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Woman gets over USD500,000 in compensation after losing hearing during Northwest Airlines flight.


A woman has been awarded more than USD500,000 compensation for allegedly losing the hearing in one ear due to a pressurisation problem on a Northwest Airlines flight.

The Louisiana woman - who has a congenital ear condition that makes her ear less resistant to pressure changes - claimed that the airline was aware of an ongoing pressurisation problem with the DC-9 aircraft which she travelled on from the Twin Cities to Fargo, N.D., on 26 March 2002. She accused the airline of negligence in failing to properly fix the problem.

A jury in Hennepin County District Court awarded the woman USD75,000 for medical expenses and pain, disability and emotional distress and USD475,000 for future medical expenses, pain, disability, distress and loss of earning capacity.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
Date:Jun 30, 2004
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