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Woman Steals Package Minutes After Delivery.

A woman was caught on video following a United Parcel Service (UPS) truck Saturday in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to steal a package minutes after it was delivered, the intended recipient said.

Minh Nim expected to see a package on his doorstep Saturday upon returning home from work, but he was surprised to find that it was nowhere in sight. Nim said he lost $100 worth of merchandise due to ( porch pirating , which is when a person steals a package from the intended recipient's doorstep or porch.

Security cameras outside of Nim's home, which he's resided at for nine years, managed to catch the unidentified woman in the act. The footage shows a white, blonde woman smoking a cigarette as she casually approaches Nim's home to take his package nearly three minutes after the delivery was made. She's then seen walking away with the homeowner's package. 

"It was a deliberate act of following and grab and go," Nim told ( KRQE . "I got out of work around 6, came home, pretty excited about my package. Came home, nothing on the porch, nothing on the front door, checked around, nowhere."

"Sure enough, UPS did deliver, and exactly three minutes later, somebody walked up and casually grabbed and go. Just walked up, like nobody's business. Not even running, not even rushing or anything like that," he added. 

Nim didn't report the incident to authorities because "it wasn't a big deal, like a package is just things," according to KRQE. 

UPS has regulations in place regarding package theft circumstances as they arise. 

"If a package is stolen, the customer should contact the shipper and file a police report," a UPS spokesperson told International Business Times. "UPS has technologies and programs that help keep packages from unintended hands. Two free services that UPS offers are UPS My Choice and UPS Access Point locations." 

"( UPS My Choice gives consumers more control over their residential deliveries by sending a text or email when their packages are on the way, and enabling recipients to redirect their packages to nearby UPS Access Point locations for pick-up at a more convenient time."

UPS did not directly comment on Nim's incident, however.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Feb 6, 2018
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