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Articles from Women's Health Collection (January 1, 2001)

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Addictions to psychoactive substances and eating disorders. (The Mortification of the Flesh). Callirgos, Marcela 3924
An invisible hazard: psychological violence in the workplace. (Occupational Hazards). Barreto, Margarida 3520
Anorexia and bulimia: early prevention and detection. (The Mortification of the Flesh). Bello, Alicia 1430
Body image and eating disorders: adolescence and gender. (The Mortification of the Flesh). Benlloch, Isabel Martinez 5125
Directory. Directory 368
Domestic violence self-help groups: taking steps to end victimization. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Nisef, Claire 1722
From home to the stage: violence against women and mental health in theater. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Morales, Marta Fernandez 6687
Gender, mental health and violence. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Perez, M. Eugenia Calvin 3593
Introduction. (Reflections of Inequality). Gomez, Adriana 722
Letters from survivors. (Support Groups). Poem 534
Mobbing: emotional abuse at work. (Occupational Hazards). Baez, Gloria 1689
On growing older: some observations on important issues. (The Malaise of Gender). Carreno, Dolly 3285
Once upon a time, there was a little girl ... (Consequences of Gender Violence). Asturias, Laura E. 4580
Options for life and mental health: rural women from Chiapas, Mexico. (The Malaise of Gender). Martelo, Emma Zapata 6000
Overwork and unemployment as stress factors: women and mental health. (Occupational Hazards). Moncarz, Esther 5320
Pregnancy resulting from rape: breaking the silence of multiple crises. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Jaramillo, Ana Maria 3438
Psychological Malaise, psycho-social factors and health services: women's health. (The Malaise of Gender). Burijovich, Jacinta 4345
Rediscovering Saint Agatha and the Amazons within: new self-images for breast cancer survivors. (The Malaise of Gender). Martinez, Iris Zavala 1433
Reflections on battered women: gender violence and mental health. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Fiol, Esperanca Bosch 2988
Reflections on the need for a comprehensive focus: women's mental health. (The Malaise of Gender). Quinones, Iris Beth Rodriguez 1426
The body as text: Anorexia nervosa. (The Mortification of the Flesh). Araya, Loreto 7591
The evocation: a political resource in mental health. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Giberti, Eva 2016
The impact of incest in women's lives. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Gonzalez, Nirvana 1726
The rebirth of Zoilamerica: surviving incest. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Largaespada, Mildred Interview 2965
Towards a gender and generational analysis of mental health. (The Malaise of Gender). Tajer, Debora 3473
Violence and its impact on comprehensive health: an interview with Soledad Larrain. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Interview 2330
Violence begets violence. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Gomez, Ivonne 1834
Violence, subordination and women's mental health. (Consequences of Gender Violence). Cruz, Virgen Caceres 1125
Who cares for the caregivers? The vicious cycle of illness. (Occupational Hazards). Sanchez, Celia Sarduy 2663
Women's mental health: triumphs and challenges. (The Malaise of Gender). Rodriguez, Ada Caridad Alfonso 1920
Women, mental health and gender. (The Malaise of Gender). Grela, Cristina 3352
Women, mental health and grassroots education. (The Malaise of Gender). Rosas, Emma Maria Reyes 5509

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