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Wolves in sheep's clothing.

Don't believe your eyes! There's a bunch of animals out there disguised as other animals, braving their niches. This map of 100 disguises or "hides" hides 50 hiders. Hiders are easy enough to spot that I won't give all the answers, just those for the quiz. Only hides that are not related to their hiders are used. No humans. No Latin names, but ten aren't everyday words. All hiders are alive and intact, no beheadings like a camel hiding in a chameleon. Half-covered hiders like sea l/ion, b/ ass, f/ox count but fully hidden are more fun, like the cute little hippo tucked away inside a whippoorwill hide. Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this map.

I dedicate this effort to BUTHID, a scorpion (Buthus occitanus) whose name speaks for all hiders.

QUIZ 1) Which hider has the most hideaways and how many?

2) Which two hiders have the longest names?

3) Which hide hides a set of twins?

4) Which twenty-one of the hides are used by two hiders?

5) Which hide is used by three hiders?



0. A few you may have missed, not below: barb and drum (fish), guan (bird), eland (antelope).

1. ant Naturally the critter with the most hiding places is a tiny one. (12: coelacanth, lanternfish, mantis, elephant, panther, agwantibo (a potto), tarantula, cantil (a snake), fantail, giant, tyrant, pheasant) My researches found some thirty but I've spared you the full treatment.

2. The longest hider names are the (t)hornbill and the (b)oarfish.

3. The turkey vulture hides a set of twins, kids of the tur species of wild goat.

4. boarfish--boa, oarfish But not boar, which is related linguistically. Cape sugarbird--ape, gar (fish) cigarette beetles--gar, bee [crocodile--roc, cod (This one doesn't count even though the roc is a fabulous legend. If you counted it credit yourself, but you may be short one double.)] codling moth--cod, ling (fish) eastern bearded dragon--tern, bear eastern gray squirrel--tern, ray eucharitid wasps--char (fish), asp jewel beetles--ewe, bee A jewel of a cloak for the sheepish female, lanternfish--ant, tern mongoose lemur--goose, emu Another perfect fit, the emu in the lemur. Dr. Seuss? paper wasps--ape, asp porbeagle shark--beagle, eagle ratites--rat, tit serrated turtle--rat, tur Thomas's sticky-toed gecko--ass, tick turbot--tur, bot (botfly larva) A perfect charade. turkey vulture (see 2.) tyrant flycatcher--ant, cat vinegaroon scorpion--gar, roo (kangaroo) western diamondback rattlesnake--tem, rat western swamp turtle--tem, tur

5. The only triple found was curassows--cur, ass, sow, all four words unrelated. Curassows (pheasant-like birds) are the gems of the hides genre. In groups, they reign over an amazingly peaceable kingdom, no scrabble for letters, for the three hiders form a perfect tripartite anagram of the hide, nearly a charade. Now I know why God created curassows!


Perth, Australia

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Date:Feb 1, 2015
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