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Woman's lonely death ignites warden row.

THE death of an 82-year-old widow has prompted pensioners on a council estate to step up their call for a full-time warden to be appointed.

Residents on the Bron Haul estate in Trelawnyd, near Holywell, are upset by the death of 82-year-old Sarah Parry. She was found on Monday on her bed by a neighbour who became concerned that the curtains in her bungalow were still drawn at 9am. Her next-door neighbour, Barbara Parry - no relation - found a weak pulse, but the pensioner was certified dead by a doctor after paramedics were called to the scene. Sarah Parry lived in one of 17 bungalows on the estate, which is owned by Flintshire County Council. For the past two years there has been no resident warden on the estate, even though a bungalow is allocated for one. The previous warden, who was also responsible for another 10 bungalows on the adjacent Llys Mostyn estate, continued t olive in the premises for some time after giving up the job, but no successor has been appointed. Ron Parry, 82 - also nor elation - who lives next door to the vacant bungalow, said that a relief warden called at the estate once a day during the week but not at weekends. ``But a resident warden gets to know all the little illnesses and problems of the residents, and can call back to check that everything is all right,'' he said. Community councillor John Lloyd-Ellis commented: ``It's an absolute disgrace and Flintshire County Council keeps coming up with lame excuses. The estate should not have been left without a warden.''

Yesterday a local woman, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Post that she had heard of the vacancy and contacted the authority, only to be told that the estate was now being covered by a relief warden. A spokesman for Flintshire council said: ``There is a vacancy for a warden which has been advertised. However, a relief warden does visit the complex on a daily basis.''
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 15, 2003
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