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Woman babysits for eight hours - but gets odd response when she asks to be paid; A woman has shared the shocking response her sister received from a mum whose children she babysat for.

Byline: Courtney Pochin

It's typical to expect that when you've offered and completed a service for someone they will provide you with adequate payment - whether you're a builder, writer or wedding planner.

But one woman found herself in a rather bizarre predicament afterbabysittingfor a stranger's children for eight hours.

She messaged the mum at the end of the day to further discuss collecting her payment but couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the reply she had been sent.

The babysitter's sister revealed all in a post online and it's angered thousands.

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Taking toReddit,the sister shared screen shots she had been sent of the babysitter and the mother's text exchange.

The conversation begins civilly with the babysitter messaging: "It was great watching [child's name] and [child's name] today! I enjoyed them. Do you mind if I swing by tomorrow at 2pm to collect the money?"

Things instantly take a weird turn as the mum replies: "I wasn't aware payment was involved. You got free ice cream and a day of fun... I'm sorry for the misinterpreation."

Confused, the babysitter quickly reminds her that they had already discussed a payment of $16 ([pounds sterling]12.60) an hour before she agreed to watch the kids, then sends images of their previous conversation to prove it.

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When the babysitter reiterates that she is owed $128 for her services, the mother tells her she's acting "stuck up" and asks if they can compromise at $20 because the kids are easy to look after and it was only one day of work.

Trying to keep a level head, the babysitter says: "It's not a discussion of that. You promised, and I have textbooks to pay for. Please, I would accept $100."

But her pleading doesn't work on the heartless parent, who proceeds to block her number in order to stop her asking for money.

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"Absolutely not," she wrote. "I wish I didn't have such a stuck up c*** watching my kids. I am going to block you now - please do not contact me again."

The babysitter was outraged - as were theRedditusers who read the post.

One person suggested she talk to the husband and see if he is "more reasonable", or if not taken them to "small claims court".

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Others jumped on this bandwagon and advised her to seek out TV'sJudge Judy.

"Judge Judy would have a field day," commented another person.

A third added: "Literally what I was thinking, Judge Judy would clap this lady."

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A woman babysat for eight hours, but got a bizarre response about being paid (stock photo)

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The mum didn't want to pay the babysitter (stock photo)

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She was shocked by the woman's messages (stock photo)

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People think she should pay a visit to TV's Judge Judy to resolve the issue
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Title Annotation:News,Weird News
Publication:Daily Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 30, 2018
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