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Women's hair plume.

Long white plumes from near the tail of an eagle are used by many women dancers. Simulate these eagle hair plumes by combing some turkey fluffs to build up a large plume on a heavier feather quill.


Start by stripping the entire blade of a turkey wing feather except for the very tip. Cut this quill so it is 6 inches long. Leave a small bit of blade at the very tip to help keep the top fluffs from slipping out of the winding (Fig. 1).

Select two fluffs that have their tips darkened to look like eagle plumes. Put a drop of glue on both sides of the tip of the quill. Place the bases of these top fluffs on both sides of the quill tip, below the small bit of blade, and orient them both to cure in the same direction as the curve in the quill. Using heavy white thread (button and carpet thread are the best for this), wind around tightly to hold it all together and then tie a knot (Fig 2).

Select the next two white fluffs. Straighten them by holding the quills between thumb and first finger, crimping the quill with your thumbnail on the side you want to bend towards. This may have to be done in several directions up and down the quill as some fluffs are curled at the top.

Attach these feathers about half way down the quill, one at a time. Place a drop of glue on the spot and position the first fluff on the outside of the quill and make sure it follows the curve as close as you can. Using the white thread, wind around the bottom 1/2 inch of this fluff's base tightly and tie a knot.

Take the second fluff and position it on the inside of the quill's curve and wind this in place with thread as well. Carefully raise these fluffs away from the quills underneath so that you can put a drop of glue on the quill. Smooth the fluffs down and let dry.

Next, take two more fluffs and repeat the process, this time positioning these about 1 inch above the base of the big quill as in Figure 3. Also, after fastening them in place with thread, place a small drop of glue under these on the quill bases of the center fluffs and smooth the bottom fluffs over these spots. Let dry.

The plume is now ready to wear, usually fastened in the hair behind a barrette.




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