Vidya; Balushi, Amal Al-; Report Nov 1, 2014 3587
Experts discuss role of Muslim women in society, their radicalization. Oct 21, 2014 153
Hijabi hipsters; Muslim women fusing fashion with faith. Batrawy, Aya Oct 19, 2014 794
Muslim women in high offices in Europe stir debate. Oct 10, 2014 382
Newcastle Man Charged For Verbally Abusing Muslim Women. Oct 7, 2014 410
Do Muslim Women Need Saving? Adeney, Miriam Book review Oct 1, 2014 357
Thuggish group says it'll police hejab despite critics. Sep 19, 2014 366
The threat of girls' education: how should we respond to the attack on girls' education? Sep 1, 2014 635
Violence, threats, prompt more Muslim women in Britain to wear a veil. Aug 21, 2014 1451
Iranian village women go to UAE to beg at Ramadan. Aug 1, 2014 668
Battle of books! Diverse trends in Muslim thought on women's issues. Kausar, Zeenath Report Jul 1, 2014 8091
Pair's clothing range for Muslim women on catwalk. Jun 25, 2014 239
A Uniform Civil Code in India: the state of the debate in 2014. Menon, Nivedita Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2014 2458
Group tries to get IDs of women without scarves. Brief article May 30, 2014 128
European Muslim women forum urges Muslim communities to participate in elections. May 19, 2014 219
Practicing Hijab (veil): A Source of Autonomy and Self-esteem for Modern Muslim Women. Fayyaza, Waseem; Kamal, Anila Report Apr 30, 2014 6935
UK enlists Muslim women to help stop Syria jihadists. Apr 24, 2014 446
Hazrat Fatima (AS) a role model for Muslim women: Speakers. Apr 22, 2014 234
Muslim women clothing presented in Bishkek. Apr 21, 2014 116
Covered girl supports the rights of the LGBT community in Lebanon. Brief article Mar 30, 2014 169
Muslim Women's Council Hosts Monthly Meeting of Religion Communicators Council. Mar 21, 2014 240
Religion Communicators Council Hears from Muslim Women's Council. Mar 13, 2014 235
European Forum of Muslim Women complains of discrimination. Mar 8, 2014 280
Senior Sudanese MP Slams French Troops' Indifference to Massacre of Muslim Women, Children. Feb 19, 2014 337
Muslim women's rights document discussed. Feb 16, 2014 238
Syria takes part in 3rd Conference of Muslim Women Parliamentarians in Tehran. Conference news Feb 16, 2014 411
Two Saudis among top 20 Muslim women scientists. Feb 2, 2014 191
Tom coash never. Kobn, Martin E Feb 1, 2014 337
The "headscarf affairs": French universalism put to the test. Honicker, Nancy Essay Jan 1, 2014 4177
Religion and discrimination against women. Tomescu, Madalina; Trofin, Liliana Report Jan 1, 2014 2325
Stealing women, stealing men: co-creating cultures of polygamy in a pesantren community in Eastern Indonesia. Smith, Bianca J. Report Jan 1, 2014 10380
Pinched lives and stolen dreams in Arab feminist short stories. Quawas, Rula Report Jan 1, 2014 8026
Myanmar Army Holds Muslim Women as Sex Slaves. Jan 1, 2014 412
Representation of Muslim Women in Tariq Ali's Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree. Dec 31, 2013 6223
Introduction: children and Arab Spring. Sinha, Sangeeta; Garofalo, Emilia; Olimat, Muhamad Report Dec 15, 2013 1181
Billboard snuggle loved and hated. Dec 13, 2013 1095
Muslima theology; the voices of Muslim women theologians. Book review Dec 1, 2013 179
Gender, culture and Islam: perspectives of three New Zealand Muslim women. Dobson, Stephanie Dec 1, 2013 10174
Women's history. Aftab, Tahera Dec 1, 2013 2150
Both genders should become accommodative to improve Global Women Mental Health-Dr.Unaiza Niaz. Conference notes Nov 30, 2013 581
New Muslim women honored in Jeddah. Nov 27, 2013 645
Quebec charter plan targets women. Mitchell, Penni Sep 22, 2013 803
Gender role and social identifications: the two major factors to shape Turkish women. Erden-Imamoglu, Seval Report Sep 22, 2013 6583
UK judge says Muslim women must remove veil while giving trial evidence. Sep 17, 2013 196
European Muslim women body voices concern over situation in Egypt. Sep 13, 2013 150
Crackdown on hejab resumes. Brief article Sep 6, 2013 190
Interview with Mrs Al Jouharah Bint Abdullah Al Arifi, Spouse of Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. Interview Aug 31, 2013 670
Cartoon plugs female education. Aug 30, 2013 211
Lady Gaga leaked 'Burqa' song on sensitising Muslim women draws criticism. Aug 15, 2013 289
Iran women bare necks in moderation before new president. Nasseri, Ladane; Salehi, Yeganeh Jul 26, 2013 1038
Veiled meanings: scholar explores the worldwide resurgence of wearing hijab. Williams, Mariam Jul 5, 2013 1356
Muslim women and girls: searching for democracy and self-expression. White, Theresa Renee; Hernandez, Jennifer Maria Report Jul 1, 2013 8264
Muslim women's art celebrated at Sharjah museum. Jun 17, 2013 338
Islam, gender, and leadership in Ghana. Ammah, Rabiatu Report Jun 1, 2013 11425
"I Am With The Uprising Of Arab Women". Inhorn, Marcia C. Brief article May 21, 2013 255
The question of Muslim women's rights and the Ontario Shari'ah tribunals: examining liberal claims. Ruby, Tabassum Fahim May 1, 2013 8463
Femen's Topless Jihad Day protested by Muslim women group. Apr 7, 2013 236
Anti-Femen Topless Jihad Day: Muslim Women Slam 'Racist' Feminist Activists. Apr 5, 2013 524
For Canadian Muslim women, an affirmation of self. Mar 13, 2013 758
Supreme Leader Praises Iranian, Muslim Women's Constructive Role in Society. Mar 6, 2013 705
No photos for Islamic women candidates in Thi Qar. Mar 4, 2013 189
Now, 'breathable' nail polish that fits religious restrictions of Muslim women. Jan 26, 2013 251
In search of female authority in Islam: a contemporary Shi'a Mojtahede. Davary, Bahar Report Jan 1, 2013 6158
Stop violence against Rohingya women: is the Burmese Military keeping Rohingya women as sex slaves? Baig, Assed Jan 1, 2013 1087
The Indian Gang Rape-Murder Just Scratched the Surface. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 103
Muslim women and political participation: an appreciation on the "Arab Spring"/Mujeres musulmanas y participacion politica: a proposito de la "Primavera Arabe"/Mulheres muculmanas e participacao politica: a proposito da "Primavera Arabe". Mohomed, Carimo Jan 1, 2013 8668
Kubra Gumusay's blog ein fremdwoerterbuch: re-presenting the "Silent Muslima" in the public sphere. Winkler, Claudia Essay Jan 1, 2013 7819
Partnership urged to boost Muslim women role. Dec 14, 2012 372
Unveiling Europe: bans on Muslim veils raise tough questions about religion and assimilation across the Continent. Majerol, Veronica Dec 10, 2012 1621
UK MP attacks new rule on veils saying restriction discriminates against Muslim women. Dec 9, 2012 143
From victim to survivor: a critical study of Qaisra Shahraz's The Holy Woman. Zaidi, Najia Asrar Critical essay Dec 1, 2012 6497
Modest dresses of Muslim women on show. Nov 15, 2012 350
Muslim Women Celebrate 'Karwa Chauth' in India. Nov 2, 2012 117
Deux recits de l'anthropologie de l'Islam. Hannoum, Abdelmajid Critical essay Sep 1, 2012 7874
Obama devotes iftar to Muslim women. Aug 17, 2012 626
Sexism row erupts as UK play center bans fathers to avoid offending Muslim women. Aug 8, 2012 207
US Navy removes images of gun-toting Muslim women as targets from SEAL training range. Jul 4, 2012 298
Unveiling the veil ban dilemma: Turkey and beyond. Piatti-Crocker, Adriana; Tasch, Laman Report Jul 1, 2012 7918
SHARP PIN INHALATION IN TRACHEO-BRONCHIAL TREE IN WOMEN WEARING HIJAB. Benyan, Abdut Khatik Z.; At-Hassani, Fouzi A.A.; Kareem, Dhia R. Report Jun 30, 2012 1162
Fashion for conservative women in Turkey is on the up. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 118
The women of Allah: a personal journey through Islamic feminisms. Vanzan, Anna Essay Jun 1, 2012 3782
Controlling women: yemen women harassed for not wearing full face veil. (Views & News). Khan, Shehla Aftab Jun 1, 2012 402
An open letter to my readers. Chesler, Phyllis Viewpoint essay May 9, 2012 101
Crossroads of history: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon. Recommended readings May 1, 2012 532

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