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The RACIST AMERICAN FLAG? Liberals are using a political protest by Nike spokesman Colin Kaepernick against the original 13-star American flag to try to associate the U.S. flag with hate and racism. Aug 5, 2019 2986
IS IT USELESS TO IMPEACH? Though there's been a lack of impeachment success in American politics, the author argues that impeachment and the threats of it are still valuable and should be used. Jul 22, 2019 1602
DISEMPOWERING THE PRESIDENT. Book review Jul 8, 2019 1512
Who Wields War Powers? Since WWII U.S. presidents have acted unilaterally to send American troops into battle and to attack other countries, but the Founders didn't give them that power. Oct 22, 2018 3309
HISTORY of IMPEACHMENT: It seems that a political constant these days involves one party calling for the impeachment of the president of the other party, but what can presidents really be impeached for doing? Aug 6, 2018 3425
VICTIMS OF THE FEDERAL LEVIATHAN: A group is pushing President Trump not only to stop federal prosecution of innocent people who stand in the way of bureaucrats, but to pardon those who have already been jailed. May 7, 2018 3559
Roane and the REPUBLIC: Spencer Roane had the respect of the Founders because he was incorruptible and impartial as a judge, and lent his backing to scrupulously upholding the Constitution. Biography Feb 5, 2018 3570
HELP! Government Kidnapped My Child! Child Protective Services has morphed from an agency that prevents the physical abuse of children to one that takes children on politically correct pretexts for federal money. Oct 23, 2017 5670
John Randolph of Roanoke: John Randolph is one of the few politicians in our country's history with enough fortitude and honor to battle to retain the Republic given to us, even at great personal cost. Biography Oct 23, 2017 3676
Formidable female. Biography Jun 19, 2017 3516
The founders and the family: in today's vernacular any grouping of individuals is a "family," with one unit being as good as another, but the founders had other ideas--and for good reason. May 8, 2017 3923
Historically wrong, and right. Book review Dec 19, 2016 1552
Obama: U.S. must "accept constraints" on sovereignty. Oct 10, 2016 749
Elbridge Gerry's goings-on: founder Elbridge Gerry refused to surrender trade policy and taxation to the British or the powers of the people and states to the federal government. Biography Sep 5, 2016 2723
The Services of St. George Tucker: he served as a Revolutionary War soldier, he obtained supplies for Washington's army, and he was the first person to thoroughly comment on the U.S. Constitution after it was ratified. Jul 18, 2016 1948
Power politics and surveillance: after Julius Caesar was murdered by conspirators in the senate, his successor, Gaius Julius Caesar--known as Augustus--built a surveillance state to consolidate power. Jun 20, 2016 4079
If he'd had his words: Thomas Burke, one of the forgotten Founders, was the inspirer of the 10th Amendment, and if his lead had been followed, federal overrides of state powers may have been rebuffed. Biography Jun 6, 2016 2723
From police to praetorian guard. Apr 18, 2016 2560
Finding a lost founder: the words of a little-known founder, who had the influence of Jefferson and Madison, could have been written today to warn about the usurpation of power by judges. Mar 21, 2016 3040
Obama's right to control guns? President Obama is receiving accolades from liberals of all stripes after using "executive authority" to enact gun regulations that Congress wouldn't pass. Feb 8, 2016 2825
Making government obey. Feb 8, 2016 2708
Sheriffs: the key to local control: county sheriffs backed by informed citizens are a crucial barrier to a national police state. Sep 21, 2015 1358
What about police brutality? Sep 21, 2015 1833
Citizens united for free speech. Aug 3, 2015 3304
Active against Article V: Arizona State Senator Andy Biggs has made it such a mission to defeat calls for a new constitutional convention to rewrite the Constitution that he wrote a book about it. Book review Aug 3, 2015 2152
Cutting up the constitution: Senator Mike Lee explains exactly how state and individual protections in the Constitution were overcome, and a few methods to get them back. Book review Jul 20, 2015 1517
When local police become a "standing army": as police powers have become more nationalized and centralized, the abuse of those powers has increased dramatically, threatening civil liberty. Cover story Sep 8, 2014 4902
He who pays the piper calls the tune. Cover story Sep 8, 2014 1365
Nullification vs. constitutional convention: how to save our republic: with the U.S. Constitution being disregarded by every branch of the federal government, the solution is for voters and state legislators to enforce it, not revise it. Apr 7, 2014 3392
How Oklahomans beat the con-con. Apr 7, 2014 776
Constitutional Critique: This DVD series delves into the unique manner and shape of the U.S. government, as well as how politicians have strayed from the Founders' intentions, and the consequences. Video recording review Aug 5, 2013 1443
Rand Paul remarks: in an interview with the new American, Rand Paul provides some insight into his positions on both foreign and domestic issues. Interview Jul 1, 2013 1859
United nations Arms Trade Treaty: your guns, their target: the UN Arms Trade Treaty backed by the Obama administration grants to the UN the powers to both control and eliminate the possession of guns in the United States. Cover story May 6, 2013 4267
Gun past meets present: right-wing political pundits have been mocked by the left for comparing present gun control schemes to those used by the Nazis to ensure a passive populace. You decide. Mar 18, 2013 3093
How the Compact for America threatens the Constitution: the constitutional convention proposed by the Compact for America initiative would pose an unacceptably high risk of damage to the Constitution. Viewpoint essay Jan 21, 2013 4601
Trans-Pacific Partnership: secret surrender of sovereignty: Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, which subordinate American law to international tribunals, are being conducted in secret--for U.S. citizens and politicians, not corporations. Nov 19, 2012 3752
States and statements on NDAA: politicians in Rhode Island, Utah, and Arizona are helping to pave the way to protect citizens' rights that were usurped via the national defense authorization Act. Interview May 21, 2012 2630
JUST BLAME JAMES: William J. Watkins explains why the common belief that the Supreme Court has the last say about the constitutionality of our laws is wrong--and why people have the last say. Book review May 21, 2012 1544
Social spying: the U.S. government has given itself permission to spy on citizens via social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It is especially interested in journalists. Feb 20, 2012 2640
Belligerent Americans: the U.S. Congress has voted to allow the U.S. military to arrest Americans who are "belligerent" toward the United States and incarcerate them without trial. Worried yet? Jan 9, 2012 3031
Republican hopefuls speak: at the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference, presidential aspirants firmed up their talking points that will soon be heard by all. Some of their promises are troubling. Conference news Jul 18, 2011 2830
The Establishment Clause: no aspect of American constitutional liberty is more misunderstood, misapplied, and manipulated than the First Amendment's defense of religious freedom. Jul 4, 2011 2568
10 point refutation: many self-professed constitutionalists are pushing for a constitutional convention, proposed by the states, despite the dangers of such a plan. Apr 4, 2011 2525
Treason, defined and enforced: calls for charges of treason have of late been hurled with abandon - against people such as Julian Assange and President Obama - but are they justified? Feb 7, 2011 2846
112th Congress: who will adhere to the Constitution? Though a few Congressmen were elected on the Tea Party platform and Republicans are talking about limiting spending, little will change without voters' continued efforts. Jan 24, 2011 3875
17th amendment mudslinging: when senatorial candidate Joe Miller called for repealing the 17th amendment, which calls for the direct election of senators, he was chastised, but he was correct. Nov 22, 2010 2478
"If this be treason ...": when it looked as if England's new Stamp Act would be met with a meek response, Patrick Henry led the campaign against it, stirring colonists against the king. Oct 11, 2010 2232
Automatic citizenship: the 14th Amendment is cited as proof that anyone born in the United States is automatically endowed with citizenship, but that amendment was intended to prohibit such an interpretation and safeguard the value of citizenship. Sep 13, 2010 2384
Arizona: an allegory ... and the reality: the arguments against the Arizona immigration law may have some well-meaning advocates, but when the case is made for the law, it seems the state had little other choice. Aug 16, 2010 3370
Tea Party a brewing movement: the Tea Party Movement is in its youth, but with its growing strength apparent, various people, entities, and groups are trying both to diminish it and control it. Cover story Apr 12, 2010 3289
Choosing choice candidates: in the absence of a firm hierarchy and party leaders, the Tea Party does not endorse specific candidates, but Tea Parties do expect candidates to hold certain positions. Apr 12, 2010 925
Weasel words. Column Mar 1, 2010 814
Insecure Americans: after 9/11, "homeland security" became a rationale for dispensing with much convenience in airports and fourth amendment guarantees, but U.S. security is still haphazard. Feb 15, 2010 3428
Fishy facts about Flight 253: American intelligence agencies initially denied holding a suspected accomplice of the underwear bomber, but they have come clean--about that aspect of the bombing case. Feb 15, 2010 1555
Major Nidal Malik Hasan: an officer and a jihadist: since 9/11, numerous Muslims living in america have taken the path of violent jihadism, a path also followed by U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan, who reasonably should have been thwarted. Jan 18, 2010 2040
Forgotten influences on the founders: the Founding Fathers' success at designing a Republic with safeguards to prevent citizens' loss of liberty and to prevent federal despotism was the result of others' insights. Jan 4, 2010 2748
Obamacare and the demise of federalism: the Constitution and the 10th Amendment delineate the responsibilities and limitations of the federal government. Where do we stand? Nov 23, 2009 2262
Faith in the face of skepticism: the Pilgrims, the Indians, and the truth about the first Thanksgiving. Nov 23, 2009 2359
Brown Brokers prisoner--for-oil deal: England's Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he's innocent, but evidence is mounting that he played an important role in freeing the terrorist who brought down a plane over Scotland. Oct 12, 2009 3089
Figuring out the founders: from the masses of material about the founding of our country, four recent books are chosen for review, owing to either their scholarship or the reputation of their authors. Book review Oct 12, 2009 2346
Are you the enemy? Under the Military Commissions Act of 2006, you could be. The Military Commissions Act of 2006 allows the Executive Branch to circumvent the Constitution, endangering the due process of law for all Americans, not just terrorists. Cover story Oct 30, 2006 2431
A son's agonizing choice: Edmund Randolph chose a path that tragically led him away from his father, but toward becoming a key player in the formation of a new nation. Biography Sep 18, 2006 2815
Presidential power grab: President Bush has been quietly attaching pronouncements to the bills he signs into law. These signing statements amount to a grab for legislative power belonging to Congress. Aug 21, 2006 2246
Scholar, soldier, statesman: if James Madison represents the cool, contemplative head of the early republic's body politic, then Alexander Hamilton is undoubtedly its passionate, fiercely palpitating heart. Biography Mar 20, 2006 3020
Lessons of the Peloponnesian War: although the current "war on terror" and the Peloponnesian War in ancient Greece are separated by over 2,400 years, their similarities are striking, instructive, and cautionary. Jan 9, 2006 2641
Wise man among wise men: James Wilson was so knowledgeable on the subject of government that he was generally regarded as the most erudite of all the learned Founding Fathers. Dec 12, 2005 1233
Debunking the Da Vinci Hoax: filled with errors, falsehoods, and blatant, anti-Christian bias, The Da Vinci Code has received phenomenal promotion from the major secular media. Mar 21, 2005 2136
Marriage and the law: understood properly, the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution actually protects the right of states to refuse to recognize same-sex "marriages" legitimized in other states. Mar 7, 2005 1666
The hemispheric security puzzle: invoking the fear of terrorism, the Power Elite is moving to build a "security perimeter" encompassing the entire Western Hemisphere. Jan 24, 2005 1769
Bush's "striking shift" on global warming. Oct 18, 2004 628
Are you on the terrorist watch list? Sen. Ted Kennedy and 350 other Americans have been delayed or prevented from boarding flights after their names mistakenly appeared on the terrorist "no-fly" list. Sep 20, 2004 575
The Founding Fathers & the classics: the stream of classical history was one of the primary tributaries of American political thought at the time of the Founding. Sep 20, 2004 2954
Deliberate decline: the jobs needed to live the American Dream are fast disappearing--not because of unrestrained market forces but because of government policies including NAFTA. Sep 6, 2004 2250
Penman of the Revolution: as the author of many of our nation's most fundamental documents, including the Articles of Confederation, John Dickinson was one of America's greatest Founding Fathers. Jul 26, 2004 2412

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