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Women's Early Modern Medical Almanacs in Historical Context.

Women's Early Modern Medical Almanacs in Historical Context

A. S. Weber. 2003. English literary renaissance 33:358-402.

"This article examines the prophetical and medical almanacs of two female [technical writers] of seventeenth-century England, Sarah Jinner of London and Mary Holden of Sudbury.... The medical content of both almanac makers demonstrates a desire to preserve and transmit classically-based medical cures for women, and in the case of Jinner, possibly to inform women about abortefacient and emmenagogic drugs. Jinner's medicines are based on classical pharmacology, thus demonstrating that women's medicine of the period was not necessarily a distinct praxis from the Galenic and Hippocratic therapeutics of male university-trained physicians."

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Title Annotation:WRITING
Author:Malone, Edward A.
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Feb 1, 2005
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