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Domestic violence. Sep 16, 2019 434
Over one-third of criminal cases are of domestic violence: report. Sep 14, 2019 906
Freedom music; Jazz musician and historian Jen Wilson's new book is a fascinating account of the history of jazz in Wales, writes Jenny White. Jul 27, 2019 1085
Construction Of Department Of Womens Studies And Museum At Jnanashakti Campus Vijayapura. Jun 27, 2019 110
Introduction. Jun 22, 2019 2500
Scholars: Recent Abortion Bills Historically Linked to 'Monopoly of Women's Health Care'. Pennamon, Tiffany Jun 13, 2019 1043
Renovation Of Womens Studies Centre And Engineering Department Toilets In Anu Campus. Jun 7, 2019 159
CHSS professor discusses women activism in Palestine. Apr 17, 2019 391
Lush Grass, Regrows in Spring: Queer Lala Times as Feminist and Queer Media in China. Yu, Yang Report Apr 1, 2019 7005
Role of educated women vital for country: KU VC Dr Ajmal. Mar 10, 2019 439
Role of educated women vital for country: KU VC Dr Ajmal. Mar 10, 2019 439
KU Vice Chancellor hails role of women in education field. Mar 9, 2019 395
Women's Studies can help achieve inclusion, gender equality: Dr Amal. Mar 8, 2019 676
Abu-Ghazaleh Forum Hosts 'Ana Hunna' International Network's 'Innovation for Economic Empowerment of Women' Discussion Session. Nov 26, 2018 481
Education Department probes claims against women's programs. Nov 19, 2018 542
Internal Electrification And Rewiring At Women Studies Center, Amu, Aligarh. Nov 2, 2018 169
1st Conference of Saudi Women's Studies kicks off today in Riyadh. Conference news Oct 24, 2018 223
Conference on Saudi Women studies launched at Princess Nourah University. Conference news Oct 24, 2018 324
Princess Nourah University holds first conference for Saudi women's studies. Conference news Oct 21, 2018 493
Freeman and the Abuse of Authority. Heppell, Michael Oct 1, 2018 9194
Transgressions and "Bad Girls". Masannat, Siwar Essay Jun 22, 2018 1362
Introduction to the Second Special Issue of the World Conference on Women's Studies, Colombo Sri Lanka JIWS. Venkatesan, Madhavi; Fox, Diana May 1, 2018 701
Social Work and Gender Studies. Vindicating a Specific Scientific Space/Trabajo social y estudios de genero. Vindicando un espacio cientifico propio. Romero, Belen Agrela; Villena, Amalia Morales Ensayo May 1, 2018 10992
Introduction to the Second Special Issue of the World Conference on Women's Studies, Colombo Sri Lanka JIWS. Venkatesan, Madhavi; Fox, Diana Apr 1, 2018 691
Gender, Race and Justification: The Value of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) in Contemporary Settler Colonial Contexts. Hodes, Caroline Essay Apr 1, 2018 9639
Imaging the Woman through Tanzanian Women's Maxims. Omari, Shani; Senkoro, Fikeni E.M.K. Report Apr 1, 2018 7814
India : Female enrolment in IITs to be increased to 20% by 2020-21 by creating supernumerary seats. Mar 28, 2018 392
AIOU to conduct 'gender and women studies' workshop from April 16. Mar 25, 2018 204
AIOU's to conduct 'gender and women studies workshop' from April 16. Mar 25, 2018 192
AIOU's to conduct 'gender and women studies workshop' from April 16. Mar 25, 2018 191
AIOU to conduct 'gender and women studies' workshop from April 16. Mar 25, 2018 204
AIOU's to conduct 'gender and women studies workshop' from April 16. Mar 25, 2018 198
WOMEN: HOLD UP HALF THE SKY. Todd, Mary Column Mar 22, 2018 570
Aileen A. Feng. Writing Beloveds. Humanist Petrarchism and the Politics of Gender. Ugolini, Paola Book review Mar 22, 2018 861
In Memoriam: NINA BAYM: JUNE 14, 1936-JUNE 15, 2018. Obituary Mar 22, 2018 2220
Women's role is pivotal for societal development: Dr. Nasreen. Mar 18, 2018 178
United States : UMBC to host Elect Her leadership training featuring local women in politics. Mar 10, 2018 899
Women are a key pillar of any society, seminar told. Mar 9, 2018 472
Kuwait the First Country in GCC to Join 'Ring the Bell' Initiative. Mar 8, 2018 945
Various programs to be held to mark Women's Day on Thursday. Mar 8, 2018 225
Various programs to be held to mark Women's Day on Thursday. Mar 8, 2018 218
Seminar on International Women's day at KU. Mar 5, 2018 149
Characterization of Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis attending the Muscular Dystrophy Association-Supported Clinics in Puerto Rico. Deliz, Brenda; Ramos, Kathya; Perez, Cynthia M. Mar 1, 2018 5035
Providing Architechtural And Technical Consultancy Services For The Proposed Women~s Studies Department And Museum Fo Awu Vijayapur. Jan 14, 2018 119
Making Aid for Trade work for women: Studies show benefits of a more inclusive economic model. Derboghossian, Anoush Jan 1, 2018 829
MEDIA EFFECTS ON GENDER CHILD PREFERENCE IN INDIA. Chatterjee, Karishma; Pillai, Vijayan K. Report Jan 1, 2018 10073
New Writings in Feminist and Women's Studies Winning and Short-listed Entries from the 2017 Feminist and Women's Studies Association's Annual Student Essay Competition. Clancy, Laura; Burton, Sarah Jan 1, 2018 2385
Flirting with the HRC. Marcus, Jane Jan 1, 2018 3048
Studies Show Women Prefer What Feminists Call "Toxic Males". Dec 18, 2017 341
Has Trump's Presidency Triggered The Movement Against Sexual Harassment? Reprint Dec 7, 2017 1081
Middle East gender inequality is 'corrupting the region'. Dec 6, 2017 747
Switzerland : On World AIDS Day, UNAIDS warns that men are less likely to access HIV treatment and more likely to die of AIDS-related illnesses. Dec 4, 2017 971
RESOURCES ON WOMEN AND GENDER IN PAKISTAN (2016-17). Khan, Shehla Aftab Bibliography Dec 1, 2017 222
There is abuse by State Council towards women's appointments in council: Gadallah. Nov 9, 2017 241
AIOU holds national conference on gender studies. Conference news Aug 10, 2017 538
AIOU holds national conference on gender studies. Conference news Aug 10, 2017 355
Providing Replacement Of Existing Damaged Mccb And Copper Cable On Panel Board At Centre For Women Studies, O.u. Campus. May 18, 2017 148
Providing Replacement Of Existing Damaged Mccb And Copper Cable On Panel Board At Centre For Women Studies, O.u. Campus. Apr 22, 2017 150
New writings in Feminist and Women's Studies winning and short-listed entries from the 2016 Feminist and Women's Studies association's annual student essay competition. Clancy, Laura; Mathieson, Charlotte Feb 1, 2017 1950
Editorial essay: Resources for feminist research/documentation sur la recherche feministe: The importance of context. Masters, Philinda Essay Sep 22, 2016 2663
Rothschild, N. Harry: "Emperor Wu Zhao and Her Pantheon of Devis, Divinities, and Dynastic Mothers." Yang, Shanshan Book review Sep 22, 2016 783
Contested memories: a critical analysis of the black feminist revisionist history project. Watkins, Valethia Essay Jul 1, 2016 8085
Start with the GWS librarian. Annis, Ashley Hartman Jun 22, 2016 587
Neoliberal burdens for women in academy: 'how dare we not work'/Akademideki kadinlarin neoliberal sikintilari: 'olur mu hic calismamak'. Simsek, Burcu Jun 1, 2016 8595
Sisterhood scholarship: North American Asian feminists increase their influence through courses that explore their unique history and experiences. Elfman, Lois Conference notes Mar 24, 2016 1267
Finding the right fit: prominent scholars in women's and gender studies face challenges in increasing its presence on HBCU campuses. Elfman, Lois Jul 30, 2015 1229
Correspondence between cyborg body and cyber self. Buran, Sumeyra Report Jul 1, 2015 15465
Preface. Gilmore, Stephanie; Nash, Jennifer Editorial Jun 22, 2015 1324
Feminist scholarship and family sociology: new ways of thinking, outstanding questions. Luxton, Meg Report May 1, 2015 4015
Preface. Thayer, Millie; Tambe, Ashwini Editorial Sep 22, 2014 2830
Rethinking Gender from the South. Connell, Raewyn Essay Sep 22, 2014 9392
Finding the words: how the intersection of Asian American studies and women's studies helps me to survive kidney cancer. Yee, Jennifer A. Essay Sep 1, 2014 13041
DAV to launch women veterans study, capitol hill film screening. Bryant, Ashleigh Sep 1, 2014 331
New books in women's and gender studies. List Jun 22, 2014 1887
Women's studies in the age of globalization. Crabtree-Sinnet, Claire Essay Jan 1, 2014 2378
Let's talk about sex: making space for women's voices and sexuality. Nguyen, Elizabeth Jan 1, 2014 818
Approaches to recovering early women: introduction. Gaul, Theresa Strouth Jan 1, 2014 348
Looking for stories of inarticulate women. Chamberlain, Ava Essay Jan 1, 2014 2116
Interpretive challenges posed by the gendered performances of early american female criminals. Lewis, Amelia C. Essay Jan 1, 2014 1483
"Memorials of exemplary women are peculiarly interesting": female biography in early national america. Mcmahon, Lucia Essay Jan 1, 2014 2340
E-Sources on Women & Gender. Lehman, JoAnne List Jan 1, 2014 1293
Perspectives on women's studies from India: strengths, struggles and implications for programs in the U.S. Mitra, Aditi; Bhatia, Manjeet; Chatterjee, Sobha Report Jul 1, 2013 8419
Women's Studies and Sexuality Studies in Conversation. Jun 22, 2013 504
Diving (Back) into the Wreck: Finding, Transforming, and Reimagining Women's Studies and Sexuality Studies in the Academy. Fahs, Breanne Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 2302
Whither Feminism in Higher Education in the Current Crisis? Briggs, Laura Essay Jun 22, 2013 1895
Building (and Rebuilding) LGBT Studies at the University of Maryland. Lindemann, Marilee Essay Jun 22, 2013 1987
Feminism's Attachments. Braithwaite, Ann; Orr, Catherine M. Essay Jun 22, 2013 1557
Whither or Wither Feminisms? Vostral, Sharra L. Essay Jun 22, 2013 1341
Women's Studies and Sexuality Studies at HBCUs: The Audre Lorde Project at Spelman College. Williams, Erica Lorraine Essay Jun 22, 2013 1975
Way Before the Word: Queer Organizing and Race When Beauty Still Counts. Thompson, Becky Essay Jun 22, 2013 8813
Who Needs Feminism? Lessons from a Digital World. Seidman, Rachel F. Essay Jun 22, 2013 4122
New books in women's and gender studies. Recommended readings Jun 22, 2013 1728
Critical interventions into place, nation, creativity, and feminist Knowledge. Latorre, Guisela; Wu, Judy Tzu-Chun Column May 1, 2013 1550
Feminist Cu rents. Boris, Eileen; Currans, Elizabeth Column May 1, 2013 2392
The relationship between men's facial masculinity and women's judgments of value as a potential romantic partner. Thompson, Ashley E.; O'Sullivan, Lucia F. Report Mar 22, 2013 6417
The impact of brief exposure to sexually explicit video clips on partnered female clitoral self-stimulation, orgasm and sexual satisfaction. Kohut, Taylor; Fisher, William A. Report Mar 22, 2013 8042
Preface. Gilmore, Stephanie; Poiger, Uta Editorial Mar 22, 2013 1691
New books in women's and gender studies. List Mar 22, 2013 1481
The Portrayal of Women in Israeli Arabic Textbooks on Druse Heritage. Falah, Janan Faraj Abstract Jan 1, 2013 231
Perspectives on women's studies from India: strengths, struggles and implications for programs in the U.S. Mitra, Aditi; Bhatia, Manjit; Chatterjee, Sobha Report Jan 1, 2013 8071
Quite contrary: Mary Daly within and without women's studies. Telling, Kathryn Critical essay Dec 1, 2012 6579
Women's studies and gender studies centres: how they contribute to feminism. Qibtiyah, Alimatul Report Dec 1, 2012 10644
From the editors. Column Sep 22, 2012 514
Intertwined Legacies: Claire Moses and Feminist Studies. Rosenfelt, Deborah S. Essay Sep 22, 2012 2431
Feminist Frequencies: Regenerating the Wave Metaphor. Hewitt, Nancy A. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 9495
"What's in a Name?" On Writing the History of Feminism. Moses, Claire Goldberg Essay Sep 22, 2012 9902
At the threshold of the plantation household: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and Southern women's history. Edwards, Laura F. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 4592
A study on gender portrayals in advertising through the years: a review report. Kumari, Shyama; Shivani, Shraddha Report Jul 1, 2012 3612
Transcultural, Transnational, Trans-disciplinary Perspectives on Women's Literary History: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan 26-28 November 2012. Koch, Magdalena Conference notes Jul 1, 2012 661
From paratext to epitext: mapping the authorial apparatus in early modern women's writing. Pender, Patricia; Smith, Rosalind Essay Jul 1, 2012 3751
Preface. Meyer, Leisa; Poiger, Uta Editorial Jun 22, 2012 2171
New books in women's and gender studies. Bibliography Jun 22, 2012 2553
Practising Disobedience: Feminist Politics in the Academy. Pelan, Rebecca Essay May 1, 2012 5789
Can the memoirist speak? Representing Iranian women, gender, and sexuality in recent popular and scholarly publications. Kheshti, Roshanak Mar 22, 2012 8773
Beyond the "feeling woman": feminist implications of affect studies. Greyser, Naomi Essay Mar 22, 2012 11772
Is liberal arts education for women liberating? From cold war debate to modern gender gaps. Walton, Andrea Essay Jan 1, 2012 7143
A cautionary tale: on limiting epistemic oppression. Dotson, Kristie Report Jan 1, 2012 9685
Artist's statement: the Plural Wife Project. Ellsworth, Angela Jan 1, 2012 297
Teaching about sexual violence in higher education: moving from concern to conscious resistance. Bertram, Corrine C.; Crowley, M. Sue Report Jan 1, 2012 6414
Chick lit in the undergraduate classroom. Wilson, Cheryl A. Report Jan 1, 2012 7534
Women Shaping Their World: an honors colloquium. Barst, Julie M.; Lane, Julie D.; Stewart-Nunez, Christine Report Jan 1, 2012 7240
Inhabitants of interstices? feminist analysis at the intersection of peace studies, critical security studies and human security. Hudson, Heidi Report Nov 1, 2011 8966
Haunted by Citizenship: Whitenormative Citizen-Subjects and the Uses of History in Women's Studies. Brandzel, Amy L. Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 12348
Ti-Grace Atkinson and the Legacy of Radical Feminism. Fahs, Breanne Interview Sep 22, 2011 13412
San Diego State 1970: The Initial Year of the Nation's First Women's Studies Program. Salper, Roberta L. Essay Sep 22, 2011 11401
Women on the Verge course offered this fall at KU. Reid, Ciara Aug 1, 2011 492
Women in early America: recharting hemispheric and Atlantic desire. Harvey, Tamara Essay Jun 1, 2011 7668
Trafficking Modernities--Gender and Cultural Authority in the Case of the Woman Organist, Lilian Frost. Hunt, Jane E. Essay May 1, 2011 9768
Survival of the Male Breadwinner. Werth, Shalene Essay May 1, 2011 5214
KU's women, gender and sexuality studies Ph.D. program places Kansas on the map. Padilla, Kristina May 1, 2011 523
Emerging spaces: new possibilities in critical times. Papadelos, Pam; Goriss-Hunter, Anitra; Wendt, Sarah; Williams, Samantha Conference notes May 1, 2011 693
Emerging spaces: new possibilities in critical times. Papadelos, Pam; Williams, Samantha Conference notes May 1, 2011 2078
Preface. Reddy, Gayatri; Tambe, Ashwini Editorial Mar 22, 2011 2694
New Feminist Studies award. Brief article Mar 22, 2011 209
Publications received. List Mar 22, 2011 2271
The nature of feminist science studies. Phillips, Patti; Phillips, Catherine Editorial Sep 22, 2010 3188
"The nature of the body": anatomizing heterogender in sexual medicine. Marshall, Barbara Report Sep 22, 2010 5993
"Your mother's always with you": material feminism and fetomaternal microchimerism. Martin, Aryn Clinical report Sep 22, 2010 7324
Science culture in the nineteenth century: women and the Botanical Society of Canada. Kennedy, Kerrie Report Sep 22, 2010 11641
Transgender and feminist alliances in contemporary U.K. feminist politics. Withers, Deborah M. Sep 22, 2010 2686
Publications received. List Sep 22, 2010 1571
Forthcoming. List Sep 22, 2010 640
Women's studies: is it time to change course? Bondy, Renee Essay Sep 22, 2010 2715
China and Women's Liberation: Re-Assessing the Relationship Through Population Policies. Ross, Kaz Essay May 1, 2010 13231
Gender analysis of women in the Philippine agriculture and their occupational issues. Lu, Jinky Leilanie Report May 1, 2010 4559
Recasting Global Feminisms: Toward a Comparative Historical Approach to Women's Activism and Feminist Scholarship. Lal, Jayati; McGuire, Kristin; Stewart, Abigail J.; Zaborowska, Magdalena J.; Pas, Justine M. Essay Mar 22, 2010 10968
Global Concepts, Local Practices: Chinese Feminism Since the Fourth UN Conference on Women. Wang Zheng (American educator); Ying Zhang (American educator) Essay Mar 22, 2010 11343
Women's studies on the chopping block. Belyk, Vivian Jun 22, 2009 503
Activist learning vs. service learning in a women's studies classroom. Bubriski, Anne; Semaan, Ingrid Jun 22, 2009 3878
Introduction: Traveling Modernisms. Scott, Bonnie Kime Critical essay May 1, 2009 1959
First Drafts for Transnational Women's Writing: A Revisiting of the Modernisms of Woolf, West, Fauset and Dark. Scott, Bonnie Kime Critical essay May 1, 2009 9393
The Poet and the Ghosts Are Walking the Streets: Hope Mirrlees--Life and Poetry. Boyde, Melissa Critical essay May 1, 2009 5999
Modernising Japanese Women Through Literary Journals. Claremont, Yasuko Critical essay May 1, 2009 7036
Fictocriticism: Writing the Body 2008 English & Cultural Studies/Women's Studies Honours Seminar. Bartlett, Alison May 1, 2009 1085
"Do You YouTube?" Using Online Video in Women's Studies Courses. Hoskins, Deb Mar 22, 2009 1911
E-sources on women & gender. Lehman, JoAnne Website list Mar 22, 2009 1061
Special issues of periodicals. Lehman, JoAnne Bibliography Mar 22, 2009 3120
"Ding, dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead": the reported demise of women's studies in the United Kingdom. Marchbank, Jen Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 3348
Feminist academics and the stimulus package: a report from the field. Boris, Eileen; Levenstein, Lisa Report Mar 22, 2009 2018
A 'second wave of feminism': as women's studies programs mature, they are incorporating issues of race and sexuality. Elfman, Lois Mar 5, 2009 1296
New and newly discovered periodicals. Lehman, JoAnne Bibliography Jan 1, 2009 375
Special issues of periodicals. Lehman, JoAnne Bibliography Jan 1, 2009 786
Reconstructing science and technology studies: views from feminist standpoint theory. Campbell, Nancy D. Essay Jan 1, 2009 11737
You tube and feminism: a class action project. Siddiqui, Shereen Dec 22, 2008 941
Women on YouTube: a feminist action research project. Andaloro, Ann Dec 22, 2008 510
Reading You Tube, contextualizing theory. Falzetti, Ashley Essay Dec 22, 2008 537
Keyword: feminism: evaluating representations of feminism in Youtube. Eudey, Betsy Essay Dec 22, 2008 562
YouTube as case study: analysis of gendered representations in video. Eudey, Betsy Essay Dec 22, 2008 511
Vision, memory, spectacle: the Australian Women's and Gender Studies Association Conference. Baker, Joanne Conference notes Nov 1, 2008 917
Connecting, collaborating and surviving: the story of a Women's Studies Centre in the Australian tropics. Harris, Nonie; Baker, Joanne Report Nov 1, 2008 6634
Deconstructing masculinity in a 'female bastion': ambiguities, contradictions and insights. Fonchingong, Charles C. Report Nov 1, 2008 7308
Socialist Feminism: What Difference Did It Make to the History of Women's Studies? Kennedy, Elizabeth Lapovsky Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2008 10443
What happened to socialist feminist women's studies programs? A case history and some speculations. Gardiner, Judith Kegan Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2008 9497
A torrent of moving images: free online videos for women's studies. Weisbard, Phyllis Holman Report Jun 22, 2008 4156
Making stories (artist's statement). Racette, Sherry Farrell Jun 1, 2008 1703
There's no place like "home": mining the theoretical terrain of black women's studies, black queer studies and black studies. Story, Kaila Adia Essay Mar 1, 2008 4867
Politics, sexualities, and new feminist scholarship winning and short-listed entries for the 2006 feminist and women's studies association (UK and Ireland) annual student essay competition. Waters, Melanie; Fay, Michaela Editorial Mar 1, 2008 1083
Reconstructing a life: the archival challenges of women's history. Sachs, Honor R. Essay Jan 1, 2008 7798
Feminist studies of Asian American literary/cultural studies. Yi Kang, Laura Hyun Sep 22, 2007 7371
Culture at the crossroads. Godard, Barbara Essay Sep 22, 2007 7478
"Copy, cut, paste": a reflection on some institutional constraints of teaching a big intro course. Karpinski, Eva C. Essay Sep 22, 2007 6880
"'I'm Not a Militant Feminist': Exploring Feminist identities and feminist Hesitations in the Contemporary Academy.". Webber, Michelle Brief article Sep 22, 2007 103
Editorial. Caykent, Ozlem Brief article Jul 1, 2007 280
Kibris'ta kadin/toplumsal cinsiyet calismalari ve kadin hareketi uzerine bir degerlendirme. Aliefendioglu, Hanife Critical essay Jul 1, 2007 4495
Round-up 2: blogs and other e-tools for women's studies. Recommended readings Jun 22, 2007 3405
E-sources on women & gender. Lehman, JoAnne Recommended readings Jun 22, 2007 814
"If My Husband Calls I'm Not Here": the beauty parlor as real and representational female space. Scanlon, Jennifer Jun 22, 2007 10235
The Historical Development of Women's Studies in Ahfad University for Women. Abdel-Magied, Ahmed Brief article Jun 1, 2007 223
Feminist activism and the feminist studies classroom. Wine, Jeri Dawn Reprint Mar 22, 2007 6043
Women, knowledge and change: gender is not enough (1). Christiansen-Ruffman, Linda Mar 22, 2007 12075
Revisiting and reflecting on a piece written for Jeri Wine in 1984: "Feminist issues as they relate to my grandmother, my mother, and myself". Gerrard, Nikki Mar 22, 2007 9227
From the editors. Mar 22, 2007 575
A year of girls' studies. Lemaster, Tracy Wendt Editorial Mar 22, 2007 1141
The role of journal writing in teaching women's history. Denkler, Ann Mar 22, 2007 3131
From girl power to empowerment: the theory, pedagogy, and practice of Girls' Film. Hentges, Sarah Jan 1, 2007 3922
E-Sources on women and gender. Lehman, JoAnne List Jan 1, 2007 1382
Learning from student learning: a librarian-instructor's view of her information literacy class. Wilkinson, Carroll Wetzel Sep 22, 2006 3733
Asian Journal of Women's Studies: developing women's studies at universities in China: research, curriculum and institution. Fangqin, Du Brief article Sep 22, 2006 174
Reading, writing and revolution on Miss G lesson plan. Thompson, Rachel Sep 22, 2006 443
New and newly discovered periodicals. Lehman, JoAnne Jun 22, 2006 359
Special issues of periodicals. Lehman, JoAnne Jun 22, 2006 401
Manning the ship: more male scholars are showing up in women's studies departments, but experts are hesitant to call it a trend just yet. Banerji, Shilpa May 4, 2006 991
The link between women's studies programs and grassroots organizations in Lebanon, the Balkans, and the Palestinian territories: a comparative study. Tomas, Cheryl Mar 22, 2006 6023
Introduction. Aune, Kristin; Roberts, Celia Essay Mar 1, 2006 1784
Women and feminism in higher education scholarship: an analysis of three core journals. Hart, Jeni Jan 1, 2006 8605
Round-up: blogging women's studies. Jan 1, 2006 3388
Women maintaining physical activity at midlife: contextual complexities. Yarwood, Judy; Carryer, Jenny; Gagan, Mary Jo Nov 1, 2005 6068
Dance as power: the women at the baths in Roman Scandals. Scodel, Ruth Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 5756
"Suffering Sappho!": Wonder Woman and the (re)invention of the feminine ideal. Stanley, Kelli E. Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 10990
How to kill an Amazon. Blondell, Ruby Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 13319
Barbie[R] as Grecian Goddess[TM] and Egyptian Queen[TM]: ancient women's history by Mattel[R]. Milnor, Kristina Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 7022
Mindful masquerades: que(e)rying Japanese immigrant dress in turn-of-the-century San Francisco. Sueyoshi, Amy Sep 1, 2005 12916
Mixed messages: Pablita Velarde, Kay Bennett, and the changing meaning of Anglo-Indian intermarriage in twentieth-century New Mexico. Reed, Maureen E. Sep 1, 2005 14154
Introduction. Aune, Kristin; Throsby, Karen Essay Jul 1, 2005 3783
Geographic theorizations of sexuality: a review of recent works. Curran, Mary E. Jun 22, 2005 6547
Women's studies faculty at the intersection of institutional power and feminist values. Burghardt, Deborah A.; Colbeck, Carol L. May 1, 2005 11542
What her body taught (or, teaching about and with a disability): a conversation. Brueggemann, Brenda Jo; Garland-Thomson, Rosemarie; Kleege, Georgina Mar 22, 2005 8172
Spectrography. Murphy, Roberta Mar 22, 2005 2069
Feminist Studies Award winner. Brief Article Mar 22, 2005 296
E-sources on women & gender. Lehman, JoAnne Jan 1, 2005 1496
Gender and information technology: perspectives from human cognitive development. Miller, Patricia H. Jan 1, 2005 8032
Abstracts/precis de lecture 2001. Sep 22, 2004 9883
Abstracts/precis de lecture 2002. Sep 22, 2004 11141
Abstracts/precis de lecture 2003. Sep 22, 2004 10266
Stronger students, better research: information literacy in the women's studies classroom. Wilkinson, Carroll Wetzel Jun 22, 2004 3345
Items of note. Pfotenhauer, Mary Jun 22, 2004 521
Taking her name: on queer male "woman-identification" and feminist theory. Loudermilk, A. Jun 1, 2004 10994
Crossing boundaries. Jackson, Sue May 1, 2004 2511
Perverse pleasures--identity work and the paradoxes of greedy institutions. Hey, Valerie May 1, 2004 5522
Heresy and orthodoxy: challenging established paradigms and disciplines. Hersch, Marion; Moss, Gloria May 1, 2004 8376
Conferences and call for papers. Calendar Mar 22, 2004 856
New writings in women's studies: selected essays from the first women's studies network (U.K.) association essay contest. Livesey, Louise; Throsby, Karen Mar 1, 2004 3224
An illimitable field: a practice-based investigation into the writing process. Mellor, Julie Mar 1, 2004 7418
Introduction: Susan Armitage for the frontiers editorial collective. Armitage, Susan Jan 1, 2004 1016
An Empirical Study of Contextual Factors on Chinese Female Access to Higher Education. Zhao, Yezhu; Wang, Jianjun Abstract Jan 1, 2004 145
Gender and masculinity in South African nationalist discourse, 1912-1950. Erlank, Natasha Sep 22, 2003 8732
Contradictions in feminist pedagogy: Black women students' perspectives. Mogadime, Dolana Sep 22, 2003 11808
Learning too late? A psychoanalytic reflection on the affective, defensive and repressive dynamics of learning about "race" in women's studies. Ringrose, Jessica Sep 22, 2003 8151
Answering questions and asking more: reflections on feminist participatory research. McDonald, Susan Sep 22, 2003 10927
Are the movement's organizations open to the movement's members? A study of democratic practices in women's groups in Quebec. Beeman, Jennifer; Guberman, Nancy; Fournier, Danielle; Gervais, Lise; Lamoureux, Jocelyne Sep 22, 2003 10340
In sickness and employment: women living and working with chronic illness. Driedger, Diane Sep 22, 2003 5126
Embu women: food production and traditional knowledge. Wane, Njoki Sep 22, 2003 5310
The bookshelf. Bibliography Sep 1, 2003 1450
Graduate education in women's studies: paradoxes and challenges. Caughie, Pamela L. Jun 22, 2003 1270
Paradoxes of empowerment: interdisciplinary graduate pedagogy in women's studies. Gardiner, Judith Kegan Jun 22, 2003 5429
Professional identity politics. Caughie, Pamela L. Jun 22, 2003 6180
Ph.D. programs and the research mission of women's studies: the case for interdisciplinarity. Kitch, Sally L. Jun 22, 2003 5361
Gender and health status of women in Turkey/Turkiye'de toplumsal cinsiyet ve saglik durumu. Aslan, Dilek; Ozvaris, Sevkat; Esin, Cigdem Jun 1, 2003 4494
Ramize erer karikaturlerinin toplumsal cinsiyet acisindan incelenmesi/Analysis of the caricatures of Ramize Erer from a social gender point of view. Ozgoren, Irem Jun 1, 2003 2592
Asur Ticaret Kolonileri Devrinde kadin/Women in the Assyrian Trade Colonial Period. Demirag, Yelda Jun 1, 2003 4936
The gender blindness of good theorists: an Israeli case study. Dahan-Kalev, Henriette May 1, 2003 13461
Harvesting our strengths: third wave feminism and women's studies. Gillis, Stacy; Munford, Rebecca Apr 1, 2003 2876
Is women's studies dead? Zalewski, Marysia Apr 1, 2003 9197
Scandalous categories: classifying the memoirs of unconventional women. Breashears, Caroline Mar 22, 2003 9674
The Bookshelf. Bibliography Jan 1, 2003 1559
Radical possibilities: feminism, pedagogy and visual culture. (Reflections on Feminist Critical Practices). Parsons, Sarah Sep 22, 2002 5510
E-sources on women & gender. Sep 22, 2002 3208
Books recently received. Bibliography Sep 22, 2002 452
Adam Matthew Publications. (Items of Note). Bibliography Jun 22, 2002 104
Women's Studies. (Book Notes). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 285
Our bodies, our scholarship: Unwomen, "happy" marriage, foreign male elements, and women's studies. (Columns). Young, Cathy Jun 1, 2002 1162
Ahfad University for Women's experience in introducing women and Gender Studies: the challenges of the 21st century. Jun 1, 2002 3348
Women Development Machinary in Sudan Over Three Decades. (Research Notes). Azim, Manal Abdel Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 195
Archive survival guide: Practical and theoretical approaches for the next century of women's studies research. (Conversations). Steadman, Jennifer Bernhardt; Engelhardt, Elizabeth; Foster, Frances Smith; Micham, Laura Jun 1, 2002 5968
Using film to teach Women's Studies courses: a teaching aid recommendation. Wysocki, Diane Kholos May 1, 2002 1709
Web Sites in the OPAC: Issues of Granularity. (Library and Information Sciences). Folsom, Sandy Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 201
Computer Talk. Mar 22, 2002 2299
Local, global, regional: womens studies in Australia. Magarey, Susan; Sheridan, Susan Mar 22, 2002 10735
Nasrine Gross at Kabul University. (News and Views). Groves, Sharon Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 183
Computer Talk. Jan 1, 2002 3588
Jenda: a Journal of Culture and African Women Studies 2000. (New and Newly Discovered Periodicals). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 307
Nikk Magasin 2001. (New and Newly Discovered Periodicals). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 161
Sarah Dyer Women's Zine Collection. (Items of Note). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 115
Briefs and full-text versions of many discussion papers from the International Food Policy Research Institute. (Items of Note). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 168
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