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Woman claims customs officers frisked her because of her race and gender.


A woman claiming that she was subjected to a full body search at Newark International Airport because of her race and gender has said she hopes that the US Customs Service will develop frisk guidelines that are not based on racial profiles. Advertising executive Yvette Bradley was frisked after returning from a holiday in Jamaica along with seven of eight black women on the return flight, while many white passengers disembarking at the same time were waived through customs. Claims that customs' searches are racially prompted are not new, and almost 100 black women in Chicago have filed a class- action lawsuit against the US Customs Service claiming they were singled out for frisking because of their race and gender and there are also lawsuits pending in several other US cities. Bradley has said that she is not intending to sue US Customs immediately, but hopes the agency will alter its guidelines. A spokesperson for the agency meanwhile has said that it is increasing the supervision of customs officers conducting searches, as well as including training in cultural differences, and keeping track of who is searched. The US Customs Service is also establishing an independent review panel to examine search policies according to the Associated Press.
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Publication:Airline Industry Information
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Date:Nov 22, 1999
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